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Subbuteo has featured in a variety of Australian media over the years with some real highlights in the late 1980s. The recent upsurge in the popularity of the game, however, has also led to recent renewed interest in a number of media outlets.




SBS Lucy Zelic and Nick Stoll
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North Shore times



Tracy Holmes filed this report via ABC Australia’s News Website on Australia’s first teams win on foreign soil since 1994.

Inside World Football reports on the formation of the Confederation of Asian Sports Table Football Associations


In FourFourTwo Magazine

Subbuteo_ The Sleeping giant – Australian FourFourTwo – More Sport

Benjamin Ng of the Western Flickers Table Football Club in Melbourne, created a short film which was entered into (and, from what we are aware, has won!) a short film competition run by the official Subbuteo website.

Subbuteo action in the local papers in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.Wentworth Courier Hipfingerz















Foxsports Australia sent a crew along to the Australian Grand Prix in January, 2016 to make a short promo film for our sport. A few weeks later, when the promo was aired on the Shootout program, they invited a few of our players to come in for the live part of the show. Both clips can be seen below.

Subbuteo Parramatta’s Adrian Elmer is interviewed by The Parramatta Advertiser newspaper about the club and rebirth of Subbuteo in Australia

Melbourne TFC’s Luke Radziminski interviewed by The Corner Flag website before the Asian Cup of Table Football

1980s & 1990s

Australian Soccer Weekly, June 7, 1989

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British Soccer Weekly, June 1989


Playboy Magazine … we bought it for the article!!

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Mercury Sport, Dec 1987

Full scan here:

During the 1980s, ‘Wombat’ was a popular kids’ afternoon TV show on Australian TV. They did a story on Subbuteo which features a number of the players who are still active today. Look for Steve Dettre in the cheering crowd wearing the purple shirt, Paul Magee burying a few goals in the demonstration match (with some outrageous finger fouls in the process), and Robert Green with a concerned look on his face mid-game. The interviewee is Gary Hosie, long time Australian champion who, unfortunately, no longer plays (but there’s always the dream of dragging him out of retirement!).

In 1988, then world champion, Willy Hoffman of Switzerland, came to Australia and played some exhibition matches as well as teaching some things to the locals. The national broadcaster, ABC, sent a TV crew out to cover the main match against Gary Hosie. Look for Eliot Kennedy on referee duties.

SBS also got in on the action when Willy Hoffman was here. Andy Paschalidis, SBS’ chief sports reporter/commentator of the era, gave an enthusiastic report and even had a go at keeping Hoffman’s shooting at bay.

Newspaper Clippings
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IMG_20190130_0003 IMG_20190130_0002

1995 smh metro


1994 hills mercury

1993 smh good weekend

1991 hornsby advocate

1991 hills shire times

1990 hornsby advocate





SMH Jan 18 1990

SMH Jan 18 1990



1987 british soccer weekly

1987 inknown

1988 australian soccer weekly

1988 club management magazine

1988 falconians presentation night

1988 manly daily

1988 soccer weekly b

1988 soccer weekly copy

1988 soccer weekly

1988 telegraph


Tri Flick Magazine

During the ’80s and ’90s, Steve Dettre edited and published a regular magazine for the ASA (Australian Subbuteo Association) called Tri Flick. In the pre-internet age, the magazine, mailed out to all members, was the only way for players around the country to keep up with results and upcoming tournaments. These pieces of Australian Subbuteo history will be gradually uploaded and can now be viewed online in PDF format.

Number TWO – December 1987
Number FOUR – March/April 1988

interNETional flick

As the 90s progressed, Steve Dettre left behind the ‘zine publishing and headed where many underground communities went to keep in touch, the then burgeoning internet. Between 1995 and 1997, Steve published a semi-regular e-newsletter, interNETional flick. Flowing from his role as the Communications Director of the nascent FISTF, these newsletters took a more international approach to the global game, but from a very specifically Australian vantage point. All 6 issues are still available online. Follow the link below to see the first edition, then move through the links to see all 6.

interNETional Flick – Issue One (1997)
interNETinal flick – Issue Two (1997)

interNETional flick – issue 4
interNETional flick – issue 6

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