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Australian players in the world rankings

FISTF Open ranking (November 2014)

224  THOMAS Peter (Melbourne Table Football Club) 61,80
232  GREEN Robert (-) 58,53
433  KENNEDY Eliot (Northern Falcons) 21,60
438  YOUNG Carl (Melbourne Table Football Club) 21,00
577  BATTEN Benji (Melbourne Table Football Club) 12,00
651  DETTRE Stephen (-) 9,60
781  RADZIMINSKI Luke (Melbourne Table Football Club) 6,00
782  STEFANOS Alexandros (-) 6,00
839  SIMPSON David (Melbourne Table Football Club) 5,40
840  TARDIOTA Giuseppe (-) 5,40
852  ELMER Adrian (Subbuteo Parramatta) 4,80
853  LOMBARDI Raffaele (-) 4,80
854  DUDLEY Gordon (Subbuteo Parramatta) 4,80
855  DIASINOS Steve (Subbuteo Parramatta) 4,80
950  HOLDEN Brian (Melbourne Table Football Club) 3,00
951  IZON Dillon (Melbourne Table Football Club) 3,00
995  LOMBARDI Daniel (Melbourne Table Football Club) 2,40
996  DETTRE Louis (Northern Falcons) 2,40
997  GANDOLFI Andrea (-) 2,40

FISTF Veterans ranking (November 2014)

86  GREEN Robert (-) 154,50
291  BRIGHTWELL Gerald (London & Essex United) 13,50

WASPA ranking (November 2014)

12 Peter Thomas (Melbourne TFC) 150,50
24 Carl Young (Melbourne TFC) 102,50
49 Benji Batten (Melbourne TFC) 82,20
59 Gerald Brightwell (London & Essex United) 72,38
73 Eliot Kennedy (Northern Falcons TFC) 60,50
80 Steve Dettre (Northern Falcons TFC) 56,50
82 Luke Radziminski (Melbourne TFC) 55,80
87 David Simpson (Melbourne TFC) 54,00
107 John Devaney (Lincoln Flickers SC) 44,80
124 Adrian Elmer (Subbuteo Parramatta) 39,70
259 Steve Diasinos (Subbuteo Parramatta) 20,00
264 Alex Jennings (Subbuteo Parramatta) 19,50
275 Paul Magee (no club) 18,60
295 Raffaele Lombardi (Subbuteo Parramatta) 17,00
318 Robert Green (Team Subbuteo Stockholm) 15,50
328 Jonny Ball (Northern Falcons TFC) 15,20
333 Benny Ng (Melbourne TFC) 14,60
334 Adam Deverell (Melbourne TFC) 14,50
353 Searle Batten (Melbourne TFC) 13,50
423 Phill Parker (Subbuteo Parramatta) 11,10
434 Eial Donnenfeld (Melbourne TFC) 10,70
451 Martin Sarnecki (Melbourne TFC) 10,10
467 Tom Nowacki (Melbourne TFC) 9,00
509 Gordon Dudley (Subbuteo Parramatta) 8,00
539 Daniel Lombardi (Subbuteo Parramatta) 7,60
608 Ethan Foster (Western Sydney SC) 6,60
625 Alex Stefanos (Melbourne TFC) 6,40
628 Brett Davis (Emu Heights Bundesliga TFC) 6,30
676 Terry Koutzas (no club) 5,00
714 Anthony Ilacqua (no club) 4,70
748 Rob Retalic (Subbuteo Parramatta) 4,00
748 Harrison Vercoe (Melbourne TFC) 4,00
794 Imojjen Elmer (Subbuteo Parramatta) 3,90
802 Dillon Izon (Melbourne TFC) 3,60
805 Costa Kamarados (Subbuteo Parramatta) 3,50
805 Rick Piccinelli (Melbourne TFC) 3,50
827 Æowyn Elmer (Subbuteo Parramatta) 3,40
851 Fabrizio Coco (Subbuteo Parramatta) 3,00
894 Peter Lipsett (Melbourne TFC) 2,80
900 Billy Koutzas (no club) 2,60
937 Nick Drage (no club) 2,30
967 Benjamin Ng (Melbourne TFC) 2,00
967 John Sexton (Hamilton SC) 2,00
967 Giuseppe Tardiota (no club) 2,00
1081 Jay Porter (no club) 1,40
1103 Brian Holden (Melbourne TFC) 1,00
1103 Gille Inbar (Melbourne TFC) 1,00
1103 Mark McIntosh (no club) 1,00
1103 Louis Dettre (Northern Falcons TFC) 1,00
1103 Andrea Gandolfi (no club) 1,00
1103 Peter Kemp (no club) 1,00
1330 Paul Gorjan (Subbuteo Parramatta) 0,50
1330 Bronte Scott (Subbuteo Parramatta) 0,50
1330 Daniel Wilkes (Subbuteo Parramatta) 0,50
1330 Jonathan Wilkes (Subbuteo Parramatta) 0,50

John Ho wins in Melbourne

Melbourne-june14-3On Wednesday the 25th of June the Melbourne Subbuteo Club hosted the Coupe de Melbourne featuring 5 players including John Ho from Singapore. The group stage was a tense affair which saw 30 goals scored in 10 games. From the group stage Benji batten and John Ho progressed to the final with Luke Radziminski and David Simpson set to contest the 3rd place playoff.

Luke managed to claim 3rd place after beating David 3-2 in a thriller. The final itself was a fantastic game of Subbuteo, end to end action between Benji and John produced many chances which john was able to convert two and take out the Coupe De Melbourne winning the final 2-0.


Final Placings:
1. John Ho
2. Benji Batten
3. Luke Radzimisnki
4. David Simpson
5. Tom Nowacki

A great tournament, huge thanks to John Ho for coming to play and for your advice!

(Report by Beni Batten)

Australian players in the world rankings

Australian players in the FISTF Open ranking of May 2014:

592 GREEN Robert 11,25

Australian players in the FISTF Veterans ranking of May 2014:

114 GREEN Robert 100,50
292 BRIGHTWELL Gerald 13,50

Australian players in the WASPA ranking of May 2014:

31 Peter Thomas (Subbuteo Melbourne) 86,00
33 Carl Young (Subbuteo Melbourne) 85,50
44 John Devaney (Lincoln Flickers SC) 74,60
89 Eliot Kennedy (Northern Falcons TFC) 41,00
107 Mike Newton (Flinders TFC) 37,40
118 Benji Batten (Subbuteo Melbourne) 34,70
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Bob Green at the English Grand Prix


The FISTF Grand Prix of England took part last week in Enderby with a large field of 63 players from 12 nations. It was great to see many close games even if in the end the two top seeds of the tournament reached the semi-finals. At this stage, Chris Short beat Chris Thomas on shots while Mark Gauci beat Nathan Dupont (4-3). In the final, Short scored the only goal of the game in the sudden death to win the title. Other winners in the categories were Elliott Bellefontaine (U19), Connor Bowden (U15), Mauro Manganello (Veterans), Margault Delval (Ladies) and Kye Arnold (U12).. In the team event, 14 teams took part. In the final, the Maltese team of Valletta beat the Belgians of AS Hennuyer (1-0) to catch the title.

Bob Green was the only representative from Australia. He managed to reach the quarter-finals of the veterans section. Well done Bob!

Australian players in the world rankings

395348_501569673186763_1332910764_nIn the FISTF rankings of March 2014, Robert Green is ranked 606 in the Open category and 118 in the veterans. Gerald Brightwell is ranked 218 in the veterans.

In the WASPA ranking of March, Australian players are ranked as follows:
32 Carl Young (Subbuteo Melbourne) 85,00
44 John Devaney (Lincoln Flickers SC) 69,60
45 Peter Thomas (Subbuteo Melbourne) 69,00
76 Eliot Kennedy (Northern Falcons TFC) 47,50
125 Benji Batten (Subbuteo Melbourne) 31,40
128 Luke Radziminski (Subbuteo Melbourne) 30,60
151 Steve Dettre (Northern Falcons TFC) 27,90
154 Mike Newton (Flinders TFC) 27,30
166 Alex Jennings (Subbuteo Parramatta) 25,00
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Australian players in the world rankings

In the FISTF rankings of February 2014, Robert Green is ranked 602 in the Open category and 114 in the veterans. Gerald Brightwell is 209th in the veterans.

In the WASPA ranking of February, the Australian players are ranked as follows:
31 Carl Young (Subbuteo Melbourne) 85,00
43 John Devaney (Lincoln Flickers SC) 69,60
53 Peter Thomas (Subbuteo Melbourne) 56,00
85 Eliot Kennedy (Northern Falcons TFC) 40,50
117 Benji Batten (Subbuteo Melbourne) 31,40
120 Luke Radziminski (Subbuteo Melbourne) 30,60
145 Steve Dettre (Northern Falcons TFC) 27,90
149 Mike Newton (Flinders TFC) 27,30
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Tournament in Parramatta

Eliot Kennedy and Peter Thomas in their decisive game

Eliot Kennedy and Peter Thomas in their decisive game

After a few last minute cancellations, the field was whittled down to 5 for the first ever tournament for “Subbuteo Parramatta” (Australia). Everyone played each other in a league format, which quickly sorted itself into the two frontrunners – Eliot and Peter – pulling away from Billy, Terry and Adrian. heading in to the final round, terry needed a win over billy to pull even with adrian in 3rd place, but the two brothers, as at the last tournament, cancelled each other out in a 2-2 draw.

The final game saw Peter needing a win over Eliot to top the league, as Eliot had a superior goal difference heading in to the game. A scintillating game took place with peter doing most of the attacking but Eliot defending solidly, and looking dangerous on the counter-attack. eliot had never picked up a point against peter and was looking good to hold on after 29 minutes. Then, with 50 seconds left on the clock, Peter finally got one of his custom chips to find the back of the net and celebrated a great victory.

With regular tournament play seeming to improve the quality of all the players, we look forward to heading out to Penrith next month (the exact date will be March 23).

Final table:
Peter Thomas 12 points
Eliot Kennedy 9 points
Adrian Elmer 4 points
Terry Koutzas 2 points
Billy Koutzas 1 point

(Report by Adrian Elmer)