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ATFA WASPA Rankings – June 2022

The World Amateur Subbuteo Players Association have released their World Rankings for June 2022. There’s been plenty of movement for Australian players. The biggest mover has been Brisbane Succuteo Club’s Peter Benholm, up 11 places in the Australian rankings and a huge 155 world ranking places. Special mention also to Eliot Kennedy (Northern Falcons TFC) who maintains his No. 1 Australian rank and No.4 world rank; Fabrizio Coco (Sydney TFC) and Adrian Grunbach (Northern Falcons TFC) who made significant climbs on the back of their respective 1st and 2nd placings in the recent AGFA Cup; and Arjuna Hanafi (Melbourne TFC) who climbed 67 world placings and 7 Australian placings.

For the full rankings list, click here.

ATFA 2022 Trading Cards

Australian Table Footballers! It has been far too long and so now is the time for us to create a new set of trading cards. The plan is to have these ready in time for Subbuteofest in the second half of July.

So, what do you need to do? If you’d like to be part of the set, organise to have a photo sent to Adrian Elmer of yourself in some sort of table football related pose. There are four main criteria:
1. Your face should be clearly visible in the photo
2. The photo should be in portrait orientation – that means it should be taller than it is wide
3. The photo needs to be high resolution. The section in which you feature needs to be at least 800 pixels wide and at least 1000 pixels high.
4. The photo must have been taken sometime since June, 2021

See below for some ideas from previous card sets.

It would be preferable if you were wearing your club colours, but we can cope if you’re not. Contact Adrian at ajebec at netspace dot net dot au with your photos or if you have any questions or need any advice. The deadline for submissions is July 1. `

Season 2015/16 ATFA Trading Cards

Season 2015/16 ATFA Trading Cards

The 2016/17 Set

The 2016/17 Set

Australian World Cup Squad 2022

This year’s World Cup will take place in Rome, Italy in September, 2022. ATFA is proud to announce our squad for the tournament.

Eliot Kennedy
Hermann Kruse

Fabrizio Coco

Under 20s
Oli Ollnow

Open Team
Fabrizio Coco
Steve Dettre
Eliot Kennedy
Hermann Kruse
Oli Ollnow

ATFA would like to wish our competitors all the best for the tournament. We are very proud of our representatives and will be following their progress with great anticipation.
27 eliot kennedy 28 hermann kruse 34 oliver ollnow 36 steve dettre 49 fabrizio coco

World Cup 2022 – Expressions Of Interest

259799845_3264610477106056_7727253097526534031_nIt was with heavy hearts that the organisers of the Rome 2020 FISTF World Cup had to cancel the event, having already postponed it to 2021. However, we are happy to announce that the all new 2022 World Cup is scheduled to go ahead on September 16-18 this year, with Rome, Italy, keeping the hosting rights.

As a FISTF Member Nation, Australia is permitted two participants in each individual category (Open, Women, Veteran, U20, U16, U12) plus two reserve nominations in each category (in case players are needed to fill the 64 or 32 places in a category), while we can also nominate teams of players for the teams events in each category (4 minimum needed).

In order to decide the best and fairest way to determine who might represent our association, ATFA is calling for expressions of interest from anybody thinking they might like to attend and compete. If the need for a qualifying tournament arises, the ATFA Committee will organise this to best suit to the greatest number of entrants possible. Expressions of interest will be accepted from any ATFA member.

Expressions of interest close at 11:59pm, Friday, March 4, 2022.

Please note: All costs involved in qualifying and/or competing (travel, living expenses, etc) in the World Cup will be the responsibility of that player.

Players will need to meet government COVID-requirements to enter Italy and return to Australia (or other nation of residence).

If a qualifying tournament is implemented, players will also need to comply with any local and venue rules concerning COVID-safe guidelines.

2022 Sydney Open + Registration

2022 so poster 700px for web

After the worst possible 2 years for Table Football (ever tried to social distance while playing Subbuteo?!) we are incredibly excited to be able to announce that proper tournaments are back! With borders opening around Australia, the 2022 season is able to start with a bang at the 2022 Sydney Open.

Sponsorship of the tournament from our host venue, Willoughby Park Bowling Club, and their restaurant, Willows Bistro, means that entry fees have been able to be kept to a bare minimum – $5 per player for the entire weekend of table football (or free for juniors). The Draw will take place as part of a dinner at the venue on the evening of Friday, January 21, with Individual Events in Open, Women’s, U20 and U16 categories held on Saturday, January 22 and Club Teams (Open & Junior) events (with a separate WASPA tournament for those without a club team) on Sunday, January 23. All players are welcome regardless of age, gender or experience.

Dinners on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights are also available, with Sunday’s meal available for free for players competing on both Saturday and Sunday. As part of our sponsorship deal, players are also asked not to bring food and drinks but to make any food purchases during the days of competition from the venue.

Hosted by the Sydney, Canberra and NSW South Coast table football clubs, we are looking forward to having the wonderful table footballing community of Australia (and beyond) reunited. Join us in January!

2021 Western Sydney Subbuteo Spring League

2021 spring league

It’s two months until Spring so it’s time to start organising the 2021 Western Sydney Subbuteo Spring League!! We missed it last year due to COVID restrictions but, hopefully, things will be good for the beginning of September this year.

Paul Magee is the incumbent champion, winning the 2019 edition, but has been heard to be offering up lame excuses about ‘bad back’s and the like, in case he gets defeated this year!
The league is open to any player of any age, experience level etc, who is happy to take membership with the Western Sydney Subbuteo club. Entry into the Spring League (and club membership) is completely free.

Follow the link and fill out the entry form. Feel free to pass details on to any players you know – all are welcome.

Click here for the 2021 Western Sydney Subbuteo Spring League sign up info.

2020 ATFA Committee Nominations

At 4PM, Sunday, November 29, 2020 (AEDST), ATFA will be holding its annual general meeting. All ATFA members are invited to participate – a video conference will be set up for those around the country (and, indeed, the world!) to be able to tune in. The main item on the agenda for the meeting will be the election of the ATFA Committee for the 2021 season.

To that end, nominations are now open for the Committee. As per our constitution, ATFA Members are able to nominate any other ATFA Member (i.e. you can’t nominate yourself) for a position on the Committee, as long as it is SECONDED by another member AND agreed to by the nominee. Members are free to make as many nominations as they like.

The Committee consists of 7 people. 4 of those are Office Bearers and the other 3 are Committee Advisors. The roles for each are outlined below.

If you are an ATFA member and would like to nominate someone, fill in the details below. Please note, ALL info requested must be supplied in order for the nomination to be valid.

Nominations due : 11:59PM, Saturday, November 21, 2020 (AEDST)
Voting : Sunday, November 22 – 11:59PM Saturday, November 28, 2020 (AEDST)


Office Bearers

President : oversees the Committee. In conjunction with the Committee, the President sets dates for, and convenes Committee meetings as required, including the compulsory Annual General Meeting following the close of each financial year; presides as chairperson over all Committee meetings.

current member – Adrian Connolly (Western Flickers TFC)

Vice President : assists the Committee President in all the President’s duties.

current member – vacant

Treasurer : oversees ATFA’s monetary concerns: the running of ATFA’s bank account; supplying annual profit/loss overviews to the Committee and ATFA Membership; keeping records of all expenses and income.

current member – Eliot Kennedy (Northern Falcons TFC)

Secretary General : is responsible for: supplying all documentation required by FISTF in regards to ATFA club and player memberships; FISTF tournament registrations and results or any other necessary documents; keep minutes of all committee or general meetings.

current member – Steve Wright (Western Flickers TFC)

Ordinary Committee Members

Committee Advisor (Communications Officer) : is responsible for communications to the Australian Subbuteo community, including: the upkeep and co-ordination of the ATFA website; the ATFA calendar; the ATFA mailing list.

current member – Adrian Elmer (Western Sydney Subbuteo)

Committee Advisor (General) (x2) : offers advice and assistance to the rest of the Committee in relation to all decisions made at the Committee level.

current members – Hugh Best (Subbuteo Perth), Luke Radziminski (Melbourne TFC)

All Committee Members will be equally responsible for the discussion and decision making processes for any issue required of the Committee. It is expected that all Committee Members will be proactive in promoting Subbuteo Table Football in their local context and will undertake all their table footballing duties, including Committee membership, with the best interests of the game in Australia at heart.


soyo league logoSubbuteo On Your Own League

Due to the current situation brought about by COVID-19, many table football opportunities in Australia have had to be postponed or cancelled. Indeed, our game, unfortunately, lends itself completely to the kind of close contact, touching of common surfaces and touching of common objects that medical experts advice we avoid if at all possible.

Because of the limited scope for us to play our game at the moment, ATFA has decided to hold its first ever SOYO League (Subbuteo On Your Own). All Australian table football players (members/residents/etc) are welcome to register and play. Entry is completely free.

Basically, the SOYO League works by each player registering the results of practise matches which they play on their own, in their own time. You will have two teams in the league. For each match, you will then be assigned two teams. Usually, one of those teams will be one of your own and one will belong to someone else. Sometimes both teams will be neutral teams. And, meanwhile, in other games around the country, someone else will be playing as one of your teams in their game. On completion of your game, post the results, and they will go towards each team’s league results.

one way of modifying things to suit your training needs! courtesy of giuseppe tardiota

one way of modifying things to suit your training needs! courtesy of giuseppe tardiota

Well, you follow the general table football rules. You need to flick the figures of both teams, obviously, so it’s not going to be quite like a regular game. But, remember, these are your own practise matches, so that’s OK. You might actually modify the rules a little to fit your needs. So, for example, you might use a shooting practice target in your goals instead of a goalkeeper. Or you might limit the number of defensive flicks taken. Or, if you want to practise more flicking on the run, make it so that the attacking team can keep flicking without any defensive flicks in between as long as the ball doesn’t stop. It doesn’t really matter – modify the rules so they work for you, and even so that you can focus on specific areas of your game where you know you’d like to improve. As long as you apply them to both teams in your match, it is fine.

The winning team in your game will get 3 points, the losing team 0 points and drawing teams 1 point each. Remember, in most games, one of the teams you control will be someone else’s team, meanwhile, someone else will be playing as your team.

Firstly, what’s the point? The purpose of the SOYO League is to prompt you to practise regularly during this time when the opportunity for normal games is limited. Winning the actual league doesn’t REALLY mean anything, because you never play against anyone other than yourself!! Secondly, mathematically it wouldn’t work anyway, because you only control one of your teams each week, with someone else controlling the other. So you can only rig half of your teams’ games, anyway. And, if everyone always rigged it to win with their own team, then all teams would finish the league on equal points. Lastly, sometimes, you will play a completely neutral game, between two teams from two other players around the country, while both your teams are being played by someone else. You can’t rig the league as, ultimately, it comes down to luck.

Basically, it’s a way for us to keep our community in touch with each other, and to give you a motive to practise, by adding a fun, mock competitive element to it. Use it to improve specific areas of your own game so that, once we’re all able to play freely against each other again, you’re a better player than you are now.

Sign yourself up using the form below. Nominate two teams who you would like to be. They can be world famous foreign clubs, A-League teams, obscure international clubs, NPL teams, table football clubs, the local grassroots club you play for, anything. If two players nominate the same club, I’ll contact them both and we’ll sort something out.

The sign up will be open for one week, then the draw will be put together. The number of ‘Divisions’ we set up will depend on how many people sign up.

You will need to have access to a pitch and two teams.

You’ll need to submit a result each week for your assigned game. If you want, you can stockpile games – play 3 or 4 one evening and submit one result each week for the next few weeks, especially if you know you’ll be away and unable to play at any stage. Or play one game per week – whatever suits you and your time requirements. The results will be submitted to me (Adrian Elmer) either via the SOYO League Facebook Group page, or e-mail. Submit your result only, or write out a full match report, photos etc – whatever helps you (and others) enjoy the league more!

At this stage, we’ll try and keep it short and sharp. Each division will have 5 teams, so will require 8 weeks to complete the home and away league.

Send me (Adrian Elmer) a message on Facebook or an e-mail to ajebec at netspace dot net

Australian National Team Qualification Tournament

australian table football association subbuteo national team wc trials poster 600px
2020 sees the FISTF World Cup of Table Football take place in Italy in September. Players who are thinking of traveling to Italy for the event are invited to compete in a qualification tournament next month. Please use the entry form below if you would like to compete in the tournament to qualify to represent ATFA at the World Cup. We will also be holding a WASPA tournament on the same day at the same venue – it would be great to have as many players coming along to create atmosphere! So please also enter on the form below if you’d like to play in that WASPA tournament (this will help the Northern Falcons TFC know how many pitches to set up for the day).

Saturday, March 7, 2020
Willoughby Park Bowling Club – 13 Robert St, Willoughby East, NSW
Registrations on the day will be open from 9:00AM.
Flick-off is at 10:00AM sharp.

A tournament held to determine places for Australian table footballers who wish to represent the country at the 2020 World Cup in the Open Individual Event and the Veterans’ Individual Event. There will also be a WASPA tournament held simultaneously, for those not wishing to compete at the World Cup but who’d like to be part of the atmosphere on the day of the qualifying tournament.

Entry to the World Cup qualifying tournament(s) on the day is $20 per player.
Entry into the WASPA tournament is $5 per player
Entry fees payable on the day.

All games will be played on Extremeworks astropitches.

A BBQ lunch will also be available on the day.