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2017/18 ATFA Trading Cards

The 2016/17 Set

The 2016/17 Set

It’s that time of year again, when Australia’s finest Subbuteo players are immortalised as part of the new season’s trading card set. Set to be released at the Asian Grand Prix in Melbourne in January, 2018, we are now calling for all players to contribute!

This season, all that will be required is one simple photo for each player, and to tell us your favourite colour. We just need a current (i.e. taken in 2017) headshot of you. A few specific needs for the photo are:

* It must be front on
* It must clearly show your whole head
* It must be well lit, with even lighting
* It must be taken against a plain background that is a different colour to your face/hair
* It must be taken using reasonably good resolution

Because we know these instructions may be difficult for some to follow, here is a small chart to help you out. Try to get these right as photos that don’t follow the guidelines can’t be used and you’ll miss out on having your beautiful, Season 2017/18 card!

Click on the photo for a full resolution copy, so that you can clearly see the instructions!

Click on the photo for a full resolution copy, so that you can clearly see the instructions!

Submit you name, club name (if you don’t have a club, don’t worry, still send in) and photo and, lastly your FAVOURITE COLOUR, to Adrian at ajebec@netspace.net.au.

ATFA Trading Cards – Season 2016/17

After the success of the ATFA trading cards for season 2015/16, we’ll be doing another set this year with all new designs and, hopefully, even more players. Anybody who plays is welcome to have a card made of themselves.

Season 2015/16 ATFA Trading Cards

Season 2015/16 ATFA Trading Cards

Last season, if you turned the cards over, you were able to put together a jigsaw puzzle which was of the poster for the Australian Grand Prix. This season, to make them a little different, there will be a small Q&A for each player. Basically, just fill in the form below with your answers and these will be collated onto the back of the card on which you appear.

For the front of the card, I will need the assistance of everyone around the country. I need a photograph of you to go on the front. This photograph can be of you doing anything related to table football that you like. The requirements from this end are that the photo must be high resolution (printing requires a much higher resolution than images on a screen). Any DSLR will take a great photo for it, but most current phones should take photos that are high enough resolution. The key is to use good lighting and to make sure that your face is clear. It’s OK to pose – the photo doesn’t have to be from an actual game. Coming up with interesting angles is also good. Make sure it is in portrait orientation (that’s what all the cards will be). If you are seeing me anytime, I am happy to take your photo for you. The photo needs to have been taken in 2016, to keep it all current.

Once you’ve got the photo, e-mail it me at ajebec@netspace.net.au (don’t send it via facebook – facebook compresses the hell out of photos and stuffs up all the colouring!)

I will need to have both your Q&A answers and your photo by Jan 1 in order to have the cards ready in time for the Australian Grand Prix, which will be when they become available. Last season, the sets cost $15 each. The cost will be similar this season – perhaps slightly higher if we have more players represented, but not significantly higher.


ATFA Trading Cards

set photoRecently, the first edition of the Australian Table Football Association’s trading card set was released. These feature 54 players from around the country in all their Subbuteo glory, along with club, national and association logo cards, bringing the full set up to 64 cards. The backs of the cards feature a large image that can be created by using the cards as a jigsaw puzzle. The full set comes wrapped in a paper holder.

While the first print run has almost sold out (there are just 2 still available as of today), there is the possibility of getting another print run made up if the demand warrants. If you don’t yet have a set and would like to order one, please contact Adrian by clicking here to let him know. The full set costs $15, though you won’t need to pay unless we get enough orders to make another print run.