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World Cup 2024 Selection Process

As outlined in early 2023, the selection process for players wishing to represent Australia at the 2024 FISTF World Cup in Tunbridge Wells, England in September is as follows:

The first placement in the Open, Junior and Women’s categories will be the top FISTF ranked player, who nominates, in each category. For Veterans, the top ranked Open category player eligible for veterans, who nominates, will be selected.

The second place in each category will be determined at a National Championship, with the national champions of each category selected.

The FISTF rankings from the end of February 2024 will be used to determine the highest ranked nominating players in each respective category.

The Australian Table Football Association would also like to have a team in as many of the categories as possible. Up to eight players can be nominated for a team.

If you would like to nominate to represent the ATFA at the World Cup, please fill out the nomination form below. Once the number of nominees in each category is known the ATFA will determine if, where and when the National Championship will take place. Cutoff date for nominations will be 48 hours after FISTF’s world rankings for March are released in the first week of March.