Subbuteo Clubs in Australia

There are a number of existing Subbuteo clubs in Australia. If you and a few friends play Subbuteo together, you qualify as a club, no matter whether you’re new to the game or have been playing for years. Send us your details and we can add you to the list of clubs and connect you with other clubs in your area. The aim of ATFA is to support as many small, localised clubs as possible, helping them to both grow and bring them together to compete with each other.

Subbuteo Adelaide Table Football Club (SA)
Subbuteo Adelaide Facebook Group

Brisbane Subbuteo Club (QLD)

Brisbane Subbuteo Club Website
Giuseppe Tardiota

Canberra & South Coast TFC (ACT & NSW South Coast)
canberra south coast tfc logo
Canberra & South Coast TFC Facebook Page
Ryan Farrall
Richard Wilson

Central Victoria Table Football Club (VIC)
central victoria tfc logo online 600px
Central Victoria TFC Facebook Group
Kevin Grant

Hipfingerz (Sydney East)(NSW)
hipfingerz logo
Geoff Sirmai

Hobart Table Football Club (TAS)
Hobart TFC Facebook Page
Hobart TFC Facebook Group

Ipswich Kestrels Table Football Club (QLD)
Facebook Page
Andrew Bennett
Rob Bennett

Deportivo de La Katoomba (Katoomba-Penrith)(NSW)
Deportivo de La Katoomba
Paul Magee

Melbourne Table Football Club (South-East Melbourne) (VIC)
Melbourne TFC Facebook Group
Melbourne TFC YouTube Channel
Luke Radziminski

Newcastle Table Football Club (NSW)
11165 Newcastle United Soccer Club
Newcastle TFC Facebook Page
Newcastle TFC Twitter
Todd Giles

Northern Falcons Table Football Club (North Sydney)(NSW)
Northern Falcons TFC Facebook Group
Steve Dettre

Northern Phoenix Table Football Club (North Melbourne)(VIC)
sketch logo 1b
Northern Phoenix TFC Facebook Group
Christos Garagounis

Subbuteo Perth (WA)
Subbuteo Perth Facebook Group Page
Chris Thorn

Sunshine Coast Subbuteo (QLD)
Sunshine Coast Subbuteo Facebook Page
Kevin Halliday

Sydney Table Football Club (NSW)
sydney tfc logo 3
Facebook Page
Fabrizio Coco

Sports Table Football Club of Western Australia
Screen Shot 2020-11-08 at 3.49.05 pm
Hugh Best

Western Flickers Table Football Club (North-West Melbourne) (VIC)
Western Flickers TFC Facebook Page
Benny Ng

Western Sydney Subbuteo (NSW)
western sydney subbuteo rust
Western Sydney Subbuteo Website
Western Sydney Subbuteo Facebook Group
Western Sydney Subbuteo Youtube Channel
Adrian Elmer