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ATFA National Uniform Orders

We are in the process of finalising the designs with the manufacturers of our new ATFA national playing strip and are ready to begin the ordering process. They will be manufactured through the Melbourne-based Konqa company. All players are welcome to buy the strip (and non-players, too!), not just those officially representing Australia in competition.

Unfortunately, our original hope of having each player’s FISTF registration number included has proven to be far too cost restrictive so we have settled for just including individual shirt numbers and name. These are included in the price.

Prices for the uniform is $85 for both jersey and shorts or $50 for the jersey on its own. Any players who are representing Australia officially in any tournament will be required to wear both the jersey and shorts while doing so.

Fill out the order form below, including your preferred shirt number and the name you would like to appear on the back of your jersey. You will also need to enter sizing for both jerseys and shorts. Please note that Konqa designs tend to be slimmer fit than usual, so order a size up if you are unsure. A comprehensive sizing guide for Konqa can be found by clicking this link – http://www.konqa.com.au/size-overview/

Payment will need to be made to:
Account Name : Australian Table Football Association
Bank Name : National Australia Bank
Account Number : 980742375
BSB : 082088

final renders

ATFA National Kit

Another of the ATFA Board’s recent projects has been to develop a national kit for players. This kit would be used whenever players represent Australia, either individually or in teams events, but players would also be free to wear it any time – you don’t need to be representing Australia to wear it. In recent years, our players have worn Socceroos jerseys, but the Board have thought that it would be good to have its own, distinct kit. So, we have developed a few options. These are based on traditional Socceroos kits but, as you can see, have their own distinctive appearance, featuring the colours of our logo (gold and two sahdes of dark green), rather than being merely cheap imitations of Socceroos outfits.

What we are asking now is for all ATFA members to have their say and cast a vote for their preferred option. The Board has finalised three options, members can now choose their favourite. The design which receives the most votes will be put into production and players will be able to order their kit later this year.

option m

option k

option p

Voting is only open to ATFA members (if you would like to become a member, it’s a simple process that can be done at http://subbuteoaustralia.com/?p=3552).

Cast your vote below. One vote per member.