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Report of the 4th Melbourne Table Football Club Championship

4th Melbourne Table Football Club Championship

4th Melbourne Table Football Club Championship – Peter Thomas v Benji Batten

Despite a couple of the big name favourites being unable to play the fourth Melbourne Table Football Championship provided an impressive day of high quality table football. The players in this club have made extraordinary strides over the last few years in helping to re-establish table football in Australia, while at the same time becoming really tough competitors.

In group 1 Benji Batten scraped home the 1-0 victor against newcomer Juan Menendez. Juan who has only being playing for a couple of months showed real class all day and clearly has the potential to be a quality player going forward. Juan went on to draw with Beth Eveleigh 0-0 and lost to Peter Thomas 0-4. Benji nearly took the roof off the building with his goal scoring shouts against Peter Thomas, but despite such heroic efforts they were not enough to stop the goals going in the back of his own net. With Beth coming unstuck against Benji 1-0, Peter finished on top in the group and Benji second.

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Clarification on a number of playing rules

The FISTF Sports Department have written to each national association to clarify a number of rules. Please read through these rules and check they are in-line with how you are playing. Please get in touch if you are unsure.

The list of the rules discussed is the following:

A) Rule

Every touch of the ball by the goalkeeper (including a save) or by the spare-goalkeeper adds up to the maximum three flicks the goalkeeper is allowed to take.


1.   If the goalkeeper has already touched the ball one time, the attacker may flick his spare-goalkeeper at the ball only two more times.

2.   If the goalkeeper has already touched the ball three times in a row, the attacker may not use his spare-goalkeeper, unless he touches the ball with another playing figure.

3.   If the goalkeeper touches the ball more than once when making a save, a single touch shall be counted.

Explanation: The rule says that every touch of the ball by the goalkeeper on rod always counts as an attacking flick.

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Asian Cup of Table Football – FISTF International Grand Prix of Australia

Individual Event Report


24 Players took to the tables for the biggest event to date under the newly established Australian Table Football Association. Players came from 3 nations and 7 clubs to compete for the title of the best player in Asia. A further 4 U12 players competed in the first ever U12 event in Australia.

In Group A, number one seed John Ho took maximum points from his group games with Steve Dettre joining him in the knockout rounds after both players defeated Daniel Lombardi from Parramatta and Paul Mercer from Northern Falcons. The group was not as clear cut as it seemed though as Paul Mercer took a two goal lead against Steve Dettre in their final group match, unfortunately for Paul, Steve scored three unanswered goals to eliminate Paul from the competition.

Daniel Lombardi in Action

Daniel Lombardi in Action

If there are even groups of death in table football, then Group B was an absolute group of life with Gilli Inbar, Harry Wightman and Tom Nowacki- three young and emerging players drawn together in a group with Hong Kong’s Antonio Carabillo. Antonio had no difficulties in his three games meaning the round robin between Harry, Gilli and Tom would make for interesting matches. Harry started strongly with a 3-0 victory over Gilli and backed it up with a 1-1 draw with Tom Nowacki which proved to be enough to send him through to the barrage round. Probably the most interesting match of the group (and the whole tournament in my opinion) was when Gilli faced Tom. Both players had never scored in a fistf tournament and it looked like it would stay that way as the scores remained 0-0 with time drawing to a close. However with the last flick of the game, Gilli found the back of the net and the celebration that followed was one to be remembered- one of pure joy and excitement.

Singapore’s Vikas Chandiramani found his way out of Group C on goal difference after he draw with Raffaele Lombardi. Both players were able to defeat Dillon Izon but both succumbed to a loss at the hands of seeded player Peter Thomas. Dillon may have not got the results but he way certainly competitive as he put goals past Raffaele and Peter Thomas- a feat which few players achieved over the weekend.

Robert Green was the seeded player in Group D  and he too gained maximum points after wins against Luke Radziminsmi, David Simpson and Giuseppe Tardiota. Second place in the group was claimed by David Simpson who narrowly edged Luke radziminski (2-1) and defeated Giuseppe Tardiota by the same score line. Continue reading

FISTF International Grand Prix of Australia (Asian Cup of Table Football) – Melbourne 17&18 January 2015

asian cup logo

The Melbourne Table Football Club invites you to the first FISTF International Grand Prix of Australia (the Asian Cup of Table Football) which will take place in Melbourne on 17 and 18 January 2015. This will be the largest FISTF table football event to be held in Australia and will feature players from throughout Australia as well as Asia and beyond.

Experienced and new players are welcome to enter what is set to be a great weekend of table football action.

The tournament will consist of an individual event on the 17 January, and a club team event on the 18 January. In addition to this there will be a national team matches on the 18 January.

Grand Prix FISTF world ranking points will be available for the individual and club team event competitions, and friendly world ranking points will be awarded for matches played in the national team matches. Continue reading

Results from the FISTF Satellite Melbourne

Kennedy - Young

Eliot Kennedy takes on Carl Young in the Semi Final. Carl wins the match on shots.

Full tournament report to follow but here are the results

Group 1

Cristos Pistaris (Gre) Eliot Kennedy (Aus) 0 3
Guiseppe Tardiota (Aus) Eliot Kennedy (Aus) 0 6
Cristos Pistaris (Gre) Benji Batten (Aus) 0 3
Cristos Pistaris (Gre) Guiseppe Tardiota (Aus) 0 3
Benji Batten (Aus) Eliot Kennedy (Aus) 0 4
Benji Batten (Aus) Guiseppe Tardiota (Aus) 3 1

Group 2

Peter Thomas (Aus) Dillon Izon (Aus) 5 0
David Simpson (Aus) Luke Radziminski (Aus) 0 1
Dillon Izon (Aus) Luke Radziminski (Aus) 0 1
Peter Thomas (Aus) David Simpson (Aus) 5 1
Dillon Izon (Aus) David Simpson (Aus) 0 0
Peter Thomas (Aus) Luke Radziminski (Aus) 4 0

Group 3

Alexandros Stefanos (Aus) Carl Young (Aus) 0 8
Carl Young (Aus) Brian Holden (Aus) 9 0
Alexandros Stefanos (Aus) Brian Holden (Aus) 1 0

Barrage Round

Carl   Young Luke   Radziminski 4 1
Alexandros   Stefanos Benji Batten 0 6

Semi Final

Eliot   Kennedy Carl Young 0 0*
Peter Thomas Benji Batten 6 0


Carl   Young Peter Thomas 1 2sd

FISTF Challenger/WASPA Tournament – Parramatta (Sydney)

poster nov 14 450

Subbuteo Parramatta is pleased to announce that we will be running a tournament on Saturday, November 15, 2014. The tournament will be a FISTF Challenger tournament as well as a WASPA recognised tournament, meaning that all players will earn ranking points for both organisations. We will be playing in the premises of The Games Cube (Level 2, 79-81 Phillip St, Parramatta) with the first round of games starting at 12:30.

All players are welcome to compete, regardless of age, gender, ability, club or national affiliations. New players are always more than welcome. All players are guaranteed 3 matches, most likely more. If you don’t have equipment, just let us know and we’ll make sure there’s some spares on hand for you. Continue reading

Australia at the 2014 FISTF World Cup – tournament report


Robert Green V Thomas Vulpes at the FISTF world cup.

Robert Green V Thomas Vulpes at the FISTF world cup.

It has been an incredible twelve months of growth for table football in Australia, with both new players arriving and big names from the past re-emerging. We have had multiple WASPA tournaments taking place in both Sydney and Melbourne, we have established a new association which has been recognised by the world governing body FISTF. We have also developed exciting plans for the next season including FISTF tournaments and an Asian Cups event. To cap this great season for Australian Table Football off in style, Peter Thomas and Robert Green represented Australia at the 2014 FISTF World Cup in the delightful Belgium town of Rochfort. Continue reading