Batten takes the MTFC August WASPA

Benji Batten vs Benny Ng in the Final

Benji Batten vs Benny Ng in the Final


Report by Luke Radziminski

August has proved on being the busiest month in Melbourne with only 5 people managing to free up their schedule for Subbuteo. Majority of the contests were only decided by one goal as players found each other somewhat evenly matched and it only needed one opportunity to seal the win. Luke Radziminski managed to finish first after the 5th round and booked himself a grand final spot. The remaining games were a 4th position playoff between Christos Garagounis and Dillon Izon and a semi-final matchup between Benny Ng and Benji Batten was played for a final spot.

Chris Garagounis and Benny Ng

Chris Garagounis and Benny Ng

Congratulations to Christos for managing to win and finish 4th on the day in what proved to be a gruelling yet major learning curve during the 4 hours of Subbuteo, a 0-0 result which then proceeded to penalties for Christos to be able to come out victorious. Benji and Benny remained tied 1-1 in a heated affair and with only 35 seconds left on the clock, Benji snatched the win 2-1. The grand final ended in a 3-0 result in favour of Benji as Luke failed to maintain his form and focus that he had in the group stages. It may have looked one sided on the sheet but in reality Luke failed to take the chances that were given and sloppy mistakes in the defence proved to be costly.

Final Standings

1. Benji Batten (Rex-C Bibase)

2. Luke Radziminski (Extremeworks Universal)

3. Benny Ng (Sniper 2.0)

4. Christos Garagounis (Sniper 2.0)

5. Dillon Izon (Sniper 2.0)


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