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Asian Cup 2018 Registered Players

Here is the list of players/full teams who have already registered for the 2018 Asian Cup of Table Football. To join the ever-growing list, please click on this link:


Player Name Club Country
1  Dillon Izon Melbourne TFC  Australia
2  Peter Thomas Melbourne TFC  Australia
3 Carl Young Melbourne TFC  Australia
4 Alexandros Stefanos Melbourne TFC Australia
5 Ben Batten Melbourne TFC Australia
6 Luke Radziminski Melbourne TFC Australia
7 Adrian Grunbach Northern Falcons Australia
8 Dom Grenot Northern Falcons Australia
9 Eliot Kennedy Northern Falcons Australia
10 Hermann Kruse Northern Falcons Australia
11 Neil Brener Northern Falcons Australia
12 Robert Green Northern Falcons Australia
13 Steve Dettre Northern Falcons Australia
14  Paul Mercer Northern Phoenix Australia
15 Beth Eveleigh Northern Phoenix Australia
16 Christos Garagounis Northern Phoenix Australia
17 Adrian elmer Subbuteo Parramatta Australia
18 Richard Wilson Subbuteo Parramatta Australia
19  Alan Kimber Subbuteo Perth Australia
20 Chris Thorn Subbuteo Perth Australia
21 Hugh Best Subbuteo Perth Australia
22 Benny Ng Western Flickers TFC Singapore
23 Daniel Lombard Sydney TFC Australia
24 Fabrizio Coco Sydney TFC Australia
25 Kosta Barbaris Sydney TFC Australia
26 Raffaele Lombard Sydney TFC Australia
27 Tony Credentino Sydney TFC Australia
28 Adrian Connolly Western Flickers TFC Australia
29 Anthony Madiona Western Flickers TFC Australia
30 Fauzi Rahmen Western Flickers TFC Australia
31 Kevin Grant Western Flickers TFC Australia
32 Simon Briffa Western Flickers TFC Australia
33 Stephen Wright Western Flickers TFC Australia
34 Tim Kee Western Flickers TFC Australia
35 Antonio Carabillo Subbuteo Club Dragons Hong Kong Hong Kong
36 Hideaki Wada OSC Yamato Japan
37 Kimi Wada OSC Yamato Japan
38 Tomoyoshi Ikeya Wild Blue TFC Japan
39 Yuka Kato Wild Blue TFC Japan
40 Kenzo Koi Yokohama OSC Japan
41 Anas Rahamat Jurong Central Subbuteo Club Singapore
42 Rizal Taib Jurong Central Subbuteo Club Singapore
43 Rudy Hesty Jurong Central Subbuteo Club Singapore
44 Vikas Chandiramani Jurong Central Subbuteo Club Singapore
45 Bernard Lim SG Lions TFC Singapore
46 Den Mulia Bin Yusni SG Lions TFC Singapore
47 Tan Yew Loy SG Lions TFC Singapore
48 Arjuna Hanafi Western Flickers TFC Singapore
1  Alex Briffa  Western Flickers TFC  Australia
2  Crystal Briffa  Western Flickers TFC  Australia
3 Harrison Briffa  Western Flickers TFC  Australia
4 Jonas Hahn  Northern Falcons TFC Australia
5 Hermine Ollnow Northern Falcons TFC Australia
6 Jonty Brener Northern Falcons TFC Australia
7 Moritz Hahn Northern Falcons TFC Australia
8 Oliver Ollnow Northern Falcons TFC Australia
9 Thorben Pfister Northern Falcons TFC Australia
10 Aiman Hanafi Western Flickers TFC Australia
11 Gabriel Lombardi Sydney TFC Australia
12 Aidan Deverell Western Flickers TFC Australia
13 Benjamin Ng Western Flickers TFC Australia
14 Billy Wright Western Flickers TFC Australia
15 Charlotte Wright Western Flickers TFC Australia
16 Jayden Truter Western Flickers TFC Australia
1 Beth Eveleigh Northern Phoenix TFC Australia
2 Crystal Briffa Western Flickers TFC Australia
3 Kimi Wada OSC Yamato Japan
4 Charlotte Wright Western Flickers TFC Australia
5 Yuka Kato Wild Blue TFC Japan
6 Hermine Ollnow Northern Falcons TFC Australia
International players for club teams event Enzo Coco  Sydney TFC Italy
Club Teams
1 Melbourne TFC Australia
2 Western Flickers ‘A’ Australia
3 Western Flickers ‘B’ Australia
4 Northern Phoenix Australia
5 Northern Falcons ‘A’ Australia
6 Northern Falcons ‘B’ Australia
7 Sydney TFC ‘A’ Australia
8 Subbuteo Perth Australia
9 Jurong Central SC Singapore
10 SG Lions Singapore
11 Team Japan Japan
12  Sydney TFC ‘B’ Australia
U19 Team Event
1 Western Flickers TFC ‘A’
2 Western Flickers TFC ‘B’
3 Northern Falcons TFC
National Team Competition
1 Australia
2 Singapore
3 Japan
B’ International
Australia vs Singapore

Asian Cup of Table Football 2018

The 2018 Asian Cup of Table Football will be played in Melbourne, Australia from 19-21 January 2018.


This event is a FISTF Continental Championship offering players the most ranking points possible outside of the world cup. In order to compete in the individual competition, players must have a FISTF licence from an Asian Nation (e.g AUS0003 or SIN0079 etc).

This event is shaping up to be Australia’s biggest ever Subbuteo tournament and players of all ages and skills are encouraged to attend what will be a fun-filled weekend of Table Football action.

Additionally, the Australian open tennis Grand Slam will be played over the same time period, so international guests can tie in a visit to one of the best sporting events in the world!


The Tournament:

First played in 2015, the Asian Cup is the premier event of the Confederation of Asian Sports Table Football Associations (CASTFA) and is played to determine Asia’s top player, club and nation.

Since Melbourne hosted the inaugural edition in 2015, the tournament has travelled to Singapore in 2016 and Japan in 2017 with the standard of play rising at each edition. The 2018 tournament sees a return to the birthplace of the tournament with local organisers working hard to ensure all players are able to have a fantastic experience.


The Venue:

Lakeside Futsal is located in the heart of Melbourne’s iconic Albert Park Lake and is situated inside Lakeside Stadium- an international standard venue for football and athletics.

Accompanying the futsal centre is the 1959 Bar and Grill which will host the Welcome Dinner and meals throughout the weekend.

Lakeside Futsal. 32 Aughtie Drive, Albert Park, Victoria 3205



  • Open
  • Juniors (Categorisation of U12/U15/U19 depends on entry numbers and ages of players)
  • Ladies
  • Club teams
  • National Teams


Monday 15th-Wednesday 17th: Friendly matches at Lakeside futsal/local venues

Thursday 18th January: WASPA Warm-up Tournament at Lakeside Futsal

Friday 19th January- Warm-up friendlies at venue, opening ceremony, welcome dinner, tournament draw

Saturday 20th- Individual competition- Open, Juniors, Ladies. WASPA consolation tournament for players eliminated in the group stage.

Sunday 21st: Club teams competition, National Teams competition


The tournament will be played on the following equipment

Open/Club Teams/National Teams: Extremeworks Pitches, Extremeworks Goals

Juniors/Ladies: Astrobase FT pitches, Extremeworks Goals

Welcome Dinner

On the friday night, a sit down dinner will be held at the 1959 Bar and Grill which will include special guests and personalities. The draw for the weekends matches will also take place here. For all open players, the dinner is included in the entry fee, however for additional guests and children, the prices are as follows:

Additional guests: $40 per meal

Kids Meals: $10 per meal

Entry Fee

The tournament entry fee will be $89 for Adults if you register on or before November 30th and $99 thereafter. Note: in order to receive the early bird price you must pay before or on 30th November.

This fee cover the 4 days of subbuteo playing including:

  • Thursday Night Warm-Up WASPA
  • Friday Night Dinner
  • Lunch on both Saturday and Sunday
  • Entry into the Individual competition on Saturday
  • Entry into the Teams Competition on Sunday
  • Equipment costs to ensure the tournament can be played on the highest quality tables
  • Organising costs

The entry fee must be paid by online bank transfer to:

Melbourne Table Football Club Inc.
B.S.B: 013 355
A/C No. 2914 879 38
(please include your name and ‘AC2018’ with payment)

Registrations will close Sunday 14 January at 11:59 PM AEST

If you have an questions about registration or the tournament in general, please e-mail

Summary of Fees

Open Players: $89 (Early Bird) if registered before November 30. $99 if registered after November 31

Juniors: $15

Additional Adult Dinner tickets: $40

Junior Dinner tickets: $10

Please register for the tournament using the form below:


International Table Football set to touchdown in Perth


For the first time in history, Perth, Australia will play host to an event on the world tour of Sports Table Football (Subbuteo).

Sports Table Football, or “Subbuteo” as it is widely known, is a game based on association football. For many years it was marketed as “the replica of Association Football” or “Table Soccer”.

The 2017 Perth Winter Classic comprises of two individual events which both go towards the world rankings. The Saturday is an ‘International Open’ classification and the Sunday is a ‘Satellite’ event.


A strong and competitive field will battle it out on the pitch headlined by Singaporean players  Irwan Iskander and Vikas Chandiramani (world ranking 177) who make the trip to Perth with silverware in their sights.

Local favourites include Sydney TFC’s Fabrizio Coco (56), Melbourne TFC’s Benji Batten (127) and Perth’s Ross McNulty and Alan Kimber who have been training hard to take victory on home soil.

The event will be hosted at the Fremantle Town Hall, Corner William, Adelaide and High Streets, Fremantle on the 29th and 30th of July.

Entry for spectators is free and we encourage people of all ages to come down and watch, with spare tables on hand for beginners to try out the game. For anyone interested in playing Subbuteo table football, this would be the perfect opportunity to come down and see what all the excitement is about.

Player List:

  1. Benji Batten (Melbourne Table Football Club, Australia)
  2. Fabrizio Coco (Sydney TFC, Australia)
  3. Tony Credentino (Sydney TFC, Australia)
  4. Herman Kruse (Northern Falcons TFC, Australia)
  5. Vikas Chandiramani; (Jurong Central Subbuteo Club, Singapore)
  6. Irwan Iskander (Jurong Central SC, Singapore)
  7. John Harty (Perth Subbuteo Club, Australia)
  8. Chris Thorn (Perth SC, Australia)
  9. Alan Kimber (Perth SC, Australia)
  10. Ross McNulty (Perth SC, Australia)
  11. Hugh Best (Perth SC, Australia)
  12. Ron Byrne (Perth SC, Australia)

Victory for the Ng’s at the FISTF Satellite of Melbourne

By Luke Radziminski


A rare satellite event was organised in Melbourne where the club championship has evolved into the State Championship to cater for the growing clubs in Melbourne. The tournament was open for others to enter from interstate. We hosted Giuseppe Tardiota from Brisbane Table Football Club and Hermann Kruse with son, Oliver, from Sydney (Northern Falcons).

14 seniors and 7 juniors took part in their respective categories.


The open category consisted a dominant number of Western Flickers with a mixed bag level in skills, with some new and still learning the game. However, 2 Western Flickers have managed to reach the semi-finals after Benny Ng had to recover from a 1 goal deficit to Giuseppe with an equaliser to push through into extra time where it remained a stalemate with end-to-end action. Benny went through on penalties. Benji Batten had outclassed Simon Briffa and Adam Deverell picked up an extraordinary rare win over Luke Radziminski (2-0) through counterattacking and brilliant finishing. Hermann Kruse had also powered through the quarter finals after defeating Kevin 3-0

In the semi-final Benji dominated Adam with a convincing 6-0 win, in the other game Benny Ng struggled against Hermann, picking up an early 1-0 lead and after missing a few shots to bury the game, Hermann created a few scares going into clear shooting positions but could not get his shots on target, hitting the bar twice. Ultimately Benny was able to hold out in a tense second half, winning 1-0.

The grand final between Benny and Benji was equivalent to an arm wrestle as there were minimal shots than expected and excellent blocking from both players made creating shots ever so frustrating. Benny scored in the first half but throughout the game Benji was unable to find an opportunity to peg one back. Benny is now crowned as the Champion of Victoria.


Extra games were made sure for those who did not qualify in the group stages as they were placed into a WASPA tournament in the Plate Series. Adrian Connolly became the eventual winner with Western Flickers making a clean sweep of all three awards.


In the U19 Category, 7 players took part. Benjamin Ng progressed to the final after defeating Aidan Deverell in the Semi-final while Northern Falcons’ Oliver Ollnow booked his ticket with a win over Billy Wright. Oliver took the lead in the final, however two second half goals from Benjamin saw the Australian grand Prix Junior champion take the title. Alex Briffa won the Junior Plate competition.


2017 Australian Grand Prix Set for Take Off


10931524_1534778550141070_785821066451635780_nThis weekend from the 3rd to 5th of February, the Australian Table Football Association will host the 2017 FISTF Grand Prix of Australia at the Associazione Napoletana in Leichhardt.

The tournament will feature more than 30 players travelling from all over Australia and Singapore to compete in the event.

The individual event is sure to be hotly contested with world #45 Peter Thomas (Australia’s highest ranked player) the tournament favourite. Thomas will face stern competition, notably from Singapore’s Benny Ng and Australia’s Fabrizio Coco and Eliot Kennedy who will each be seeking to cause a big upset and take the title.

There is a truly national flavour to this year’s event as the Perth Subbuteo Club brings a team for the very first time. Brisbane Subbuteo club will also play in the teams event along with Melbourne Table Football Club, Sydney TFC, Subbuteo Parramatta and the Northern Falcons TFC.

Saturday will feature the individuals battling it out in open and junior categories, while on Sunday a teams competition will take place with the current champions Melbourne Table Football club competing against 6 other teams. Additionally, the Sunday will play host to the first all-female table football tournament in Australia with 4 players contesting for the title of Australia’s top female player.

As always, the event is sure to be a cracker, with great fun to be had players and spectators who will be immersed in the excitement, action and drama that will unfold over the weekend.

Entry for spectators is free and we encourage people of all ages to come down and watch, with spare tables on hand for beginners to try out the game. For anyone interested in playing Subbuteo table football, this would be the perfect opportunity to come down and see what all the excitement is about.



Beth Eveleigh Interview

Beth Eveleigh has been a pioneer for womens table football in Australia becoming the strongest female player on the circuit. Always playing with a smile, she helps to ensure we always have great fun at our Tournaments in Melbourne!

Tell us a bit about how you first started playing Subbuteo. Where were you and how old were you?

My first game of Subbuteo would have been on my bedroom floor in 1975! I was living in Bristol and supported Bristol City FC. I think I was imagining myself at Ashton Gate…I played with a few friends, before TV’s Match of the Day on Saturdays and before the Big Match on Sundays! I was 11 ?

Beth Eveleigh v Juan Menendez

Beth Eveleigh v Juan Menendez

What were some of your most memorable Subbuteo moments growing up?

I think my most memorable moments were kneeling on my number nine, hating the introduction of the silly corner kicker figure (never lasted) and buying flood lights that actually worked! Ah…the 70s!

When did you start playing Subbuteo again?

I rediscovered the game about 5 years ago. Now living in Australia however I couldn’t find anyone to play against…until…MTFC ?

Have there been any big changes in the game since you were a kid that you’ve noticed in the last year or so?

Huge changes: key skill of swerve gone, figures flat, pitches smooth, keepers huge and importantly the new tactics make modern subbuteo less like real football and more like a tactical, skillful game of its own.


Playing WASPA tournaments more regularly, what do you aim to achieve at each tournament?

Improvement, wins and points…plus most importantly enjoyment.

What has been your favourite tournament so far? What has been your most memorable match?

The MTFC 4th Annual Club Championship in April this year.

Most memorable match and moment was scoring against Peter Thomas!

Group stage action between Beth Eveleigh and Cristos Garagounis

Group stage action between Beth Eveleigh and Cristos Garagounis

Who is the best player you have played against?

Peter Thomas

What team do you use, is there any special connection to that team?

Tcha Sniper 2.0. Red & White, Bristol City! Always Bristol City!

Thank you, Beth- Keep on Flicking!


Double Delight for the Ng family in Melbourne


Luke Radziminski reports from the sporting capital of Australia:

A turnout of 5 senior players and 3 juniors attended in March where 2 separate WASPA categories were formed so the juniors could maximise their enjoyment playing against each other with the same skill level. Chris Hannington was also a brand new entrant and played his first ever Subbuteo games with the junior players.

Juan had returned for a second stint which solidified his interest in the game and had begun investing into his own teams already! Although it proved to be a difficult outing for him against the more experienced players, he managed to score a goal against Adam losing 2-1 in a tight contest.


Benny managed to finish first place in the 5 man round robin format, where defeating Benji proved to be crucial, finishing two points above second placed Luke. A play-off final was formed between 2nd and 3rd place to decide the 2nd grand finalist where we saw Luke up against Benji, their previous game finishing in a 0-0 draw in the round robin. It turned out to be a slug fest with Luke dominating possession and shots in the first half in which he found himself 1-0 up at halftime. The second half saw Benji slowly getting back into it where he managed to find holes in Luke’s iron curtain but was kept at bay from his goalkeeping. It was the same case on the other end as Benji’s goalkeeping frustrated Luke and looked as if it would be impossible to score another. It was a heated contest with moments of confusion on the pitch with the complexity of the rules, which only ran down the clock and adding salt into the wounds of Benji as this marginally diminished his momentum of searching for an equaliser. It ended 1-0 to Luke.


Benny and Luke faced each other in the grand finale, both remaining undefeated on the day. It turned out to be a 0-0 draw with both Benny and Luke equally matched. It was unfortunate that neither managed to find the net compared to their previous bout ending in a 1-1 draw in the round robin. It was however, decided on penalties where Benny won scoring the only goal. This marked a significant win for Benny, who had won his second WASPA tournament and also witnessed his son, Benjamin, taking the junior crown in his tournament, marking March 2016 as the month of the Ng family victorious in Melbourne.


But can he do it on a 30 degree day in Brighton?

4 Hour Subbuteo Marathon From Down Under

Luke Radziminski Reports:

Yeah, I must admit that the format wasn’t the most ideal. With a turnout of 7 players it was set up as a round robin event with 10 minute halves and a grand final after where top 2 go through after 7 rounds. There was only 5 minute breaks in between games on a day where it is over 30 degrees and have 3 boards squeezed into a small room. Could they do it on a hot, dry day in Brighton? Just barely.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Lights, Camera, Action!

Going back to the small room scenario, I was made unaware that the larger hall would be occupied for a birthday function and as soon as I arrived I saw a pre-school activity session occupying the smaller room. It was another panic mode for myself as we had no place to set up the event with only half an hour until the first games were about to start. Fearing the worst, I was half expecting an angry mob of 4 subbuteo players chasing me down the street with machetes and clubs as soon as they have found out there is no venue to play subbuteo after a long drive to reach Brighton. But not to worry, the small room had freed up 10 minutes before the start of the event and it was a rushed preparation to set up tables and had them vacuumed before everyone had arrived.

The man of mystery; Tom Nowacki had returned to the scene after 1 year in hiding and a new player, Juan Menendez, had joined the party. Juan had briefly played subbuteo back in Brisbane while growing up with his brothers. He recently moved to Melbourne and was very keen to experience an organised subbuteo event. He had surprised everyone with his solid flicking for someone to take part in their first ever tournament and even notched up a 1-0 win over tom and a 0-0 draw with Beth Eveleigh.

New player Juan in action with Christos and Beth facing off in the background

New player Juan in action with Christos and Beth facing off in the background

On paper, Christos Garagounis had made significant improvement in his performance achieving draws against the more experienced players Benny Ng and Luke Radziminski with scores of 1-1 and 0-0. He achieved 4th place in result of this. In other games Luke and Benny had won their first points against the superior Carl Young in 0-0 draws. Carl remained undefeated however and sealed his spot into the grand final, the second entrant was has contested between Luke and Benny. Each player achieved the same results in the 6 rounds however it was decided from the first round of games where Luke had defeated Benny 1-0.

The grand final stood goalless at halftime, where Carl had dominated possession but was kept at bay from Luke’s goalkeeping. However in the second half Carl’s flicking had been flawless and disallowed Luke to advance forward with some precise blocking. Eventually it was too much for Luke to handle and was cleaned up 2-0 in the end.

Players interested in joining the Melbourne Table Football Club can e-mail Luke Radziminski at

All Smiles at the 3rd Annul MTFC February Cup
All Smiles at the 3rd Annul MTFC February Cup

Closing 2015 On A High Note

By Luke Radziminski

A Great turnout of 12 Players

A Great turnout of 12 Players

Above average turnout and a pizza night. Melbourne had its final WASPA tournament for the year with 12 participants where Carl Young took first place however was challenged by the Melbourne International Open WASPA winner Luke Radziminski in a very tight game. 1-0 was the final score from a looping deflection off a defender had the goalkeeper found itself in no man’s land to concede a goal. Some fine saves were made by Luke throughout the game but struggled to find a good shooting opportunity to equalise.

In the groups we had a ‘group of death’ situation in Group A which consisted of Benji Batten, Paul Mercer and Dillon Izon. Dillon achieved narrow 1-0 victories, Benji and Paul drew 1-1 with each other which meant equal points and head-to-head comparisons. This meant a penalty shootout was needed to decide second place and advancement to the quarter finals. Paul Mercer came out the winner (1-0) on penalties.

Group B saw Luke cruise past Christos and Alexandros with 2-0 wind in each game. Christos and Alex drew so this also meant another penalty shootout to decide second place. Alexandros went through on sudden death and his world class penalty is featured in the Subbuteo Melbourne group on Facebook. Carl finished first in Group C as well as Benny in Group D.

Shoot-out in the Greek Derby! 16 shots, but one singular goal proved enough.

Shoot-out in the Greek Derby! 16 shots, but one singular goal proved enough.

The quarter finals had Carl, Luke and Benny win their games with the last match contested between Dillon and Adam. Dillon winning 2-1 however Adam equalised at the last second which forced the game into a penalty shoot-out. 1-1 was the score at the end of the 5 spot kicks and Dillon managed to go through on sudden death.

The Semi-finals saw Luke play against Dillon and Carl against Benny. Luke managed to walk away 2-0 victorious over Dillon in a hotly contested match. Benny managed to equalise against Carl but this only made Carl more adamant to score goals and punished Benny from defensive errors achieving a 3-1 victory.

As the grand final took place, Benjamin Ng and Aidan Deverell, who are both juniors, took part in the open tournament and played each other for 11th position where Benjamin won 1-0. Benji finished 9th after defeating Christos and after Adam and Paul would finish equal 5th after wins over Alex and Beth Respectively.

Aidan and Benjamin having fun with MTFC's newest member- Cardboard Ronaldo!

Aidan and Benjamin having fun with MTFC’s newest member- Cardboard Ronaldo!

Pizza night was organised and Luke got mixed up with which pizza belonged to who and ended up eating half of Benny’s pizza. Although Luke kindly compensated Benny with his Pizza, he will continue to live in paranoia and fear for his life if Benny decides to suffocate him with a pillow while he is sleeping as an act of revenge for the pizza gate incident.

Thanks to everyone for a great 2015 season, our eyes are now firmly fixed on the Australian Grand Prix in Sydney next month.


Thorn and Kimber Winners in Perth

Players from L-R (Alan Kimber, Chris Thorn, Ross McNulty, John Harty)

Players from L-R (Alan Kimber, Chris Thorn, Ross McNulty, John Harty)

News has come through this morning at ATFA HQ that Perth Subbuteo has succesfully staged their 3rd and 4th waspa tournaments respectively over the last two months.

Growing from an initial player base of just Chris Thorn and John Harty in 2014, the club has now expanded to four players with Ross McNulty and Alan Kimber joining the fray. We have also been told two more players are expected in the new year bringing the total up to 6.

Chris's awesome table

Chris’s awesome table

In the meantime, the club has followed suit with fellow Australian clubs and has purchased their own club shirts (red and blue as seen in above photo).

Now to the tournaments; in September it was Chris Thorn who came out on top undefeated in his 6 games:

September 2015
Name                                                    Name                                    Name                                                    Name
Alan                       1v1                         Ross                                       Chris                      3v0                         Ross
John                      0v1                         Chris                                      John                      0v2                         Alan
Alan                       0v2                         Chris                                      Chris                      2v1                         Alan
Ross                       0v0                         Chris                                      Chris                      2v1                         John
Ross                       0v2                         Alan                                       John                      1v0                         Ross
Alan                       2v0                         John                                      Ross                       2v0                         John
Table                                     P             W           D             L              F              A             Pts
Chris THORN                      6              5              1              0              10           2              16
Alan KIMBER                      6              3              1              2                8            5              10
Ross McNULTY                  6              1              2              3                3            7                5
John HARTY                       6              1              0              5                2            9                3
And in October Alan Kimber took his first waspa title, well done Alan!
October 2015
Name                                                    Name                                    Name                                                    Name
Alan                       3v2                         Ross                                       Alan                       0v1                         John
John                      0v4                         Chris                                      Chris                      0v1                         Ross
Ross                       1v0                         John                                      John                      1v1                         Alan
Alan                       0v0                         Chris                                      Chris                      0v1                         Alan
Ross                       0v0                         Chris                                      John                      0v0                         Ross
Ross                       0v3                         Alan                                       Chris                      0v0                         John
Table                                     P             W           D             L              F              A             Pts
Alan KIMBER                      6              3              2              1              8              4              11
Ross McNULTY                  6              2              2              2              4              6                8
Chris THORN                      6              1              3              2              4              2                6
John HARTY                       6              1              3              2              2              6                6