NSW State Cup, Between September 77 and May 78
Venues played at home player's pitch (unless noted)
Round One
A Cashman Maurice Weigert 0-2
G Heggarty John Foufas 3-1
Paul Luckman K Wilson 3-2
Danny Cobden Mark Pitney 1-0
Simon Cole Neil Napper 0-1
Grant Lee Simon Rountree 0-2
K Nixon Alex Broun 2-1 aet
Geoff Sirmai Ted Palmer 2-1
R Kriedwalt R Fransen 3-0 forfeit
John Rado Darrell Giles 4-2
Peter Gibson Gilles Piccin 1-0 aet
A Campbell Paul Becker 3-2
Joe Sciculuna Phil Short 2-0
M Cohen S McPahil 0-2 forfeit
Round Two
Neil Napper Rodd Harrison 1-6
Peter Gibson Rob Green 2-8 at Roseville
David Pitney Jon Ball 2-1
Stuart Codling Don Hosie 0-7
P O'Toole Danny Cobden 3-0 forfeit
D Hulston Simon Rountree 4-3 aet
Ted Palmer Geoff Corner 2-2 aet. Replay 0-5
Martin Kennedy John Rado 4-1
Stuart McPhail A Campbell 4-0
Steve Dettre Eliot Kennedy 2-0
Adam Aitken Grant Nugent 5-1
Paul Magee Gary Hosie 1-6 at Wollstonecraft
R Kriewaldt K Nixon 1-0
M Weigert G Heggarty 6-1
Brent Freeman Anthony McMillan 3-4 aet
Joe Scicluna P Luckman 0-1
Round Three
R Kriewaldt David Hulston 0-2 forfeit
S McPhail Rodd Harrison 1-5
Martin Kennedy Anthony McMillan 3-5
Maurice Weigert David Pitney 1-2 aet
Steve Dettre Gary Hosie 2-1
Adam Aitken Paul Luckman 3-0
Geoff Corner Rob Green 1-2
Danny Cobden Don Hosie 0-8
Rodd Harrison Anthony McMillan 6-6';  0-2 shots
Don Hosie Rob Green 2-1
Dave Pitney David Hulston 3-1
Adam Aitken Steve Dettre 1-1; 1-3 shots
Semi finals
Anthony McMillan Don Hosie 0-3
Dave Pitney Steve Dettre 0-0;  0-1 shots
Don Hosie Steve Dettre not played
Top 18 players proceeded to Rd 2, allowing other 28 to play-off.
This would provide 14 winners, plus 18 to have 32 for 2nd round.
Open draw.