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June 2017 Competition

10 June 2017 and our 28th tournament was held at the Woody Point Clubhouse. We started at 1.00pm on a pleasant “winter’s” day with host Giuseppe ‘Pino’ Tardiota, Gus Gillespie, Gareth Whalley and Shane Robinson.

A ‘home and away’ round robin was put in place and commenced with Gareth against Gus and Pino playing Shane.  Despite a high pressing game by Gareth, Gus played his methodical game to score three times without reply. In the other game Pino was always in control of a relaxed 2-0 result against Shane.

Next up Pino played Gareth and again looked relaxed as he controlled the game winning 2-0. Gus and Shane continued their ongoing run of close matches, this game highlighted by opportunities and saves at each end. At full time, Gus took the game 1-0.

Game three matched Gareth against Shane. This match was very close and was only sealed 2-0 with a late goal by Shane. Gus took on Pino in a game that would possibly decide a clear group leader. It was played with their usual competitive cut and thrust tactics, Gus using method and close touch versus Pino and his direct approach. In the end a 2-1 result to Pino placed him top after the first round was completed.

Match four saw Gus hit top form by beating a shell shocked Gareth 5-0. In the other game, Shane managed a creditable 1-1 draw with Pino, both goals having been well worked. Match five results were interesting. Gareth again allowed a bunch of goals with Pino winning 5-1. Scoring goals is something Gareth has been working on and it was a positive in this game.

The other match was interesting….Shane took a two goal lead to halftime against Gus with a couple of nice chips. Within minutes of the restart, Gus chipped in from the same spot and was level after about five minutes. Then, minutes later, a stray shot from Gus across the box brushed the underside of Shane’s hand on it’s way to a goal kick. In the spirit the club, Gus was awarded then penalty which he duly scored. Shane hit the underside of the crossbar twice in the remaining time but Gus won 3-2.

In the final matches, Shane lost 0-1 to Gareth who deserved his win after some great pressing and probably the goal of the day. After leaking a few goals in earlier games, Gareth was determined to get a result and threw everything into blocking. The goal was much deserved due to the opportunities he has been creating.

The final game was between Pino and Gus. Gus needed to win, Pino only needed to draw. In another fine match, both players stuck to the task and in the end, Pino got the result 2-0.

Overall, there were more great games and close results. Gareth has continued to adapt to the “new style of figures and tactics’ and admitted it was nice to win a game after being belted a couple of times.

report by Shane Robinson

28th Brisbane League Cup

Round 1:     Round 2:    
Gareth W-Gus G 0 3 Giuseppe T-Gareth W 2 0
Giuseppe T-Shane R 2 0 Shane R-Gus G 0 1


Round 3:     Round 4:    
Gareth W-Shane R 0 2 Gus G-Gareth W 5 0
Gus G-Giuseppe T 1 2 Shane R-Giuseppe T 1 1


Round 5:     Round 6:    
Gareth W-Giuseppe T 1 5 Shane R-Gareth W 0 1
Gus G-Shane R 3 2 Giuseppe T-Gus G 2 0



Standing: Pt G W D L F A
1-Giuseppe t 16 6 5 1 0 14 3
2-Gus G 12 6 4 0 2 13 6
3-Shane R 4 6 1 1 4 5 8
4-Gareth W 3 6 1 0 5 2 17

Left to right, Shane, Gareth, Pino and Gus

Shane and Pino head to head

Gareth’s goalkeeper getting a good work out !

Pino on another lightning attack

Shane’s new awesome little plastic men with an uber sliding base take on the Toon!

Back to back trophies for the man in-form, Pino (Giuseppe).

26th Waspa Brisbane League Cup


Woody Point (Redcliffe) Club house.

Six Brisbane flickers turned up on a rather more pleasant morning to last month’s scorcher. Derek and Shane returned after a long absence Derek with a beaming smile after seeing his beloved Brighton secure promotion into the Premier League for the first time.

In the first round Wil fought back after slipping 2 nil behind in the first half to 2-1 against his Dad. Gus became worried but hung in and eventually scored late on to secure a win, the best goal though was scored by the younger Gillespie. Rik welcomed back Derek with a same score line, 3-1.

Round 2 had last months finalists Rik and Gus go toe to toe. Rik got off to a good start and enjoyed the better of the first half and was approaching the half time whistle 2 up, but Gus broke through and got one back just before the 15 minutes were up. Encouraged Gus came out determined in the second half but as much as he tried Rik’s solid defence denied a comeback, the game finishing 2-1 to Rik. In the other game, Wil fought well but came off second best to Giuseppe losing a credible 3-0.

Round 3 witnessed Wil & Derek get their first point of the day, drawing 1-1. In the other game, Giuseppe won a hard fought game 3-1 with Gus, Giuseppe getting b
ack to top form.

Round 4 finished with the big guns winning, Giuseppe beating Derek 3-0 and Rik beating Wil 3-1.

Round 5 enabled the Newcastle v Brighton match up, with Gus’s Newcastle coming out on top 4-0. The other match-up was a full dress rehearsal of the final, as the top two players faced up. A very tight and thrilling encounter ended 3-3, so giving no clues to who might just win the final.


The Final as expected was extremely tight. Giuseppe really was hitting his straps but Rik’s solid defence kept him out. At the other end it was similar, and it was no surprise when half time came around and the scores were level 0-0. The breakthrough almost came against the run of play, with Giuseppe having the majority of attacks, but Rick tucked the first goal under Giuseppe’s keeper. The lead however was only maintained for about 3 minutes, when Giuseppe on the break scored a cracker in the bottom corner 1-1. Again no surprise when the final whistle went, it was stalemate 1-1, ten minutes of further action was required. Four minutes into extra time Rik again tucked a nice shot under Giuseppe’s keeper. Giuseppe fought back without relent, however it would be Rik who scored the all-important next goal, with just two minutes left. Giuseppe had a mountain to climb being 3-1 down, and that was the way it finished. Another great final between these two, and the speed and skill on show was a pleasure to watch.

So another great day at Woody Point, the home of the Brisbane Subbuteo Club. Good to see Shane, Derek and the cooler weather back. A big thanks to Giuseppe for hosting, and to all the players who contribute to make it such an enjoyable competition.


25th Brisbane League Cup


Sunday the 26th of March,

 Woody Pointe club house.

A very, very warm day in SE Qld saw just six brave the heat for some flickin fun.  A straight forward league would be played with the top two playing a grand final.

As always seems to be the case, last months finalists had to face each other in the first round, Rik had found Gus’s weakness, and with devastating effect. Three dodgy shots trickled in as the expected thunder shot was being saved (the keeper frantically palming away the expected shot whilst actually watching the ball trickle over the line). Rik did manage a real cracker amongst the his four, and Gus got a couple of good goals back but the damage was done. So Rik started the day as he meant to go on, with a comfortable 3 points.  Wil and Andrew played out a goalfest, with Andrew winning 8-5.

The second round had all the local rivalries in one go. Wil beating his brother James 3-1 with a couple of pitch invasions to be dealt with. The Sunshine Coast rivalry between Andrew and Gus saw the latter win 3-0. The Brisbane derby saw Rik take all three points from Giuseppe with a close 2-1 win.

The big game of round 3 was a very close and hard fought battle which ended all square, with Andrew and Giuseppe scoring 2 a piece.

Round 4’s big game witnessed Gus go into a staggering 3-0 lead against Giuseppe, which Gus maintained till half time. Giuseppe has a great record of comebacks against Gus, and 3-0 didn’t seem enough to the Newcastle man. Sure enough, not long into the second half Giuseppe broke and efficiently pulled one back. Gus though dug in, and refused to let the lead slip away. In the end Giuseppe could just not get the goals and the game finished 3-1 to a very relieved Gus, this securing at least 2nd spot.

Round 5 had the Andrew v Rik game, Andrew would really like to beat Rik, and this time he came no where near. Rik routing the Rovers fan 5-0.

So Rik topped the table with a 100% 15 points. Gus runner up with 12 points. Andrew 4th to Giuseppe by goal difference.

The Final, for the 3rd month in a row was played out between Rik and Gus.

Gus had given his goalkeeper a good work out after the round one game and felt almost confident going into the final. Rik seemed to be cruising and was playing very well, and had to be the firm favourite.

After 3 minutes Rik had the lead, which was doubled after 6. Two nil down Gus found an inner strength and fought all the way, hitting the metalwork twice and certainly having the majority of attacks, but Rik’s stoic defending saw him win back to back trophies. Another good final, and a worthy winner.

Another great day, some great goals and a fair bit of good banter, not to mention Giuseppe’s awesome lunch and hospitality.





24th WASPA BLC Tournament

Seven players turned up to compete in what was supposed to be a 37 Degree furnace, to be pleasantly surprised, it was only 36.

We decided to play a round robin with the top 4 going into semis and a final.

The first round saw last month’s finalists Rik and Gus  go head to head in a drab 0-0 draw, neither keeper  really called into action. Giuseppe fresh back from Sydney took on his nemesis Andy Ridgen, and Andy finished the better winning 3-1. The other game was a 2-0 victory to Gareth over our youngest member James.

Round 2 saw our Sydney FISTF warriors Rik and Giuseppe (Pino) go head to head with Rik emerging victorious 2-1. Derek the Seagull beat James 3-0 and an interesting encounter between Gareth and Gus, where Gareth parked the bus for literally ¾ of the game before conceding a goal and then losing 3-0, Gus was relieved.

Round 3 saw a very tough match between a solid Rik and a pumped Andy end 1-1 with Andy taking the lead. Giuseppe very surprisingly lost 1-0 to Gareth who introduced a very interesting victory dance to all. Derek gave Gus a tough time, and again last month’s champion had to be very patient before breaking through to eventually win 2-0. Derek’s play is certainly improving fast.

Round 4 went in order of the favourites, Andy beating a spirited James 4-2, Rik took apart Gareth who wanted to see Rik at his best, he got what he asked for. Giuseppe beat Derek but only a goal to nil.

Round 5 ended with a 5-1 win to Andy over Gareth, James lost to his Dad 3-0 but got some great tips along the way (which went in one ear and out the other, who listens to Dad ?) and Rik saw off Derek 3-1

Round 6 had a couple of hard fought games. Gareth beating the Seagulls of Derek 3-1 which would eventually see him make the semis, and a great game between the two Sunshine Coasters Andy and Gus finish 1-0 to Gus after a very swift and deadly finish. Giuseppe beat James 4-0 who by this stage wanted to eat his own arm (those of you with boys will appreciate this).

The last round finished with Andy securing 3rd spot beating Derek 3-0, Rik rested some of his best players and beat James 3-2 whilst the crunch match of Giuseppe and Gus saw Gus win 2-0 finishing the league top with no goals conceded and condemning Giuseppe to 5th place, the first time ever not to make the semis. Unfortunately, Gareth who finished 4th had to go home so Gus got  a bye to the final.

The Semi.

Rik vs Andy. Andy was pumped, this was going to be his day, Rik is Australia’s #2 Brisbane’s new #1 – he was not going to be defeated. A very fast and tough game ensued, Andy had been composed all day, sweeping all but Gus to victory or a draw with his new found calm efficiency. Game plan out the window, Andy was going too hard, and found himself  2-0 down. He did however mange a blazing goal back, to go into half time 2-1.  Andy’s half time cup of tea failed to calm him down and his over eagerness to get back cost him dearly as the lethal Rik fired 3 well flicked goals past him to end the game 5-1.

The Final. Gus had not conceded a goal all day, but the only opponent he failed to beat was Rik. Rik also had not lost a game all day, so it was a fitting match up for the final. The first half saw few chances as the two players locked horns and were desperate not to give anything away. However just before the whistle of half time, Gus gave away a ‘back’ which the referee adjudged to be in the shooting area giving Rik a great opportunity which he did not waste. 40 seconds later it was half time. As much as Gus huffed and puffed Rik had the answer, and more.  Rik piling on so much pressure that Gus gave another ‘ back’  to Rik in the shooting area, which the “Narangba Assassin “ despatched with aplomb to make it 2-0. Gus then went all out in desperation to claw himself back into the game, however, there was only to be one winner, Rik found his way through and dealt the killer blow 3-0. So Gus’s chance of the treble ended at the hands of Rik, who is a worthy champion, not only with his skill and cunning, but the great sportsmanlke way he plays the game.

Another great competition with great games and great goals shared amongst friends. We can’t wait for the next one in March.

2nd Anniversary Cup

23rd Brisbane League Cup

Special Second Anniversary Tournament

It was the second anniversary of The Brisbane Subbuteo Club, and up for grabs was a very nice (and large) trophy for the winner to hold for one year.  And for the first time a minor trophy was to be competed for by the bottom group.


Things were made easy by the fact we had eight players competing, which meant we could run two groups of four, the top two from each would then play off for the major trophy, and the bottom two from each for the minor. The format being another group stage with the two highest finishers having to play a final. So it was going to be hard fought for no matter what. Just to make it slightly harder it was very hot and humid, but it would seem some people will do anything for a bit of cake.


It was an open draw, no seeding, but it turned out that the four stronger players were split evenly in the two groups. Group A had Rik Bland, Wil Gillespie, Gus Gillespie, and Gareth Whalley.  In Group B we had James Gillespie, Derek Hovell, Andrew Ridgen and Australia’s #1 Giuseppe Tardiota.

Rik won all three games, beating Gus 4-2 quite comfortably. Gus came second  securing his spot in the last four. Wil came bottom of the group to Gareth, but was just warming up. Group B saw Andrew lead by goal difference to Giuseppe, and they both fought in frantic 3-3 draw. James finished bottom to Derek.

In the minor trophy group, Wil rallied to finish second on goal difference, pipping Gareth. The top 3 all had 6 points but Derek’s goal difference was far superior. So Derek and Wil would meet in the final.

The Major trophy group saw top spot beat bottom spot by 2 points. A very tight group indeed. The first round saw Gus beat Andrew scoring some very quick goals indeed, three from kick offs. Andrew did well to comeback and had most of the attacks in the second half but the damage was done. Rik and Giuseppe fought out a very skilful game which ended 1-1. Round 2 saw Rik edge Andrew by a goal in a 3-2 thriller. Gus found Giuseppe’s goalkeeper in fine form and could not get past him, and Giuseppe scored a clinical through the middle goal to take the 3 points. The final round saw Gus hold onto to hard fought point from Rik with a 1-1 score line. In the other game, Andrew came out on top to beat Giuseppe 3-2 which saw Giuseppe drop to third and let Gus into the top two on goal difference.

The minor trophy saw a couple of tired players do their best, Wil taking a lead in the first half and managing to hold on to it, despite a flurry of shots from Derek’s Seagulls. A good experience for these players.


The Major final was very tight. Not the score fest the same two players started with at the beginning of the day, both players defending like lions. Gus however managed to score a good finish after a large slice of luck went his way. Rik went into half time 1 down but with 15 minutes to go, Gus was worried. As expected, Rik came out and worked his way down both flanks with Gus’s back to the wall hanging on. Eventually Rik broke through and scored a nice chipped goal for the equaliser.  Two minutes later the whistle blew. 10 minutes of extra time required, after 6 games in the heat it was a marathon. Extra time saw Rik have the largest share of possession but Gus did manage the odd flurry forward. And just when it looked like it might go to penalties,  Gus finished a nice move with a goal on the fly (unfortunately the video camera we had setup didn’t record it). Gus held out and the large Trophy went to a new custodian, Rik having won the year before, and Giuseppe winning the very first tournament.

A great anniversary tournament, and a very tight one. The cake got devoured and everyone survived and had a ball despite the heat. A big thanks to Rik for the awesome Anniversary Trophy, and to Giuseppe who does such a great job as host we can’t thank him enough. Good luck in Sydney.

Group A     Group B    
Round 1:     Round 1:    
Will G-Gus G 1 4 Giuseppe T-James G 3 0
Rik B -Gareth W 3 0 Derek H-Andrew R 0 3


Round 2:     Round 2:    
Gareth W-Will G 1 1 Derek H-Giuseppe T 0 2
Gus G-Rik B 2 4 Andrew R-James G 4 1


Round 3:     Round 3:    
Gus G-Gareth W 3 0 Andrew R-Giuseppe T 3 3
Will G-Rik B 1 3 James G-Derek H 0 3


Standing A: Pt G W D L F A  
Rik  9 3 3 0 0 10 3 QA
Gus G 6 3 2 0 1 9 5 QA
Gareth W 1 3 0 1 2 1 7 QB
Will G 1 3 0 1 3 3 8 QB
Standing B: Pt G W D L F A  
Andrew R 7 3 2 1 0 10 4 QA
Giuseppe T 7 3 2 1 0 8 3 QA
Derek H 3 3 1 0 2 3 5 QB
James G 0 3 0 0 3 1 10 QB


Group A     Group B    
Round 3:     Round 1:    
Andrew R-Giuseppe T 3 2 Gareth W-Will G 2 1
Gus G-Rik B 1 1 James G-Derek H 0 3


Round 2:     Round 2:    
Rik B-Andrew R 3 2 Will G-James G 3 0
Giuseppe T-Gus G 1 0 Derek H-Gareth W 3 0


Round 1:     Round 3:    
Gus G-Andrew R 4 2 James G-Gareth W 0 3
Rik B-Giuseppe T 1 1 Derek H-Will G 1 2


Standing A: Pt G W D L F A
Rik B 5 3 1 2 0 5 4
Gus G 4 3 1 1 1 5 4
Giuseppe T 4 3 1 1 1 4 4
Andrew R 3 3 1 0 2 7 9
Standing B: Pt G W D L F A
Derek H 6 3 2 0 1 7 2
Will G 6 3 1 1 1 6 3
Gareth W 6 3 1 1 1 5 4
James G 0 3 0 2 1 0 9

Major Final

Gus G– Rik B 2-1 ET

Minor Final

Will G-Derek H 1-0

22 Brisbane League Cup


Saturday 17th December

Gus Gillespie win the 22-BLC


It was a typical Queensland day, just a week and a day before Christmas, hot and humid, and a few faces missing due to ‘that’ time of year.

We did have however, our oldest player and our two youngest as well as Giuseppe and Gus. Last months, and the month before winners were away busy, so it was going to be a new face with the trophy.

The first round saw the two Gillespie Jnr’s facing the big guns of the day, and both did quite well, Wil losing 3-1 to Dad, and James losing 2-0 to Giuseppe.

Rob then had his first game and saw off the youngest member 2-0 though James had more up his sleeve. Giuseppe and Gus fought out a frenetic thriller with Gus edging it 5-4.

The 3rd round had no upsets, as Gus beat Rob 4-1 and Giuseppe beat Wil 5-0. The 4th round however did have an upset, Giuseppe beat Rob 5-0 but James came back from 1-0 down to beat older brother 2-1 with two well taken goals.

The final round saw Wil beat Rob 3-1 and James lose 10-2 to his Dad, who just couldn’t miss, though James did make a few good saves.

So with the format on the day being the top 2 teams play off in a final, it was no surprise to see Giuseppe play Gus. Gus took an early lead, and then extended it to 2-0. Giuseppe got one back only for Gus to break and regain his two goal lead.

So the second half saw Gus kick off leading 3-1, Giuseppe pressing and Gus holding on with some frantic defending. As the time ticked on, Giuseppe made a break through and scored to make it 3-2. Typically Giuseppe has beaten Gus in the final minute, so when Gus responded quickly and made it 4-2, he was a very relieved man indeed. Shortly after the final whistle blew and Gus had won his third tournament of the year, taking full advantage of some of the missing big guns.

So that it’s for 2016, next month see’s our 2nd anniversary tournament taking place, and we are expecting big numbers.

Despite having only five players, all had fun and the sausages Giuseppe cooked went down rather well.


21st Brisbane League Cup


21 Brisbane League Cup 

Saturday 19th November  @ Woody Point Redcliffe

The Brisbane Subbuteo Club’s November 2016 tournament had few missing faces, but we welcomed back Rob who had been out of action for a while, and was good to have our elder statesman back.

So only six players competed on a warm but pleasant day in Queensland.  A league format was played, with the top 4 playing semis and a final.

The first round draw registered a groan from Gus, who had lost his previous two games to Andrew B 5-1. However, Gus managed his defence much better, and last month’s champion had to settle for a 1-1 draw after applying a fair amount of pressure on Gus’s goal. Rob managed a goal on his comeback, which was pretty good even though losing to Australia’s #2 Rik.  In the other game, young James (9) took on Australia’s #1 Giuseppe, and managed to keep the game to a 1-0 loss (no mean feat).

As the players began to relax and find their flick, the goals began to flow.  Andrew, Rik and Giuseppe all scoring 3, Gus momentarily fighting back to 1-1 with Rik before becoming overpowered. The 3rd round saw a rare 0-0 as our senior player Rob took on James, only 60 plus something years separated the players but the score didn’t.  I’m sure James learnt a lot.  Rik took revenge on Andrew after his final defeat last time out, with a 5-3 victory (score was 1-1 at half time). Giuseppe was finding his form as Gus’s defence was ripped apart in a 4-2 thriller.

The penultimate round saw the fewest goals, the Bennet father and son derby saw Andrew win 2-0, but Rob really made him work for it. There was also another father and son game with James taking on Dad Gus, and Gus got his first win of the day at James’s expense, but hugs were shared after the final whistle. The big guns Aussie #1 v #2 Giuseppe v Rik , Rik edged it 1-0.

In the last round, the big game saw Giuseppe beat Andrew B  4 -2, so last month’s winner Andrew who was unstoppable finished 4th in the group.

So 1st played 3rd and 2nd played 4th in the semis.

The first semi between Rik and Gus was a fast and furious game. Rik took a 3-0 lead and looked to be set in the final when Gus finally started to find some form, and before you knew it, the score was 3-2. This seemed to stir Rik, who then stepped up a gear and finished convincingly winning 5-2.

In the other semi-final, Giuseppe took a 2-0  lead and also looked to be cruising, but Andrew got one back and pushed hard for the equaliser which looked likely but was beaten by the stubborn defence and ultimately the clock.

Unfortunately we couldn’t video the final between Rik and Giuseppe as it would have been a classic.

Rik was really on his game and after taking a well-deserved 2-0 lead looked to have the trophy in the bag. However, Giuseppe was like a terrier, and kept nagging away. It proved effective, as within the space of three minutes, Rik made two very basic defensive blunders which Giuseppe pounced on like a starving adder. All of a sudden it was 2-2 and the time was ticking. In the end though, Rik composed himself and played a really good counter attack, finishing with probably his best goal of the game. The remaining 90 seconds saw Giuseppe charge but Rik’s Germans formed the Berlin wall and victory was his.  Those who play this game would appreciate just how quick 15 minutes can pass, this game seemed to last only 5 in total.

Another great day of competition was had by all, another worthy (if not relieved) winner and we are all looking forward to the next tournament.  A big thanks as always for the best host Giuseppe, he really looks after everyone, and it’s a great place for all to play. Also a big mention to Rob, who not only made his playing comeback at 123 yrs old, but gave us all a 16 question rules quiz at lunch time which was awesome, so good in fact we have agreed to continue that on as it really helped everyone.

Round 1:     Round 2:    

Andrew B- Gus G



James G-Andrew B



James G – Giuseppe T



Rik B-Gus G



Rob B- Rik B


4 Giuseppe T-Rob B 3



Round 3:     Round 4:    

Andrew B-Rik B



Rob B-Andrew B



Rob B-James G



Giuseppe T-Rik B



Gus G-Giuseppe T



James G-Gus G




Round 5:    

Andrew B-Giuseppe T



Gus G-Rob B



Rik B-James G




Seanding: Pt G W N L F A

Rik B

15 5 5 0 0 14


Giuseppe T


5 4 0 1 12


Andrew B

7 5 2 1 2 11


Gus G


5 2 1 2 12


Rob B

1 5 0 1 4 3


James G(U10)

1 5 0 1 4 0



Rik B – Gus G


Giuseppe T- Andrew B




Rik B – Giuseppe T


20th Brisbane League Cup

Saturday 29th October – 9am Flick off
@ Woody Point, Redcliffe

The thermometer is starting to rise in QLD, and so is the competition. The stranglehold Rik and Giuseppe had on the trophy was broken and we had a new competitor aged 9.

Eight competing players and one senior ‘looker on’ (to help out with any rule confusion, thank you Rob) showed up at Woody Point on a beautiful morning in paradise. We decided to change the format a bit, with 2 seeded groups of 4 playing a round robin, with the top 2 from each going into a Premier round robin, and the bottom four into a Championship league.

Last months winner Giuseppe under pressure from Will (11)

Group A consisting of Andrew B, Gus, James and Gareth saw a total of 26 goals scored. James playing his first competition at the tender age of 9 managed to get on the score sheet and against a very in form Andrew B. Andrew topped the group with 3 wins and only conceding twice, with Gus runner up, with Gareth 3rd and James in 4th.

Group B saw Giuseppe, Rik, Shane and Wil fight it out, and this group was a lot closer. The top two, Rik and Giuseppe who fought out a 0-0 draw finished with 5 points each, Wil getting a very credible 2-2 draw with Rik, and Shane doing well to keep Giuseppe to 1-1.

Gareth (blue) in a rare foray into Andrew B's half.

So the Championship group featured Shane, Gareth, Wil and James. Shane topped the group by a point over Wil & Gareth, Wil having a better goal difference over Gareth claimed second spot. James in his first competition manged 2 draws and scoring three, a great start. Shane will look to keep on improving and will soon be challenging the power houses.

The Premiership was not so close. One player strode away with the title, and had actually secured it with a game to go. Andrew B finished the day with a 100% record and amassing 26 goals whislt conceding 6. Giuseppe got closest only losing 3-2, whilst Gus suffered another 5-1 (after getting back to 1-1 and pressing before Andrew changed gear) and Rik suffered a 4-1 defeat. Andrew’s 4 month absence had obviously improved his appetite, and we suspect he was practicing 4 hours a day !!! The other games in the Premiership were all very tight affairs, Gus drew with Rik and Giuseppe, whilst last months winner lost in his last game to Rik to finish 4th.

All agreed the new format had worked well, as everyone got to play against all levels, then got to play some very competitive games.

A big well done to all the players who survived 6 full games in the heat, another brilliant job by our great host Giuseppe and a big congratulations to Andrew B who was just unstoppable.

Should also thank Wil and James for bringing the average age way down (and some bewilderment, as everyone sought  a seat and rest between games whilst Wil and James chased each other around with boundless energy….. wish we could share it !).

Our worthy winner for October 2016 - Andrew "thats my table" Bennett

Next WASPA on 19/11/2016 @ the Club House.