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Sydney Premier League Rd 6

The Games Cube in Parramatta was heaving on Saturday, February 27. With more people turning up for a miniatures tournament than the owners had been counting on, the Subbuteo pitches got moved from their usual spot in the gaming area right into the middle of the shop floor. This was a great bonus, as the air-conditioning on the sweltering day was much better here, and the game was on clear display for everyone in the packed store to see.

Three tables in action.

Three tables in action.

The Lombardi father and son duo had traveled up from Berry on the morning, Dave Sultana had thrown his wicket away at the end of play the previous Saturday and called in the 12th man for fielding duties so that he could be part of the Subbuteo action, while Eliot Kennedy returned from his sojourn to the US to resume his rivalry at the top of the Sydney Premier League table against Daniele Lombardi.

The tournament was played in a 4 round Swiss System, with the first round drawn randomly. Harley Ullrich surprised Daniele after going down early, scoring an equaliser with a flying counterattack. Daniele was roused from his lethargy and ended with a hard earned 2-1 victory by full-time. Eliot dominated possession but had trouble getting through Adrian Elmer’s ‘keeper and found himself susceptible to the odd counter attack but was able to settle his nerves midway through the second half to take a 1-0 victory. Steve Dettre slipped 3 past Dave, while Mat conceded 2 to Raffaele Lombardi.

Hermann lines up against Gabriel.

Hermann lines up against Gabriel.

Because not enough juniors were able to enter the tournament, 6 year old Gabriel Lombardi had to play in the main competition, where he performed very admirably, earning sporting draws against Hermann Kruse and Adrian. Raffaele put another 2 past Steve, while Dave’s defense improved considerably, keeping Mat to a hard won 1-0 scoreline. In the shock result of the day, Eliot shipped 3 goals against Daniele, their normal tight tussle nowhere to be seen, as Eliot continued to struggle in front of goal while Daniele found every shot was turning to gold.

By the final round, Eliot needed to beat Raffaele by 2 clear goals and hope Adrian could hold Daniele at bay if he were to take the tournament title. Unfortunately for him, Daniele blitzed Adrian in their match opening and it was 3-0 before Adrian could even get a look in. In the end, it mattered little as Raffaele held off Eliot with a 0-0 result that gave Raffaele his first Sydney Premier League title. Meanwhile, in the lower placings, Hermann made a large jump on the table with a 1-0 win over Dave. Dave did manage to score his first goal of the day – a beautiful manoeuvre through a packed box with a shot on the run. Unfortunately, one of his figures was in an off-side position! Still, for only his second ever tournament he is showing signs that it won’t take long before he is a contender.

IMG_8392editA great day’s play with all competitors playing with great sportsmanship. A number of interested onlookers got an introduction to the game, including the owner of The Games Cube, Lindsay who, having supported us wonderfully for almost 2 years now, finally got to play his first game. And, most pleasingly for this organiser, the entire tournament ran exactly to schedule! Thanks all.

For full results, click here.
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2015/16 Sydney Premier League Table after 6 rounds (note: competitors must play a minimum of 4 tournaments to be eligible for final placings)

click on image to enlarge to full scale

click on image to enlarge to full scale

Sydney Premier League Rd 6 – Subbuteo Parramatta WASPA Tournament

click image for full size version

click image for full size version

Following the extravaganza of the Australian Grand Prix, The Sydney Premier League kicks back into action in February. With three rounds to go, Eliot Kennedy and Daniele Lombardi appear to be fighting it out for line honours, but plenty of other titles are still up for grabs for other players, such as Best Newcomer, Best Junior and Most Consistent Performer and Winning Club. Following the successful introduction of a separate U15 category in January’s edition, the junior competition will run again (NOTE: FREE ENTRY FOR PLAYERS IN THE JUNIOR COMP).

The tournament is being organised by Subbuteo Parramatta and will take place at The Games Cube, Level 2, 79 Phillip St, Parramatta. The draw will be held at 11:30 and play will begin shortly afterwards. All players are welcome, regardless of experience, age or gender. There will be spare equipment available for new players to use if needed. Register below by midnight, Thursday, February 25.

Sydney Premier League – Points Table

Click the image to see a full size version

Click the image to see a full size version

After 5 rounds of the Sydney Premier League, two players have played all 5, and they also happen to be the two on the top of the table – Eliot Kennedy and Daniele Lombardi are developing quite a rivalry. Eliot’s overall better results mean he heads the table but, as the final totals will only include a player’s best 5 results, Daniele has more room to be able to improve his total.

There have now been 32 different players compete in SPL tournaments, with 3 rounds now left to go.

Tournament Report – Subbuteo Parramatta January WASPA (Sydney Premier League Rd 5)

Following the December break, the Sydney Premier League picked back up again with an early January tournament. Big Steve Dettre was flying in from Las Vegas just for the tournament, but his flight was delayed in LA, leaving the door ajar for a few players to possibly go ahead of him on the SPL table. Dave Sultana was on hand to play in his first ever tournament, having first picked the game up a couple of months ago, while Dave Rudd made his SPL début following his return to the game in the Spring League and Tony Credentino added to the Italian flavour of the Sydney Subbuteo world, having played sporadically over the last few years but returning in earnest this month. And, in a Sydney first, a Junior competition was also played. Though small, as with the game in general over the last few years, these first steps will hopefully lead to strengthening the junior game in the long term.

Lucas pushes forward against Æowyn in the Juniors Division.

Lucas pushes forward against Æowyn in the Juniors Division.

That Junior competition saw Lucas Butterfield and the Elmer sisters, Imojjen and Æowyn, play each other in a round robin. The first game saw Imojjen take on Lucas. While neither dominated overall, it was Imojjen who created the better chances. Lucas made a couple of excellent saves but Imojjen squeezed one through with a nice chip in the second half. The next game saw the sisters face each other, where the quality dropped as both Æowyn and Imojjen played nervously, each trying not to concede as the sibling rivalry kicked in. A goalless draw was the result. In the final match, Æowyn lifted her game while Lucas had grown more accustomed to his new figures and also played well. A very tight game saw few chances. The goalless outcome meant Imojjen took the title, though all three players picked up points, enjoying playing even games rather than being hammered by the more experienced players, and then retired to play a few other board games while the Opens players headed into their knockout stages.

The clash of the Italians - Tony (l) vs Daniele (r).

The clash of the Italians – Tony (l) vs Daniele (r).

The two players at the top of the Sydney Premier League table, Eliot Kennedy and Daniele Lombardi were the two seeded players. Daniele made short work of Dave Rudd with Dave even being so generous as to score an own goal for Daniele’s benefit. Tony had a solid start, creating some chances for himself, but Mat Barrie’s experience was the difference in the end as he eased to a 3-0 win. Mat followed this up with a hard fought victory against Dave Rudd with a solitary goal being all that divided them. Eliot blew out both his own cobwebs and Adrian’s, storming to a 3-0 lead by the break. Adrian was much tighter in defense in the second half, neither player troubling the scoreboard in that period. The two Italians (who had earlier discovered that they coincidently had family connections dating back 35 years) faced each other. For a player who was on the wrong end of a 3-0 scoreline, Tony did a surprising amount of attacking, frequently putting pressure on Daniele’s goal. However, he was unable to breach the defence and Daniele eventually eased to the victory.
Eliot (l) and Dave Sultana (r) enjoy the alfresco pitch.

Eliot (l) and Dave Sultana (r) enjoy the alfresco pitch.

Meanwhile, Dave Sultana faced a baptism of fire, his first ever competitive game against one of Australia’s best in Eliot. He was not disgraced, though, showing good touch for such a new player. Eliot’s class was evident, though, scoring four. Both players enjoyed the cooler outdoor pitch as the main clubhouse room began to swelter in the heat and humidity. Dave then backed up with a strong showing against Adrian. Adrian could only break Dave’s stout defense once, finding the goal with a long distance shot through a small gap in the first half Dave hit the crossbar himself in the second half, unlucky not to draw level. Tony managed his first victory with a hard fought 1-0 win over Dave Rudd, both players enjoying the tight tussle. In the final group game, Mat and Daniele were fighting for first place in their group. Mat took the lead in the first half and then defended well. With four minutes left it looked like he might be able to stitch up 1st place. Daniele had other ideas and, in a late blitz, put two goals past Mat’s ‘keeper to take the group.

A barrage stage saw the 2nd and 3rd placed players face each other. Again, Dave Sultana put on a good show but Mat was calm in taking the game 2-0. Adrian won his game against Tony via the same scoreline, Tony unfortunately conceding with a stranded ‘keeper to make it comfortable for Adrian. To the Semi-Finals, then, where Eliot’s earlier free-scoring ways were dried up by Mat. In the end, Eliot could only squeeze one goal, seeing off Mat with a sigh of relief. Daniele and Adrian fought out an equally tense game. A first half goal gave Daniele an early cushion. However, Adrian pushed hard for an equaliser. With time running down, Adrian pushed hard and had Daniele under pressure but a swift counterattack saw Daniele finally seal the win with the last flick of the match. Meanwhile, in the consolation game, the two Dave’s went head-to-head. Neither could find the goal in normal time, or extra time, so the game went to shots. After 5 shots each, the scores were still level at 3-3 and it went to the 3rd shot of sudden death for Little Dave (given the title due to age differential rather than size differential as with the Steves) to finally take the advantage and the ‘Dave’ bragging rights.

In the 3rd and 4th Play-Off, Adrian had home ground and home strip advantage over Mat and made full use of it. For the second game in a row, Adrian was able to score via a stranded travelling ‘keeper mistake from his opponent. He gave himself some breathing space with a second goal and was able to hold that scoreline until full time. Meanwhile, the Grand Final was a true thriller. A tight tussle stalled midway through the first half as a refereeing matter was discussed at length and then cleared up to everyone’s satisfaction. Things looked like they would head to a half-time stalemate until, with the last flick of the half and literally one second left on the clock, Daniele scored to excitedly take the lead, Eliot devastated that he hadn’t held out for that one more moment. In the second half, Eliot piled on the pressure looking for an equaliser, but Daniele looked dangerous every time he surged forward. With a few minutes left, the game was placed on a knife-edge as Eliot finally broke through. Then, as Daniele had done in the first half, Eliot surged forward in the final seconds. With the last flick of the game he shot…and the ball crashed into the crossbar where it meets the upright, ricocheting out of ply to leave the result at 1-1. After a brief interlude (a chance for both players to get some much needed fresh air and for a group photo opportunity), the two went at each other again for extra time. With just a couple of minutes to go Eliot found the back of the net with a deadly chip – only to find one of his figures was off-side. And so the score remained 1-1 at the end of the extra period.

Daniele chips Eliot's 'keeper with his first in the shootout.

Daniele chips Eliot’s ‘keeper with his first in the shootout.

And so to Shots. Eliot shot first and missed, but Daniele was in fine form and, after 3 shots each, had a 3-1 advantage. Eliot managed to bury his 4th, but Daniele needed only to score to take the title. He adjusted the order of figures he used, bringing his beloved Maradona in to take the winning shot. Except he didn’t. Maradona missed, Eliot scored his 5th to tie the scores and then kept Daniele’s final shot out to send the shootout to sudden death. Both players missed their first, then Eliot took the decisive lead with his 2nd. Daniele was unable to respond in kind and so Eliot grasped victory from the jaws of defeat in one of the more thrilling encounters of recent times.

And so Eliot extends his lead at the top of the Sydney Premier League Table, though Daniele is keeping him within striking distance. A great afternoon’s Subbuteo. Great to have some new players along, great to see the sportsmanship we’ve all come to expect, great to see the juniors finally up and running and great to enjoy some quality play across the afternoon.

IMG_7806 edit

For full results and tables, CLICK HERE

Subbuteo Parramatta September Cup – 2015

Eliot explains the rules for the benefit of new players.

Eliot explains the rules for the benefit of new players.

The September Cup is unique in the Australian table football landscape in that it is the only tournament played entirely with Subbuteo brand equipment – figures, pitches, balls, even goalkeepers. For new players, it’s a good introduction to the game while for older players, memories of a bygone era, complete with skills that are mostly obsolete in the contemporary game, are relived with relish. On the same day that saw a couple of Australian’s take on the might of the world in this year’s World Cup in Italy, the 11th edition of the September Cup saw a good field of players ranging from those with vast experience to brand new players, those eligible for the Veteran’s category through to those still eligible for the U12 category. All competed well and all came away with stories to tell of their highlights for the day.

New boy, Daniel, takes on Æowyn.

New boy, Daniel, takes on Æowyn, on a vintage Subbuteo cloth pitch.

Players were drawn into two groups of 5, with two seeded players in each group. Highlights from the group stage including first time player, Daniel, scoring his first goal and recording his first win, as did the day’s youngest player, Lucas (ironically, against Daniel). Schoolboy rivals, and September Cup regulars Paul and Costa faced each other for a draw which allowed neither of them bragging rights. In her match against Paul, Imojjen spent the entire game on the attack but couldn’t find the goal, only to be undone on the counter in the final minute as she pushed her players forward, Paul taking his first win of the day. After two-and-a-half hours of group games, however, it was the seeded players who all found themselves in the top spots of those groups, a draw between Eliot and Gordy being the result of most note.

Imojjen defends against Lucas' attack.

Imojjen defends against Lucas’ attack.

In the Repechage Barrage, Imojjen faced Daniel while Paul lined up against Æowyn. Both games ended in 0-0 draws. As both Paul and Daniel needed to leave early, they each then conceded, meaning the Elmer girls earned passage to the Repechage Semis. Here was where the real action took place. Imojjen and Lucas fought out a tense 0-0 draw, with both coming close to scoring on numerous occasions. In the Costa vs Æowyn match-up, Æowyn took the lead, scoring her first ever competitive goal, and the entire suburb of Toongabbie heard about it!! Her celebration was something to be heard. Unfortunately, she later conceded an equaliser, meaning the game also ended up level. With time running short, all the minor placing play-off games were shelved with the players all very happy to end on equal terms, having achieved their own respective individual achievements along the way.

In the main Semi-Finals, Eliot drew Adrian with Daniele facing Gordy. Both games were tight. Daniele had the edge over Gordy, spending a good 8 or 9 minutes playing a series of corners but struggled to break through Gordy’s dogged defence. In the end, a single goal was all that split the players, being scored to Daniele to reward him for his possessional dominance. In the other game, Eliot was finding himself in an unfamiliar position, needing to do a lot of defending against Adrian. Eliot’s classic 70s Burnley team were producing some exquisite curling flicks that Adrian found impossible to defend and which gave Eliot great satisfaction, but their unreliability on long flicks saw him concede possession regularly. He did, however, take the lead, somewhat against the run of play, before half time. In the second half, Adrian committed extra figures forward and was eventually rewarded with a penalty when a quick play saw him shoot, the gaol bound ball cannoning into Eliot’s hand stranded in the box. Adrian made no mistake from the spot, tying up the game. Which is how it stayed through extra-time, setting up a shootout for the result. Eliot missed his first 3, while Adrian scored his 3rd to take a lead. Eliot then pulled one back with his very next shot, which was followed by an Adrian miss. Eliot couldn’t take the advantage with his 5th shot. Miraculously, Adrian found the far side of the goal with his final shot, giving him his first ever result over Eliot and sending him to a rematch with Daniele in the Grand Final.

Eliot on the move against Gordy.

Eliot on the move against Gordy.

In the 3rd/4th play-off, Eliot rediscovered his form and was able to slot a goal past Gordy in each half to take the game 2-0. Gordy was able to stage a fake trophy presentation to impress Little Steve, who was absent for the afternoon, no doubt gorging himself on pavlova. Steve was duly impressed with Gordy’s ‘win’ – who knows if he’s discovered the truth yet!!? The Grand-Final itself got off to an explosive start. Daniele flicked off and within 15 seconds had worked into the shooting area where his shot found the hand of a shell-shocked Adrian, in a reverse of what he had done earlier against Eliot. Daniele calmly slotted the penalty home to take the lead. A tense, tight game was then played out as Adrian sought to get back level. A minute before the break, he finally got on equal terms with a nicely chipped shot. However, following the change of ends, Adrian conceded possession directly from his flick-off. Daniele again raided forward and, again, within 30 seconds was in the lead after a quick attack and well taken shot. Adrian came excrutiatingly close to a wonder-goal equaliser midway through the half but the deftly slotted shooting figure cut the ball just a little too fine and the ball trickled past an unprotected far post. With both players giving everything, Daniele was able to hold on and take the title, becoming the 6th different winner to have their name etched on the famous trophy. The win also means that Daniele moves to the top of the table in the Sydney Premier League after two tournaments.

Daniele becomes the 6th player to have his name inscribed on the trophy.

Daniele becomes the 6th player to have his name inscribed on the trophy.

Thanks to all who attended, both new players and old regulars, and enjoyed themselves greatly. And thanks also to the Australian Table Football Association’s new Marketing and Promotion’s Manager, Chris Tanner and his company, Zenith Sports and Events Management who, in an Australian first, live streamed a couple of the afternoon’s games to the wider world.

For full results, click here.
To see more photos, click here.

Sydney Premier League

logo based on a design by Jake O'Connor @ bringbacksubbuteo.tumblr.com

logo based on a design by Jake O’Connor @ bringbacksubbuteo.tumblr.com

The current Sydney based Subbuteo clubs are pleased to be able to announce that they will be holding an inaugural ’Sydney Premier League’ during the 2015/16 season. The SPL will consist of 8 tournaments across the season.

Each tournament will be individually organised and function as a stand-alone competition, sanctioned by WASPA with results going towards WASPA ranking points. Therefore, a player may play in just 1 or 2 SPL tournaments during the season and still be fully rewarded for their results in these, as they always have.

However, the 8 tournaments will all combine, as well, to create the Sydney Premier League. To qualify for the SPL, a player must compete in a minimum of 4 of the SPL tournaments. At season’s end, a player’s results from their best 5 tournaments will be totaled. The winner of the Sydney Premier League will be the player with highest points aggregate from their best 5 tournament results. Players who only play the 4 minimum tournaments will also have their overall results tallied but will, obviously, have the handicap of having one less tournament’s worth of results to count on. Points for each tournament will be awarded in exactly the same manner as WASPA’s points allocations (https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B4_PpphlADgVeTEwd1piSVlGdkE/edit – pages 11-14)

As each tournament is a stand-alone event, there will be different formats from tournament to tournament. Depending on numbers, tournaments may run as a mini-league, or groups/finals, or using the swiss system, as appropriate. There will be different pitch and equipment conditions from tournament to tournament (e.g. the Subbuteo Parramatta September Cup is played with only original Subbuteo materials, the Northern Falcons TFC’s AGFA cup is played with fast and furious 15 minute games) so players will need to be versatile to do well in the SPL.

All players from all clubs, as well as players not affiliated with any club, are eligible to compete in any of the individual tournaments, as well as the Sydney Premier League, not just those based in Sydney. Significant prizes (to be announced in the lead up) will be on offer, including for youth sections. Newer and less experienced players will also be eligible for prizes in a range of categories.

At this stage, the tournaments will be organised by the following clubs…

August 2015 – Northern Falcons TFC
September 2015 – Subbuteo Parramatta
October 2015 – Deportivo de La Katoomba
November 2015 – Northern Falcons TFC

January 2016 – Subbuteo Parramatta
February 2016 – Subbuteo Parramatta
March 2016 – Deportivo de La Katoomba
April 2016 – Northern Falcons TFC

Specific tournament dates will be announced a minimum of 6 weeks prior to the actual tournament

More details to come in the following months.