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Peter Thomas wins the Penrith Heatwave Classic

Congratulations Peter Thomas, winner of the Penrith Heatwave Classic (19.1.14), defeating Paul O’Donovan Rossa 1-0 in a tight final. A good roll up that included – Elliot Kennedy and Paul Magee (beaten semi-finalists), Adrian Elmer (winner of the Tier 2 play-off final), Terry and Billy Koutzos (playing their first WASPA competition) and a promising debutante Mark McIntosh. A good high quality competition played in a very collegiate manner. Thanks to Paul O for taking time out from his trip from the US and joining us for the day, and for his mentoring of the younger players. Thanks to Peter for travelling up from Canberra, again, and for sharing his experience with newer players. Great to see the Koutzos boys, Adrian and Mark. Above all, thanks to Christine for hosting us, providing prizes and being a great friend of Subbuteo players in Oz.

By Paul Magee

Austrian winner in Melbourne

Melbourne dec2013Subbuteo Melbourne welcomed Christian Haas from Austria to its 4th tournament on Friday. A round robin of games was played with the 6 players before a final decided the winner at the end. The tournament was played in Great Spirit with all of the players supporting and giving advice to one another. As a result, all of the players were able to gain knowledge and skills for future events. Big thanks to Carl and Christian for advice, tips and coaching.

Christian Haas won the event beating Carl Young 3-2 in the final. Benji Batten came 3rd and Adam Deverell finished 4th.

(Report by Benji Batten)


Third WASPA tournament in Melbourne

It was a day of firsts for the Melbourne Subbuteo club despite it being the club’s third tournament. It was the first time we played a group and knockout system with two groups of three and semi-finals being used. In our first ever knockout round we had our first ever shootout. Benji Batten was lucky enough to beat Searle Batten 1-0 in the semi-final but he was unable to overcome the great Carl Young in the final despite being quite competitive (0-6). Congrats Carl on his win and also to Luke Radziminski (third place) and to Tom Nowacki (first goal and win). Big thanks to all who came, particularly Alex Stefanos (first event) and Searle Batten for coming at the last minute. There are definitely bright signs ahead for the mighty Melbourne Subbuteo Club.

Melbourne-Dec2013-1 Melbourne-Dec2013-2 Melbourne-Dec2013-3