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World Cup 2024 Selection Process

As outlined in early 2023, the selection process for players wishing to represent Australia at the 2024 FISTF World Cup in Tunbridge Wells, England in September is as follows:

The first placement in the Open, Junior and Women’s categories will be the top FISTF ranked player, who nominates, in each category. For Veterans, the top ranked Open category player eligible for veterans, who nominates, will be selected.

The second place in each category will be determined at a National Championship, with the national champions of each category selected.

The FISTF rankings from the end of February 2024 will be used to determine the highest ranked nominating players in each respective category.

The Australian Table Football Association would also like to have a team in as many of the categories as possible. Up to eight players can be nominated for a team.

If you would like to nominate to represent the ATFA at the World Cup, please fill out the nomination form below. Once the number of nominees in each category is known the ATFA will determine if, where and when the National Championship will take place. Cutoff date for nominations will be 48 hours after FISTF’s world rankings for March are released in the first week of March.

A week has passed since the Australian Grand Prix, and while it wasn’t the biggest we have held, it certainly had a great vibe.
It was a tough event in some regards, with the heat across both days being especially draining, and some of the best players in Australia thrown in together with Singapore’s Vikas Chandiramani, and our cousins from across the ditch in New Zealand.
As Adrian Elmer said elsewhere on the web, the World Ranking system and the Aussies in it, threw up some interesting clashes.

A huge thanks to all those in the LOC who helped out: Adrian Elmer and his fantastic design skills, school-teacher voice and head referee duties with Eliot; Adrian & Katelyn Grunbach, ably helped by Johnny Ball and Jonty Brener to decorate the venue as best we could; Eliot and Jonty taking the lead with table set-up, again helped by whoever was free; the Hipfingerz and Sydney guys for being there to assist (special thanks to Tony for his coffee machine!!)

420271993_910166554445561_750783470116352996_n 419067328_910166407778909_1482700510059906517_n
A special mention to Adrian G who sourced sponsorship from ASICS for vouchers for the winners of the three individual categories. A huge thanks to ASICS.

We also had fantastic support from Sydney FC who provided a voucher for Sydney FC home match — and despite our best efforts, Adrian Elmer declined the award, and it was given to the Vagabonds Hipsters who played in the team event — Geoff Sirmai, Greg Werner, Louie Dettre and Jonny Ball. Lucky they’re all Sydney fans.

Another award was made by the LOC to the youngest player who stayed the course and played across both days: Tim Phokos, who was given the Futbol Cult voucher. Many thanks to Anthony Siokos for his donation.

Futbol Cult Logo
One of the unheralded (on the weekend) stars was Louie, who put in another huge effort to run the streaming, despite some glitches here and there because of the vagaries of the internet. The lure of the green pitch was too much and he played on Sunday. Thanks to Geoff, Benji and Tony for assisting with commentary in the latter phase of Saturday.

425477136_910165104445706_1485035451030621495_n 426478231_10159451696656116_9191783519049436198_n
And where would we be without Paul Mercer who worked like a trojan to fix some issues with the results spreadsheet, which let us run the tournament.
The action on the table was very dramatic.
Peter Thomas claimed back to back AGP titles, but was pushed all the way in the semifinal by clubmate Benji Batten, and was taken to extra time in the final by Rob Green before scoring a dramatic golden goal.
Each group had its own dramatic scores. In Group One, young Tim Phokos caused a major upset by beating Nick Brill 1-0, but was unlucky not to progress because of goal difference. Nick then went on to make the semi finals.
In Group 2, Frank Cozzarin got the wins that mattered despite a 6-0 loss to Eliot Kennedy, and moved to the Round of 16.
Group 3 saw Kostas Barbaris come back from a long hiatus to also get the points to make the next phase, while in Group 4, Adrian Connolly overcame Adrian Grunbach to move on.
Greg Werner benefitted from regular game play to make it out of Group 5, while Adrian Elmer upset the form book by topping group 6 after a 2-0 win against Daniel Lombard.  In Group 7, Steve Dettre also surprised seeded player Fabrizio Coco with a 2-1 win.
In Group 8, Benji started well with a 2-0 win against Rob Green, but both ended up qualifying for the Rd of 16.
In the women’s event, Beth Eveleigh stamped her authority with a 4-0 win against debutante Katherine Patten, while Imojjen Elmer kept pace with her, the title only being decided on goal difference to Beth.

In the U16 event, Katelyn showed the benefits of regular matches at the Falcons to take the crown.
In the Open knock out rounds, the two surprises were the elimination of Eliot Kennedy by Rob Green, and Nick Brill shrugging off his slow start to the day by beating Steve Dettre in extra time.
In the quarterfinals, Benji beat Vikas and Nick kept powering on with a win against Luke Radziminski.

Green looked to be hitting his straps with a 4-0 win against Nick in the semis, whole Peter had a real fight against Benji before coming out 3-2 winner.

In the final, Peter came back from being 0-1 at the break, to equalise and then take the title with a golden goal in extra time.





The 2023 ATFA AGM was held on Sunday 19th November.  The minutes are now available for review by those unable to attend.  The incoming Committee are:

– President: Adrian Connolly

– Vice President: Peter Thomas

– Secretary: Eliot Kennedy

– Treasurer: Nathan Urbaniak

– Ordinary Committee Members: Adrian Elmer, Luke Radziminski, Giuseppe Tardiota

We would like to thank outgoing Secretary Steve Wright for his service on the committee over recent years.  We welcome the addition of Nathan Urbaniak to the Committee for the first time, and thank the other members for continuing in roles on the committee.

The AGM agreed that a small membership fee will be reintroduced for 2024.  This is required in the longer term to cover the costs of the association.  More information on that to follow soon, along with the process to apply for some of the modest funds available from ATFA to aid the growth of the game, particularly equipment for the development of new and emerging clubs.

ATFA AGM 2023 Minutes

Australian Grand Prix Registration

agp 2024 800pxThe 2024 Australian Grand Prix is coming! It will be held in Sydney at the Willoughby Park Bowling Club, 13 Robert Street, Willoughby NSW 2068.
The event will begin with the traditional Dinner/Draw on Friday, 2nd February, at the club’s Willows Bistro. The competition will be held on 3rd & 4th February.
Individual Events (Open, U20, U16, Women) are planned for Saturday:
Opens: 9am start
U20, U16, Women’s: 1:30pm start

Club Teams (Open, Youth, Women) on Sunday.

There may also be other events on Friday afternoon after set-up, and Sunday, including a ‘Travellers Cup’ for those not participating in a Teams event.

Open: $13 per person
Youth (tournaments to be determined based on final entries): Free
Women: Free

Team: $17 per team (payable by team captain)
Youth Team event (depending on entries): Free
Women (depending on entries): Free

Dinner on Friday 2nd February is $15 per person. Food will be Halal and Vegan friendly. Please indicate on this form if other dietary requirements or allergies need to be considered as it will be a canape style set menu event.
Drinks are NOT included but can be purchased at the event as the club has a full bar.
A buffet dinner will be available on Saturday night for $15 per person.
Tickets for non-players to the Friday Dinner/Draw event or the Saturday Dinner are also available. Places should be prebooked for this.
Willows will be open for participants and spectators to purchase food and beverages on site during both days and on Sunday night if needed.

Payments can be made via EFT to the following account:
Account Name: Northern Falcons TFC
BSB: 062-692
Account No.: 4524 0944


PayPal to:

Please put your name and ‘AGP2024’ in the reference description to identify your payment.

Registrations close 23:59, Friday 26th January 2024.
Full payment is required for registration to be considered complete (unless prior arrangements are made in the case of players traveling from overseas).

Format of the tournament will follow FISTF requirements for the final number of registered players.
All boards will use ExtremeWorks pitches and goals.
As per FISTF regulations, players may normally play in only one category at each tournament, unless the number of registered players makes it possible for the organiser to allow players to compete in two categories. This will be decided once registrations are closed.

All players will be required to have two teams which have contrasting colours (discs) to aid with the live streaming and recording of matches. If you do not wish to have your match streamed, please alert the organisers on the day.
A FISTF appointed Equipment Controller wlll conduct a random equipment check on figures/bases.

Please register below.

2024 ATFA Committee Nominations

At 5pm (AEDT), Sunday November 19, 2023, ATFA will be holding its annual general meeting. All ATFA members are invited to participate – a video conference will be set up for those around the country (and, indeed, the world!) to be able to tune in. The main item on the agenda for the meeting will be the election of the ATFA Committee for the 2024 season.

To that end, nominations are now open for the Committee. As per our constitution, ATFA Members are able to nominate any other ATFA Member (i.e. you can’t nominate yourself) for a position on the Committee, as long as it is SECONDED by another member AND agreed to by the nominee. Members are free to make as many nominations as they like. Having a voice on the Committee is a great way for the different clubs and regions around the country to be heard in decisions that ATFA needs to make from time to time.

If you are an ATFA member and would like to nominate someone, fill in the details in the google form at the bottom of the page. Please note, ALL info requested must be supplied in order for the nomination to be valid.

Note that as per earlier announcements, membership for the 2023 season were free. All Members of the 2022 season were automatically rolled over as Members for the 2023 season.

The Committee consists of 7 people. Generally, 4 of those are Office Bearers and the other 3 are Committee Advisors. The roles for each are outlined below.

Nominations close: 11:59pm (AEDT), Saturday October 28, 2023
Voting (if required) : 12:01am (AEDT) Monday October 30 – 11:59pm (AEDT) Sunday, November 12, 2023


Office Bearers

President : oversees the Committee. In conjunction with the Committee, the President sets dates for, and convenes Committee meetings as required, including the compulsory Annual General Meeting following the close of each financial year; presides as chairperson over all Committee meetings.
current member – Adrian Connolly (Western Flickers TFC)

Vice President : assists the Committee President in all the President’s duties.
current member – Peter Thomas (Melbourne TFC)

Treasurer : oversees ATFA’s monetary concerns: the running of ATFA’s bank account; supplying annual profit/loss overviews to the Committee and ATFA Membership; keeping records of all expenses and income.
current member – Eliot Kennedy (Northern Falcons TFC)

Secretary General : is responsible for: supplying all documentation required by FISTF in regards to ATFA club and player memberships; FISTF tournament registrations and results or any other necessary documents; keep minutes of all committee or general meetings.
current member – Steve Wright (Western Flickers TFC)

Ordinary Committee Members

Committee Advisor (General) : offers advice and assistance to the rest of the Committee in relation to all decisions made at the Committee level.
current members – Adrian Elmer (Western Sydney Subbuteo), Luke Radziminski (Melbourne TFC), Giuseppe Tardiota (Brisbane TFC)

All Committee Members will be equally responsible for the discussion and decision making processes for any issue required of the Committee. It is expected that all Committee Members will be proactive in promoting Subbuteo Table Football in their local context and will undertake all their table footballing duties, including Committee membership, with the best interests of the game in Australia at heart.

Want To Contribute To ATFA News?

The Australian Table Football Association is always keen to update its content and keep up with the dynamic world of table football in our country. While the nature of this website has evolved over the years, there is still a place here for reports on local tournaments and events, as well as news from our major events. In the pre-COVID world, these reports helped build excited links between players around the country and were a big encouragement for players to travel.

While specialised club social media pages have taken the place of many of these kinds of reports, the ATFA Committee still feels that there is a significant role for these reports at this centralised location.

With this in mind, we would like to encourage players around the country to send their news – tournament reports, ads for upcoming events, player profiles, video diaries, anything relevant – in for publication on the ‘ATFA NEWS’ section of the website. If you have a report you would like to add, send details through to ‘‘ and our Communications Officer, Adrian Elmer, will work with you to get it on the website.

February 2023 Rankings

All the major ranking systems have had their data updated recently.

Our own, bespoke ranking system, created by Richard Wilson, which takes into account head-to-head results between any two Australian players in any competitive match. Points are moderated by the relative strength of each opponent. These rankings do include results from the recent Australian Grand Prix.

Club Rankings
The points from the top four players in each club are combined then divided by four.
2023 feb clubs

Individual Rankings
Peter Thomas is the big mover following his undefeated weekend at the Australian Grand Prix. AGP Runner-up, Eliot Kennedy, maintains his place as number one.
2023 feb 1

2023 feb 2

2023 feb 3

2023 feb 4

The Federation of International Sports Table Football rankings take into account placings in all FISTF tournaments across the previous 24 months. This month’s rankings do not include the recent Australian Grand Prix, whose results will be seen in next month’s rankings.
Click here for 2023 FebATFA FISTF Rankings

The World Amateur Subbuteo Players’ Association rankings take into account all placings in all WASPA tournaments across the previous 24 months. The biggest mover this month was Robert Green, back in the country for a few weeks and to complete in the Australian Grand Prix, he picked up some great results in some warm up tournaments.
Click here for 2023 Feb ATFA WASPA Rankings

Tournament Report: 2023 Australian Grand Prix of Subbuteo Table Football

Players from the 2023 Australian GP

Players from the 2023 Australian GP

During an amazing weekend of table football action at the magnificent Ultra Football facilities, Peter Thomas claimed the first FISTF Grand Prix Open Individual title and backed it up the following day to help Melbourne TFC win the club teams title in Melbourne on the weekend.  This was the first FISTF Grand Prix held in Australia since the COVID-19 pandemic hit our shores in 2020.

The tournament schedule began with the dinner draw at Panenka Café.  There was a strong turn out with most players attending the event to enjoy great food and the social aspects of the start to proceedings.  Welcome gifts were given to Bryan Arnold as a thank you for travelling all the way from the USA to compete, and also to Richard Edeson who travelled from Auckland to be the first Kiwi to compete in a FISTF event.  There was also a token of appreciation presented to Kevin Grant, a work-horse on the Australian table football scene without whom we wouldn’t have the quality tables we have today.

The crowd listens intently to the words of FISTF President Steve Dettre during the welcome address

The draw itself was always going to present some tough groups to escape from.  Richard Wilson was left cursing being draw with Peter Thomas and the surprisingly unseeded Fabrizio Coco, likewise Tony Madiona drawn with Robert Green and Vikas Chandarimani.  Most others saw their groups as tough but with some hope of progressing to the round of 16.

Demonstrating the depth of competition, and the turmoil COVID caused to global FISTF rankings, 5 of the 8 seeds did not top their group.  Only Robert Green and eventual finalists Peter Thomas and Eliot Kennedy prevailed.  However, all seeds except for Giuseppe Tardiota did progress from their group.

Some of the highlights from the group stage included:

  • Peter Thomas defeating Australian 2022 World Cup representative Fabrizio Coco 4-0 in the first match live streamed on the marquee Dt38 Foundation table
  • Richard Wilson taking the lead against Peter Thomas (in what was to be the only goal Peter conceded in the event)
  • Richard Edeson picking up his (and New Zealand’s) first ever point in a FISTF event. Richard Edeson’s improvement showed in his first ever FISTF event, conceding 8 then 4 then keeping a clean sheet!  4-0 win next time perhaps!?
  • Bryan Arnold defeating Luke Radziminski in their final group game to leapfrog him into top spot.

In the Round of 16 Luke Radziminski, Eliot Kennedy and Carl Young scored big wins against Paul Mercer, Kostas Barbaris and Tony Credentino, respectively.   Nick Brill also had a comfortable 3-1 win over Steve Dettre.  Top scorer of the group stages, Adrian Connolly, lost his scoring boots and ultimately the game in a shootout to Nathan Urbaniak who held his nerve to score his final penalty shot.

The round of 16 also threw up some clashes between players fancies to go deep into the tournament.  In these games Peter Thomas overcame Vikas Chandiramani 1-0, Robert Green defeated Fabricio Coco 2-0 and Bryan Arnold bowed out in sudden death extra time against Daniel Lombard.

In the quarter finals, Peter Thomas was too strong for Nick Brill, whilst Luke Radziminski was made to fight hard for his 2-0 win over Nathan Urbaniak.  Eliot Kennedy’s good form continued in a solid 3-1 win over Daniel Lombard.  But the pick of the matches was Carl Young’s win over Rob Green that drew a big crowd during extra time and penalties.  Carl came from a goal down to draw 1-1 in normal time.  With no score in extra time, Carl again went behind in penalties before scoring with his 5th penalty flick to take the game into sudden death shots in which he then scored again to take out an epic encounter between to champions of the game.

In the semi-finals, Peter Thomas was again too strong for his opponent.  This time club mate Luke Radziminski had no answers.  Carl Young was again involved in another epic clash that will live long in the memories of many at the tournament.  After Eliot took the lead, Carl again came back to draw level.  However, this time he couldn’t respond when Eliot Kennedy took the lead a second time.

The final between Peter Thomas and Eliot Kennedy was a very tight game.  After a period of second half possession deep in Eliot’s half Peter ultimately was able to break open Eliot’s defence and score what turned out to be the only goal of the game.  The clash was also notable for Peter’s ability to retain possession for the last 5minutes (and more!) of the game to kill off the clash.

FISTF Open finalists Peter Thomas (left) and Eliot Kennedy (right) with referee Carl Young (Centre)

FISTF Open finalists Peter Thomas (left) and Eliot Kennedy (right) with referee Carl Young (Centre)

Consolation Trophy

A WASPA was held for the 9 players eliminated at the group stage of the FISTF event.  Played in the Fast20 format, with no extra time in the event of a draw, it was a do or die knockout cup!

Giuseppe Tardiota progress to the final without conceding, though had to fight hard to scrape past both Christos Garagounis in the ¼ finals and Richard Wilson in the semis 1-0.  Geoff Sirmai was his opponent in the final after narrowly defeating Tony Madiona 1-0 and then Beth Eveleigh on penalties in the semis.  The final was a high scoring affair.  At the end of 20mins the scores were tied 2-2.  This time Geoff didn’t have what was needed in the shootout, with Giuseppe taking out the title.

Consolation Trophy winner Giuseppe Tardiota. (photo courtesy of Behind The Lens - LMR)

Consolation Trophy winner Giuseppe Tardiota. (photo courtesy of Behind The Lens – LMR)

Traveller’s Cup

On Sunday, a WASPA was held for those players not competing in the FISTF Teams event.  It was a more relaxed event, but with plenty on the line in the form of the choice of Hop Nation beverage for the winner as well as the trophy!  A field of 9 players was divided into two groups playing in the Fast20 format.  In Group 1, Vikas Chandiramani and Adrian Connolly quickly took control of the group, leaving Richard Wilson to hope that Adrian could overcome Vikas in the final game to give Richard hope of progressing. Unfortunately for Richard, Vikas won 1-0 to clinch top spot, with Adrian taking second.

The other group was very tight.  All 4 players in the final round of games could progress.  Geoff’s win over Nick Brill gave him top spot and in doing so ended the chances of Nathan Urbaniak reaching the semis despite his win over Tony Madiona.  Richard Edeson’s earlier boilover win over Nathan ultimately cost him a spot in the semis after Nathan’s great run into the quarter finals in Saturday’s FISTF event.

Playoffs were held for classifications.  Richard Wilson defeated Nathan Urbaniak 1-0 to clinch 5th, and Tony Madiona defeated Kevin Grant on penalties to take out 7th.  In the playoff for 8th Kevin defeated Richard Edeson 1-0 on sudden death penalties.

In the semi-finals, Vikas and Adrian were again too strong for their opponents, setting up a return clash for the title.  This time, after again conceding the first goal to Vikas, Adrian was able to level scores.  Both players pressed hard for the winner in a very open game, but it was Vikas who took his changes to take the title.

Always smiling!  Singapore’s Vikas Chandiramani celebrating his Traveller’s Cup win.

Always smiling!  Singapore’s Vikas Chandiramani celebrating his Traveller’s Cup win.

Club Teams

Four clubs entered the teams event on Sunday – Melbourne TFC, Sydney TFC, Northern Falcons TFC and Northern Phoenix TFC.  The tournament was held in round robin style.  Whilst Northern Phoenix, boosted by the presence of American loan signing Bryan Arnold, put up stiff resistance in each game, the clashes between the other three clubs ultimately decided the winner and placings.  Melbourne comfortably overcame Sydney TFC in what was a key result as in later games Northern Falcons could only draw with both Sydney TFC and Melbourne TFC.  Rob Green’s winner against Daniel Lombard was key to the Falcons getting a point against Sydney.  The final game between Northern Falcons and Melbourne TFC decided the title.  It was another gripping encounter with individual games and the overall team contest see-sawing at various stages of the matches.  With this, Melbourne TFC topped the standings to take out the title

Club Teams winners Melbourne TFC

Club Teams winners Melbourne TFC

Players enjoying their lunch break in the Panenka Café.  Amazing food, great service and terrific atmosphere (particularly when replays of Liverpool’s latest loss were shown on the big screen!).

Players enjoying their lunch break in the Panenka Café.  Amazing food, great service and terrific atmosphere (particularly when replays of Liverpool’s latest loss were shown on the big screen!).

Thanks to everyone who participated and helped out throughout such an amazing event full of great sportsmanship, camaraderie, and love for the beautiful game of Subbuteo table football!


GP individual results

GP individual results

GP Individual group results

GP Individual group standings

Consolation Trophy WASPA results

Consolation Trophy WASPA results

Traveller's Cup WASPA results

Traveller’s Cup WASPA results

Traveller's Cup WASPA group standings

Traveller’s Cup WASPA group standings

FISTF Teams event results

FISTF Teams event results

FISTF teams event standings

FISTF teams event standings