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Details of forthcoming tournaments

2022 Sydney Open + Registration

2022 so poster 700px for web

After the worst possible 2 years for Table Football (ever tried to social distance while playing Subbuteo?!) we are incredibly excited to be able to announce that proper tournaments are back! With borders opening around Australia, the 2022 season is able to start with a bang at the 2022 Sydney Open.

Sponsorship of the tournament from our host venue, Willoughby Park Bowling Club, and their restaurant, Willows Bistro, means that entry fees have been able to be kept to a bare minimum – $5 per player for the entire weekend of table football (or free for juniors). The Draw will take place as part of a dinner at the venue on the evening of Friday, January 21, with Individual Events in Open, Women’s, U20 and U16 categories held on Saturday, January 22 and Club Teams (Open & Junior) events (with a separate WASPA tournament for those without a club team) on Sunday, January 23. All players are welcome regardless of age, gender or experience.

Dinners on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights are also available, with Sunday’s meal available for free for players competing on both Saturday and Sunday. As part of our sponsorship deal, players are also asked not to bring food and drinks but to make any food purchases during the days of competition from the venue.

Hosted by the Sydney, Canberra and NSW South Coast table football clubs, we are looking forward to having the wonderful table footballing community of Australia (and beyond) reunited. Join us in January!

Registered Players List for the 2020 Australian Grand Prix


Here is the updated list of registrations for the 2020 Australian Grand Prix to be held in Melbourne on February 8 and 9. It’s not too late to sign up and join in for our biggest tournament of the year! Register HERE 


1 Steve Wright Central Vic TFC
2 Charlotte Wright Central Vic TFC
3 Billy Wright Central Vic TFC
4 Juliette Browne Central Vic TFC
5 Kevin Grant Central Vic TFC
6 Jeremy Simpson Hipfingerz
7 Luca Maida Jurong Central Subbuteo Club
8 MOHD RIZAL TAIB Jurong Central Subbuteo Club
9 Rudy Hesty Jurong Central Subbuteo Club
10 Vikas Chandiramani Jurong Central Subbuteo Club
11 Nathan Urbaniak Melbourne TFC
12 Benji Batten Melbourne TFC
13 Arjuna Hanafi Melbourne TFC
14 Luke Radziminski Melbourne TFC
15 Torben Pfister Northern Falcons TFC
16 Robert Green Northern Falcons TFC
17 Eliot Kennedy Northern Falcons TFC
18 Stephen Dettre Northern Falcons TFC
19 Beth Eveleigh Northern Phoenix TFC
20 Paul Mercer Northern Phoenix TFC
21 Christos Garagounis Northern Phoenix TFC
22 Bernard Lim SG Lions TFC
23 Giuseppe Tardiota Sydney TFC
24 Tony Credentino Sydney TFC
25 Anthony Madiona Western Flickers TFC
26 Peter Benholm Western Flickers TFC
27 Adrian Connolly Western Flickers TFC
28 Benny Ng Western Flickers TFC
29 Benjamin Ng Western Flickers TFC
30 Jayden Truter Western Flickers TF



1 Charlotte Wright Central Vic TFC
2 Billy Wright Central Vic TFC
3 Torben Pfister Northern Falcons
4 Benjamin Ng Western Flickers TFC
5 Jayden Truter Western Flickers TFC
6 Josh Tey Western Flickers TFC


1 Charlotte Wright Central Vic TFC
2 Juliette Browne Central Vic TFC
3 Beth Eveleigh Northern Phoenix


1 Melbourne TFC
2 Northern Falcons TFC
3 Western Flickers TFC
4 Jurong Central SC
5 Central Victoria TFC
6 Northern Phoenix
7 Sydney TFC


Australia vs Singapore

2018 World Cup Doubles Tournament – Sydney

click for larger image

click for larger image

41 years ago, 50 members of Sydney’s Subbuteo crowd staged their own ‘World Cup’. This was the famous ‘Doubles’ format, with players adopting a national team: Geoff Sirmai and Johnny Rado as Hungary; Don and Gary Hosie as England; Martin and Eliot Kennedy as Australia, and so on! Matches produced plenty of drama, fun and spectacular goals.

In conjunction with the forthcoming FIFA World Cup, Northern Falcons TFC and Subbuteo Parramatta are combining to host another ‘World Cup’ (Doubles) on Sunday, July 1, 2018, with some additional rules about pairings.

Entry will be $7 per player.

Pairs will be drawn before the event, with a more experienced player being drawn with a newbie or beginner. Any team comprising a beginner will get THREE free-shots before the match, and will start with however many goals they score!!
If two players want to pre-nominate as a pair, they can, but then the entry fee is $14 each.
Teams composed of relatives (father – son – daughter – uncle – mother etc) will get ONE free-shot before the match (unless one is a newbie!!)
Pairings who wear the national strip of their nominated country will get a bonus point in their group table.
Any national team is valid.
If you want to select your team, that’s another $10 fee!
Otherwise all teams will be assigned with a random draw, comprised of the teams playing at the World Cup in Russia.
All money will go towards the organisation of the AGP19!!

This is a great chance to bring along a friend, as Doubles is a good introduction to the game. Advice on the run from their team mate will help less experienced players.

The tournament will be held at Good Games Bella Vista – Lower Podium H143, 24-32 Lexington Drive, Bella Vista, Sydney. Players should arrive at midday and the first round of games will begin at 12:30PM. Register below by midnight, Thursday, June 28. Pairings will be drawn on Friday, June 29.

Special rules for the doubles format can be found by clicking here.

Subbuteo Parramatta Autumn Junior WASPA Tournament

poster 600pxIn April of 2017, Subbuteo Parramatta and Good Games Bella Vista joined forces for the first time (the store hadn’t even officially opened at the time!) to host their first event together – a Junior WASPA tournament. Now, exactly one year on, both are proud to be repeating the event with the Autumn 2018 edition of Subbuteo Parramatta’s Junior WASPA Tournament.

The tournament will be held on Thursday, April 26 (during the upcoming school holidays), beginning at midday. It is open to all school aged players and will be held at Good Games Bella Vista – H143, 24-32 Lexington Drive, Bella Vista (on the downstairs level). Entry is $5 per player, which goes towards store credit – so you can use it to get refreshments or save up and buy games, paints, cards etc from the shop. All equipment is supplied and all players are welcome, regardless of experience or ability. Pending the number of players involved, we may split into more specific age or gender categories.

Please fill out the form below in order to register for the tournament.

(Please note : Good Games Bella Vista is a publicly accessible space and the store and Subbuteo Parramatta do not take responsibility for the children involved in the tournament. Parents/guardians are encouraged to supervise their children.)

Sydney TFC FISTF Satellite Tournament

click to see full size

click to see full size

Sydney TFC will be the proud hosts of a FISTF Satellite Tournament in April of this year. Held on the weekend of the 28th and 29th of April, there will be a teams event on Saturday and Individual events on Sunday. Cost is $30 for each day of play. For more info, contact Fabrizio Coco at Register for the tournament using the form below.

2018 Sydney Cup

sydney premier league2018 sees the launch of a brand new competition for table footballers based in Sydney (or who will be in Sydney very regularly through the year). In an Australian first, the Sydney Cup will run right across the year as a stand alone, knockout tournament, for all players of all clubs as well as those without club affiliation.

The tournament will be conducted as a ‘double-elimination’ tournament, meaning that players are not knocked out until they lose for a second time. All rounds and games will be completely unseeded. Each round will be allotted a period of time to be completed and it will be up to players to contact their opponent and organise a suitable time to play before each round deadline. For full tournament rules, before entering, please read through the entire
tournament guidelines document pdf file here.

Entry is completely free, just fill in the form below to become part of the action. Entries close at midnight on Friday, Feb 9 and the first round of games will take place throughout February.

Asian Cup 2018 Registered Players

Here is the list of players/full teams who have already registered for the 2018 Asian Cup of Table Football. To join the ever-growing list, please click on this link:


Player Name Club Country
1  Dillon Izon Melbourne TFC  Australia
2  Peter Thomas Melbourne TFC  Australia
3 Carl Young Melbourne TFC  Australia
4 Alexandros Stefanos Melbourne TFC Australia
5 Ben Batten Melbourne TFC Australia
6 Luke Radziminski Melbourne TFC Australia
7 Adrian Grunbach Northern Falcons Australia
8 Dom Grenot Northern Falcons Australia
9 Eliot Kennedy Northern Falcons Australia
10 Hermann Kruse Northern Falcons Australia
11 Neil Brener Northern Falcons Australia
12 Robert Green Northern Falcons Australia
13 Steve Dettre Northern Falcons Australia
14  Paul Mercer Northern Phoenix Australia
15 Beth Eveleigh Northern Phoenix Australia
16 Christos Garagounis Northern Phoenix Australia
17 Adrian elmer Subbuteo Parramatta Australia
18 Richard Wilson Subbuteo Parramatta Australia
19  Alan Kimber Subbuteo Perth Australia
20 Chris Thorn Subbuteo Perth Australia
21 Hugh Best Subbuteo Perth Australia
22 Benny Ng Western Flickers TFC Singapore
23 Daniel Lombard Sydney TFC Australia
24 Fabrizio Coco Sydney TFC Australia
25 Kosta Barbaris Sydney TFC Australia
26 Raffaele Lombard Sydney TFC Australia
27 Tony Credentino Sydney TFC Australia
28 Adrian Connolly Western Flickers TFC Australia
29 Anthony Madiona Western Flickers TFC Australia
30 Fauzi Rahmen Western Flickers TFC Australia
31 Kevin Grant Western Flickers TFC Australia
32 Simon Briffa Western Flickers TFC Australia
33 Stephen Wright Western Flickers TFC Australia
34 Tim Kee Western Flickers TFC Australia
35 Antonio Carabillo Subbuteo Club Dragons Hong Kong Hong Kong
36 Hideaki Wada OSC Yamato Japan
37 Kimi Wada OSC Yamato Japan
38 Tomoyoshi Ikeya Wild Blue TFC Japan
39 Yuka Kato Wild Blue TFC Japan
40 Kenzo Koi Yokohama OSC Japan
41 Anas Rahamat Jurong Central Subbuteo Club Singapore
42 Rizal Taib Jurong Central Subbuteo Club Singapore
43 Rudy Hesty Jurong Central Subbuteo Club Singapore
44 Vikas Chandiramani Jurong Central Subbuteo Club Singapore
45 Bernard Lim SG Lions TFC Singapore
46 Den Mulia Bin Yusni SG Lions TFC Singapore
47 Tan Yew Loy SG Lions TFC Singapore
48 Arjuna Hanafi Western Flickers TFC Singapore
1  Alex Briffa  Western Flickers TFC  Australia
2  Crystal Briffa  Western Flickers TFC  Australia
3 Harrison Briffa  Western Flickers TFC  Australia
4 Jonas Hahn  Northern Falcons TFC Australia
5 Hermine Ollnow Northern Falcons TFC Australia
6 Jonty Brener Northern Falcons TFC Australia
7 Moritz Hahn Northern Falcons TFC Australia
8 Oliver Ollnow Northern Falcons TFC Australia
9 Thorben Pfister Northern Falcons TFC Australia
10 Aiman Hanafi Western Flickers TFC Australia
11 Gabriel Lombardi Sydney TFC Australia
12 Aidan Deverell Western Flickers TFC Australia
13 Benjamin Ng Western Flickers TFC Australia
14 Billy Wright Western Flickers TFC Australia
15 Charlotte Wright Western Flickers TFC Australia
16 Jayden Truter Western Flickers TFC Australia
1 Beth Eveleigh Northern Phoenix TFC Australia
2 Crystal Briffa Western Flickers TFC Australia
3 Kimi Wada OSC Yamato Japan
4 Charlotte Wright Western Flickers TFC Australia
5 Yuka Kato Wild Blue TFC Japan
6 Hermine Ollnow Northern Falcons TFC Australia
International players for club teams event Enzo Coco  Sydney TFC Italy
Club Teams
1 Melbourne TFC Australia
2 Western Flickers ‘A’ Australia
3 Western Flickers ‘B’ Australia
4 Northern Phoenix Australia
5 Northern Falcons ‘A’ Australia
6 Northern Falcons ‘B’ Australia
7 Sydney TFC ‘A’ Australia
8 Subbuteo Perth Australia
9 Jurong Central SC Singapore
10 SG Lions Singapore
11 Team Japan Japan
12  Sydney TFC ‘B’ Australia
U19 Team Event
1 Western Flickers TFC ‘A’
2 Western Flickers TFC ‘B’
3 Northern Falcons TFC
National Team Competition
1 Australia
2 Singapore
3 Japan
B’ International
Australia vs Singapore

International Table Football set to touchdown in Perth


For the first time in history, Perth, Australia will play host to an event on the world tour of Sports Table Football (Subbuteo).

Sports Table Football, or “Subbuteo” as it is widely known, is a game based on association football. For many years it was marketed as “the replica of Association Football” or “Table Soccer”.

The 2017 Perth Winter Classic comprises of two individual events which both go towards the world rankings. The Saturday is an ‘International Open’ classification and the Sunday is a ‘Satellite’ event.


A strong and competitive field will battle it out on the pitch headlined by Singaporean players  Irwan Iskander and Vikas Chandiramani (world ranking 177) who make the trip to Perth with silverware in their sights.

Local favourites include Sydney TFC’s Fabrizio Coco (56), Melbourne TFC’s Benji Batten (127) and Perth’s Ross McNulty and Alan Kimber who have been training hard to take victory on home soil.

The event will be hosted at the Fremantle Town Hall, Corner William, Adelaide and High Streets, Fremantle on the 29th and 30th of July.

Entry for spectators is free and we encourage people of all ages to come down and watch, with spare tables on hand for beginners to try out the game. For anyone interested in playing Subbuteo table football, this would be the perfect opportunity to come down and see what all the excitement is about.

Player List:

  1. Benji Batten (Melbourne Table Football Club, Australia)
  2. Fabrizio Coco (Sydney TFC, Australia)
  3. Tony Credentino (Sydney TFC, Australia)
  4. Herman Kruse (Northern Falcons TFC, Australia)
  5. Vikas Chandiramani; (Jurong Central Subbuteo Club, Singapore)
  6. Irwan Iskander (Jurong Central SC, Singapore)
  7. John Harty (Perth Subbuteo Club, Australia)
  8. Chris Thorn (Perth SC, Australia)
  9. Alan Kimber (Perth SC, Australia)
  10. Ross McNulty (Perth SC, Australia)
  11. Hugh Best (Perth SC, Australia)
  12. Ron Byrne (Perth SC, Australia)

2017 Australian Grand Prix

The Australian Table Football Association is pleased to be able to announce the full details for the upcoming Australian Grand Prix.

agp2017 poster jan 1000px

The tournament will take place over the weekend of February 3-5. Our venue this year will be the premises of the Associazione Napoletana, found at 1A Marion St, Leichhardt, Sydney.

In a packed weekend of Subbuteo, the majority of individual tournaments will take place on Saturday, February 4, including the Individual Opens tournament and Individual Junior Tournaments in U19, U15 and U12 categories (subject to numbers). The individual tournaments will consist of a group phase with the top 2 place-getters in each group progressing to the knock-out stages. For players in the Opens Individual tournament who are eliminated early, a separate WASPA tournament will then take place.

Then, following on Sunday, February 5 will be the club teams tournament and, for the first time in Australian Subbuteo history, a FISTF Ladies Tournament. Another WASPA tournament will also be held for any players not participating in the Teams or Ladies tournament.

The Australian Grand Prix is open to all players, regardless of age, gender, experience or ability. New players are very welcome.


For any player aged above 19 (Open age), the tournament entry fee is $30. Your entry fee covers all play for both days, including venue hire and all FISTF fees.

For Junior players (Aged 19 and Under), tournament entry is Free

Payment can be made in cash on the day though payment in advance by bank transfer is much preferred. Online payments can be made via Melbourne Table Football Club Incorporated who will be collecting the entry fees on behalf of ATFA.

Melbourne Table Football Club Inc.
B.S.B: 013 355
A/C No. 2914 879 38
(please include your name and ‘AGP2017’ with payment)

Friday Night Dinner

This year we will again be hosting a dinner on the Friday Night before the tournament. This dinner will take place at the tournament venue. The draw for the weekend’s matches will also be conducted. All players are highly encouraged to attend this dinner. Payments for the dinner will be made separate to the tournament entry fee. The price per person for the dinner will be determined closer to the event as it is dependent on exact numbers (though we are estimating $30.

Attendees will also be free to organise friendly practise matches during the evening.


To register for the Australian Grand Prix, please submit your full details below.

2016 Australian Open

poster graphic by Luke Radziminski

poster graphic by Luke Radziminski

Dates – 17 September 2016
Venue – Zagame’s
25 Derby Road, Caulfield, VIC Australia

On behalf of the Australian Table Football Association, we extend an invitation to you to participate in the Australian Open in September 2016.

We are excited to have another FISTF calendar event in Australia, following on from our successful Grand Prix in January, and we look forward to welcoming table footballers from all states of Australia and internationally.

We must thank our hosts and venue partners “Zagame’s”, with special thanks to Zagame’s-Caulfield Venue Manager, Chris Simpson, for helping us get the ball rolling. We look forward to a long and healthy relationship with the Zagame’s Group.

The ATFA board and I look forward to meeting you at the 2016 Australian Open.
Please visit the ATFA website (

Yours in table football,
President – ATFA

Zagame’s – 25 Derby Road, Caulfield, VIC Australia

Thursday 15 September 2016
7:00PM – Welcome Drinks and Draw Ceremony = featuring special guests from the world of football.

Saturday 17 September 2016
9:00AM – Session One
12:30PM – Lunch Break
1:30PM – Session Two
5:00PM – Finals
7:00PM – Presentation Function, Special Guests welcome, Closing Addresses