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Australian Table Football Association president Steve Dettre today announced the Australian team to take on Singapore at the Australian Grand Prix tournament at Sydney’s 99 on York this Sunday 24th January.

The AGP will commence on Friday 22nd with a gala welcome dinner, and the Grand Prix event will follow on the Saturday. On the Sunday, international club competition will feature in the morning, with the internationals in the afternoon. Australia “B” will play Singapore “B” as a curtain raiser to the “A” teams doing battle to close of the weekend’s action.

This is one of the strongest line-ups we have fielded at international level for some time” said Dettre. “Having the international tournament at the same event, has ensured attendance from some of our country’s strongest players”.

Singapore’s Den Mulia Musni recently won the International Open of Singapore and is one of the top-ranked players in Asia …..

Table Football, or “Subbuteo” as it is widely known, is a game simulating association football. For many years it was marketed as “the replica of Association Football” or “Table Soccer”.

Thomas, Green and Raffaele Lombardi have represented Australia at World Cups and are looking forward to representing Australia on home soil again. “It’s great to have an event of this stature back in Australia”, said Thomas, ranked 48 in the world. “Having the Singapore national squad here, plus overseas clubs, plus world No. 8 Christian Haas shows that our local body is seriously getting table football going again”, he added.

Melbourne’s Carl Young has formerly represented Wales, and is looking forward to representing his new home in such an event. “I can’t wait”, he said. “Representing at international level means you’re playing the world’s best. I’ve seen the set-up plans for 99 on York, and it’s a quality venue. It will be a memorable experience”.

Australian squad –

1 Peter THOMAS (Melbourne TFC)
2 Robert GREEN (Northern Falcons TFC (Sydney))
3 Carl YOUNG (Melbourne TFC)
4 Raffaele LOMBARDI (Subbuteo Parramatta (Sydney))
5 Benji BATTEN (Melbourne TFC)
6 Daniele LOMBARDI (Subbuteo Parramatta (Sydney))
7 Adrian ELMER (Subbuteo Parramatta (Sydney))
8 Dom GRENOT (Northern Falcons TFC (Sydney))
9 Fabrizio COCO (Subbuteo Parramatta (Sydney))
10 Paul MAGEE (Deportivo de La Katoomba (Sydney))

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ATFA would like to thank it’s AGP partners – 99 0n York, CDN Networks, and Gracenote

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