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Penrith WASPA Event – Kennedy out on top

Six hardy souls contested the latest Penrith WASPA event, which was held in a league format, which perfectly fitted the three boards.
As a result, it was self-refereed, no-one to take photos and we knocked it over by 4pm, despite a late start.
En-route to the venue, Louis’ avowed aim was to score, which he duly did in his first match against Paul, before going down 4-1. Steve and Daniele continued their classic encounters with a goal-for-goal match, Steve clinching it 3-2. Eliot threw down the gauntlet with a 4-0 demolition of Raffaele, before the Lombardi clash ended 1-1. Eliot edged past Paul 2-0, while once again Steve struggled against his son, now nicknamed ‘The Mosquito’ for his annoying defensive flicks which harassed Steve until he knocked in a winner with 5 mins to go!! Eliot and Steve renewed their 40-year rivalry with a 1-0 win to Eliot that put Eliot in the box seat, while Rafaele edged Paul 3-1, and Louis scored from open play in his 4-1 loss to Daniele. In the fourth round, Eliot was forced to battle all the way by Daniele which in effect gave him the title, while there was an “orgy of net busting” as Steve and Paul sorted out a 5-3 result, with classic goals from both players in an all out assault. In the final round, Steve and Raffaele drew 1-1 which gave Steve second place, while Paul leapfrogged Daniele into fourth place with his 2-1 win.
Once again thanks to Christine and Manuel for the venue, boards and tea/coffee and bickies!!!
We’ll be back.

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2014 December – MegaGames WASPA Tournament

Lombardi Takes First Title

There was a tournament scheduled at MegaGames at Penrith for Sunday, October 19. However, with only two confirmed entrants (one travelling up from Berry), our ever wonderful hostess, Christine, was forced to cancel a couple of days out. Still wanting to have a flick, Adrian decided to open up his garage for the afternoon. A later starting time than was possible at MegaGames, and being much closer to home, meant that Steve and Gordy were able to join in while Raffaele, the other original entrant, managed to drag along his brother for his first games of Subbuteo in 20 years. The respectable field of five meant an official tournament could still take place.

Steve putting pressure on Gordy.

Steve putting pressure on Gordy.

A full league was played, with the Lombardi brothers drawing each other in the first round. To everyone’s surprise, including his own, Daniele took an early lead, quickly refinding his touch. Raffaele had to dig deep to graft out a hard earned 2-1 victory by the final whistle. The games across the afternoon were all tight with no scoreline blowouts. Highlights included Daniele scoring in the opening 15 seconds against Adrian with a sublime series of moving ball passes and shot, and an all out attack minded game between Gordy and Steve, where both players were only let down by poor finishing before Steve slipped one in to take the victory. Continue reading