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Western Sydney Subbuteo Spring League 2019

wss spring league 2019

It’s that time of year again. The days are starting to get longer and the chill in the air isn’t so biting. The semis are rolling around in your football season and so you’re looking for something to fill the void once it’s all over. The Western Sydney Subbuteo Spring League is about to swing into action to fill all your footballing needs.

Now in its 6th year, the Western Sydney Subbuteo Spring League is open to all players, regardless of age, experience or ability. Registration in the League is free and will automatically earn players membership into Western Sydney Subbuteo for the upcoming table football season (Sep 2019 – Aug 2020).

Games are played weekly during the Spring months, but players will, on average, only need to be available for about 2 of every 3 weeks. About half the games will see us gather at Good Games Bella Vista, while alternate weeks will see us play at a variety of venues around the area. Players can nominate which days of the week work best for them and the draw will be worked out around whatever suits the majority of players, with different days used in different weeks to allow players with other commitments to still compete. If you would like to nominate your place as a venue, and have space for at least 2 pitches, include that in your registration.

A copy of the League rules will be e-mailed to you upon registration. If you’d like to see these before registering, just send an e-mail to Adrian at ajebec at netspace dot net dot au requesting them.

ATFA Committee Nominations for 2019/20 Season

At Midday, Saturday, August 31 (AEST), ATFA will be holding its annual general meeting. All ATFA members are invited to participate – a Facebook video conference will be set up for those around the country (and, indeed, the world!) to be able to tune in. The main item on the agenda for the meeting will be the election of the ATFA Committee for the 2019/20 season.

To that end, nominations are now open for the Committee. As per our constitution, ATFA Members are able to nominate any other ATFA Member (i.e. you can’t nominate yourself) for a position on the Committee, as long as it is SECONDED by another member AND agreed to by the nominee. Members are free to make as many nominations as they like.

The Committee consists of 7 people. 4 of those are Office Bearers and the other 3 are Committee Advisors. The roles for each are outlined below.

If you are a member and would like to nominate someone, fill in the details below. Please note, ALL info requested must be supplied in order for the nomination to be valid.

Nominations due : 11:59PM, Saturday, Aug 17
Voting : Monday, Aug 19 – 11:59PM Friday, August 30


Office Bearers

President : oversees the Committee. In conjunction with the Committee, the President sets dates for, and convenes Committee meetings as required, including the compulsory Annual General Meeting following the close of each financial year; presides as chairperson over all Committee meetings.

current member – Adrian Connolly (Western Flickers TFC)

Vice President : assists the Committee President in all the President’s duties.

current member – Raffaele Lombard (Sydney TFC)

Treasurer : oversees ATFA’s monetary concerns: the running of ATFA’s bank account; supplying annual profit/loss overviews to the Committee and ATFA Membership; keeping records of all expenses and income.

current member – Eliot Kennedy (Northern Falcons TFC)

Secretary General : is responsible for: supplying all documentation required by FISTF in regards to ATFA club and player memberships; FISTF tournament registrations and results or any other necessary documents; keep minutes of all committee or general meetings.

current member – Steve Wright (Western Flickers TFC)

Ordinary Committee Members

Committee Advisor (Communications Officer) : is responsible for communications to the Australian Subbuteo community, including: the upkeep and co-ordination of the ATFA website; the ATFA calendar; the ATFA mailing list.

current member – Adrian Elmer (Western Sydney Subbuteo)

Committee Advisor (General) (x2) : offers advice and assistance to the rest of the Committee in relation to all decisions made at the Committee level.

current members – Beth Eveleigh (Northern Phoenix TFC), Hugh Best (Subbuteo Perth)

All Committee Members will be equally responsible for the discussion and decision making processes for any issue required of the Committee. It is expected that all Committee Members will be proactive in promoting Subbuteo Table Football in their local context and will undertake all their table footballing duties, including Committee membership, with the best interests of the game in Australia at heart.

Carabillo retains top spot, but changes galore

Antonio Carabillo (Dragons/HKG)) retained his top ranking in Asia in the latest FISTF rankings, but there were a raft of changes in the top 40 players in the Asian Open rankings.

Antonio Carabillo retained top spot.

Antonio Carabillo retained top spot.

Asian Cup winner Rudy Hesty (Jurong/SGP) rocketed up 11 places to 3rd place, his highest ranking since December 2017, while Asian Cup finalist Bernard Lim (Lions/SGP) moved into 2nd place.
Benny NG (Western Flickers/SGP) moved up two places to 7th, while Fabrizio Coco (Sydney/AUS) moved up one place to 9th, but top ranked Aussie was still Rob Green (Northern Falcons/AUS) despite falling two spots to 8th.
Among the biggest movers were Tony Credentino (Sydney/AUS) who jumped 12 places to 24th, Oliver Ollnow (Northern Falcons/AUS) who leapt 25 places to 34th, Hermann Kruse (Northern Falcons/AUS) rising 10 places to 35th, Benjamin Ng (Western Flickers/AUS) improving 13 places to 38th, Beth Eveleigh (Phoenix/AUS) up 17 to 45th, Enzo Fornano (Lions/SGP) 59 places to 47th.
Most significant falls were Tan Kok Wee (Lions/SGP) who fell 13 places to 26th, Noor Haikal (Jurong/SGP) down 10 places to 40th.
In the teams category, Singapore Lions retained their top rank on the back of their Asian Cup victory, while Sydney’s Northern Falcons leapt 3 places to 2nd after their semi-final performance in Singapore.
In the Veterans category, Den Mulia (Lions/SGP) entered the rankings as number 1, pushing Benny Ng (Western Flickers/SGP) down to 2nd. Ashley Tan (Lions/SGP) rose 5 places to 3rd, edging Robert Green (Northern Falcons/AUS) down to 4th.
Vikas Chandiramani (Jurong/SGP) was the biggest riser, moving up 11 places to 6th.
Paul Mercer (Phoenix/AUS) entered the rankings at 11th.
In the U19 ranking, Oliver Ollnow (Northern Falcons/AUS) leapt 3 places to top the ranking for the first time since August 2018.
Isaac Lim (Lions/SGP) fell two places, while Torben Pfister (Northern Falcons/AUS) jumped 4 places to 5th, and Bhavin Sham (Lions/SGP) entered the charts at 10th.
In the Women’s ranking, there were only two changes, with Eiko Yoneda (Yokohama/JPN) and Yuka Kato (Rockwells/JPN) falling a place each, and Charlotte Wright (Western Flickers/AUS) and Juliette Brown (Wester Flickers/AUS) rising one place.

FISTF Asian rankings 201906_women
FISTF Asian rankings 201906_U19
FISTF Asian rankings 201906_Vets
FISTF Asian rankings 201906_open
FISTF Asian rankings 201906_Team


Fabrizio claims Falcons WASPA; Hermann, Oli and Hermine bid farewell!

Sydney TFC’s Fabrizio Coco made the long trek north to the final farewell event for Hermann Kruse, Oli and Hermine Ollnow and recovered from a slow start to claim the Northern Falcons WASPA #5-2019.

With Hermann, Oli and Hermine due to fly back to Germany next Monday, a suitable send-off was staged, with Melbourne’s Paul Mercer flying up specially for the evening, and Johnny Ball delaying his drive back to Canberra to play.
Group one started sensationally, with Steve taking a 3-0 lead against Fabrizio before Fab pulled a late goal back. Fab then edged Western Sydney’s Adrian Elmer 1-0, before Adrian bowed out with a 2-0 loss to Steve.
Eliot Kennedy and Oli took top spots in Group 2, with Johnny Ball and Neil Brener pushing them hard.
In Group 3, Hermann and Paul dominated, but Jonty Brener pushed them all the way.
The Barrage matches saw Fab start hitting his form, eliminating Hermann 2-0, before Oli beat Paul 1-0 on shots.
Oli then kept his edge over Steve, scoring in the first three minutes and holding off persistent pressure in the second period, while Fabrizio scored 30 seconds from time to beat Eliot 2-1.
In the final, Fab was in full force and ran out a 2-0 winner.
Many thanks to all who attended, and to the Willoughby Park club.
We look forward to hearing of the exploits of Hermann, Oli and Hermine in Germany.

Full results:
WASPA #5 results 2019

Ngless Flickers WASPA sees new Champions

Players gathered from around Melbourne for the inaugural Jules Cup with all 3 Victorian clubs represented. Pre tournament favourite Luke Radziminski strode in with his Arsenal 2nd kit team confident of victory in yet another WASPA favourite. Hoping to knock him off his Highbury strut were Paul Mercer and Kevin Grant from Northern Phoenix, Juliette Browne and Steve Wright from host club Western Flickers and junior Flickers Billy and Charlotte Wright.

By fluke of the draw, the title deciding game took place in Round 1 of the round-robin FAST 20 competition with Luke drawn to play Paul. In a close fought battle, Luke came out on top 2-1.

His next five games saw him dominate beating Charlotte 1-0, Kevin 2-1, Steve 1-0, Juliette 3-1 and Billy 4-2 to take an unassailable lead before his last round bye.

Despite his round 1 loss, Paul bounced back quickly beating Kevin 3-0, Steve 3-0, Billy 1-0, Charlotte 3-0 and Juliette 4-0. He ended the tournament in 2nd place with 15 points but perhaps most impressively only conceded 2 goals, both to Luke, and scored 15 to be the tournaments highest scorer and least concede.

The remaining spots were extremely closely fought. Steve started brightly defeating Charlotte 1-0 and Juliette 3-0. Two losses to Luke and Paul dented his charge and his inability to score grew to haunt him.

Billy started well with a 0-0 draw with Kevin and a controversial 1-0 win over Juliette, followed by a loss to Paul. His goalkeeping was exceptional throughout the tournament.

Kevin started with the draw with Billy and back to back losses to Paul and Luke left him struggling with 1 point. Charlotte suffered consecutive 1-0 losses to her dad and Luke before securing her first point in a 0-0 with Juliette. Before her draw with Charlotte, Juliette suffered a 3-0 loss to Steve and a 1-0 loss to Billy. All to play for in the last three rounds.

Round 5 saw Kevin defeat Charlotte 2-1 where all 3 goals were scored in the last 3 minutes of play with Kevin coming back from 1-0 down to score the winner in the last 30 seconds. Juliette took a goal off Luke but succumbed 3-1 and Steve inexplicably picked up the ball in the penalty area to hand Billy a penalty, who then held on with some majestic goalkeeping for the rest of the game.

Billy on 7 points, Steve on 6, Kevin on 4, Charlotte and Juliette on 1. Round 6, Steve with the bye saw Juliette take a point with a 0-0 draw with Kevin, Billy lose to Luke 4-2 and Charlotte lose to Paul 3-0. Kevin had moved to 5 and Juliette 2.

Round 7 saw the Wright Siblings battle with Luke as referee to split the warring clans. Juliette succumbed 4-0 to Paul and with Steve and Kevin unable to break the deadlock, it was left to Billy to take a possible 3rd spot if he could get a draw. However, he was left disappointed as his sister took a 2-0 lead and despite pulling a goal back, he could not get the draw he wanted.

Player Name Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Luke 6 6 13 5 8 18
2 Paul 6 5 1 15 2 13 15
3 Steve 6 2 1 3 4 5 -1 7
4 Billy 6 2 1 3 5 7 -2 7
5 Kevin 6 1 3 2 3 6 -3 6
6 Charlotte 6 1 1 4 3 8 -5 4
7 Juliette 6 2 4 1 11 -10 2

The Junior Waspa took place featuring the Wright siblings (Charlotte and Billy) and the Browne brothers (Liam and Sean).

Another closely contested tournament ensued. Billy quickly got revenge for being left disappointed in the Open event by beating his sister 1-0. Liam eventually overcame a stubborn and rapidly improving Sean 1-0. Charlotte and Liam played out an entertaining contest, end to end table football finally resulting in a Charlotte equaliser in the last minute of play for a 1-1 draw. Billy again scored twice to defeat Sean although it was a much tighter contest than the scoreline suggests.

So Billy needed a draw to take the title, Liam needed a win and Charlotte and Sean were playing for bragging rights only. Congratulations to Sean who scored the goal of the day against Charlotte, but sadly couldn’t maintain that and went down 2-1. Billy took an early lead against Liam and despite Liam attacking well throughout, Billy’s goalkeeping exploits continued as they had done for the remainder of the day and he held on for a 1-0 win.

Player Name Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Billy 3 3 0 0 5 0 5 9
2 Liam 3 1 1 1 2 2 0 4
3 Charlotte 3 1 1 1 3 4 -1 4
4 Sean 3 0 0 3 1 5 -4 0

ATFA signs sponsorship deal with CCIty Lawyers

The Australian Table Football Association and Sydney-based law firm CCity Lawyers have signed a sponsorship agreement for the benefit of all members.

The Principal of CCity Lawyers, Carlos Bielli, is a fantastic supporter of ATFA, table football and football in general. He hosts the football programme Football Planet on community radio 2RRR (also available online:, and has had several segments devoted to table football.


Carlos has offered a special deal for all members of ATFA.

CCIty Lawyers will process personal wills for $220 for a single person and $350 for a couple.

For each one of these, where the person mentions they were referred by ATFA, it will generate $50 back to ATFA.

If people want more complicated arrangements, such as Trusts etc, then the cost needs to be discussed with Carlos, but ATFA still gets a $50 donation.

To contact Carlos, please go to the website:

Many thanks to Carlos for this fantastic support.



Status quo remains in Asian rankings

The final jockeying for ranking in Asia ahead of the Asian Cup has finished, with no change in the top 8, and Benny Ng (SGP/Western Flickers), edging ahead of Fabrizio Coco (AUS/Sydney TFC) into 9th place.
Antonio Carabillo (HKG/Dragons) retains his top spot in the ranking, ahead of Anas Rahamat (SGP/Jurong), with Cedric Garnier (JPN/Tokyo) in third place.
With Cedric not slated to attend in Singapore, the top 10 for seedings is likely to be:
1. Antonio Carabillo (Hong Kong/SC Dragons Hong Kong)
2. Anas Rahamat (Singapore/Jurong Central SC)
3. Bernard Lim (Singapore/Singapore Lions SC)
4. Michael Choong (Singapore/Jurong Central SC)
5. Robert Green (Australia/Northern Falcons TFC)
6. Den Mulia Yusni (Singapore/Singapore Lions SC)
7. Benny Ng (Singapore/Western Flickers TFC)
8. Fabrizio Coco (Australia/Sydney TFC)
9. Tan Kok Wee (Singapore/Singapore Lions SC)
10. Rudy Hesty Roslan (Singapore/Jurong Central SC)

Antonio Carabillo

Antonio Carabillo

There was no change in the Team rankings, with Singapore Lions retaining their top spot ahead of Jurong going into the Asian Cup.

There was no change in the Veterans ranking as well, but this gives no guide for the Singapore event which will be an 8-player invitation only event.

In the U19 category, there will be a strong contingent of players heading to the Lion City, led by Asian #1 Isaac Lim (SGP/Lions), as well as new #2 Benjamin Ng (AUS/Western Flickers), Oliver Ollnow (AUS/Northern Falcons) and Torben Pfister (AUS/Northern Falcons).

In the Asian Women’s rankings, Beth Eveleigh reclaimed her #1 ranking as Kimi Wada dropped to second.

We can expect some big changes in the rankings after Singapore: hold on to your hats, it’s going to be a wild ride!

All the latest rankings:


Western Flickers Open 2019 Women

Benny wins Western Flickers Open 2019 in Melbourne

The cast of Western Flickers Open 2019

The cast of Western Flickers Open 2019

Over the weekend, Melbourne’s top flickers converged in Balwyn to compete in the Western Flickers Open 2019 (FISTF Satellite) tournament. 

A strong field of 17 players – including two FISTF debutants – competed for honours across the categories. 

Women and Open winners - Beth Eveleigh and Benny Ng

Women and Open winners – Beth Eveleigh and Benny Ng

In the Open category, the early stages went to form with the top 4 FISTF ranked players all reaching the semi-finals. In the grand final, perennial rivals – but also good mates! – Benny Ng (Western Flickers TFC) faced off against Benji Batten (Melbourne TFC). It was a close contest as usual, and Benny won the dramatic final 2-1 with the winning goal coming just over a minute from full-time. 

In the U19 Junior category, Aidan Deverell was the surprise package of the day. Making a welcome return to competitive table football after a long hiatus, he stormed into the final with a string of impressive performances. However, he fell agonisingly short in the final against top seed and fellow Western Flickers club-mate Benjamin Ng who won the title by a solitary goal. Special mention to Rosa Deverell who performed credibly in her first competitive table football tournament.

In the Women’s category, reigning Asian and Australian champion Beth Eveleigh (Northern Phoenix TFC) fended off strong challenges from rising stars Juliette Browne and Charlotte Wright (both WFTFC) to add another Women’s FISTF trophy to her already impressive list of honours.

Western Flickers Open 2019 underway !

Western Flickers Open 2019 underway !

In the WASPA plate event, the other debutant Nathan Urbaniak (MTFC) won in the final against Anthony Madiona (WFTFC) 1-0. Displaying a natural talent for the game, we’ll no doubt see Nathan competing for more titles in the near future.

Congratulations to all the category winners and it was good to see all three Melbourne based table football clubs sharing the titles. 

Together with Open semi-finalist Paul Mercer (NPTFC), all 3 FISTF category winners – Benny, Beth and Benjamin – will next be headed to Singapore to compete against the continent’s best players in the Asian Cup of Table Football 2019 on June 15-16. 

Women and Junior winners

Women and Junior winners and runners up

All who came would surely agree that it was an awesome day of flicking fun! Western Flickers TFC would like to thank everyone for supporting the event and helping to make it a great day. We hope to see everyone – and more! – again next year. 


P.S. If you are from Melbourne and would like to try out the beautiful fun game of table football, check out the Western Flickers Facebook page – – and send us a message. We meet regularly for friendly social games and all are welcome.

Hermann claims classic AGFA Cup triump

Hermann Kruse won a sensational 20th Northern Falcons AGFA Cup, his first major event, and quite possibly his last in Australia as he and his family prepare to return to Germany.

Hermann took a tense final against Northern Falcons teammate Eliot Kennedy 1-0 at the end of a fantastic day with 17 participants from all four Sydney clubs.
He was presented with the AGFA Cup by Willoughby Councillor Brendon Zhu, who was largely responsible for getting the Northern Falcons into the Willoughby Park Bowling Club as our new home. We should also thank Willoughby Park President Roger Womersley and Manager Marcus Creais for their ongoing support.

Hermann, Brendon Zhu, Steve

Hermann, Brendon Zhu, Steve

Hermann was also presented with a special commemorative plaque celebrating our late brother Harley Ullrich by Harley’s sister Zoe, in the presence of Harley’s family. The plaque was made by Kevin Grant and will be a permanent reminder to Hermann, Oli, Hermine, Hagen and Claudia of their links with the Northern Falcons family in Australia. They also received an album of signed ATFA player cards.


Zoe Ullrich presents the plaque to Hermann

Hagen, Hermann and Oli enjoy the player card folder.

Hagen, Hermann and Oli enjoy the player card folder.

The day was a celebration of all that is good with our game: a great tournament, great spirit, a fantastic BBQ, celebrations with friends and family, and some poignant reminders of our past.
As is customary with the AGFA, it was an open draw (not seeded), which threw up some challenging groups.
Additionally, the lightning 15-minute matches, and re-starts from a goalflick, not a flick-off, allowed for consistent action.
In group 1, the match between Johnny Ball and Steve Dettre was a rematch of the very first AGFA Cup final in 1977, with Steve coming out on top 2-0. There were a few twists and turns in the group, with Adrian beating Steve, then in the final matches it was the stubborn resistance from Johhny Ball that was Adrian’s undoing as he went out on goal difference

Paul Magee

Paul Magee

Jeremy Simpson

Jeremy Simpson

Adrian Grunach records his results

Adrian Grunach records his results

Johnny Ball

Johnny Ball

Neil and Tony

Neil and Tony

The surprise in group 2 was Neil’s second place after a 2-0 win over Catherine and a 0-0 draw with John, while Tony claimed top spot.
In group 3, Jonty surprised Adrian Grunbach with a 1-0 win, while Torben held Oli 0-0, then drew with Jonty to give himself a good chance of qualifying, but fell 4-0 to Adrian as they both went out.

Jonty and Adrian G

Jonty and Adrian G

Group 4 was the five player ‘Group of death’, which started explosively as Raffael beat Eliot 4-1, before Paul Magee beat Jeremy Simpson. Fabrizio Coco and Raff played out a typical derby 0-0, then Fab had the second of his 3 0-0 draws against Paul. In the last match, Eliot held on to edge out Fab into second place.

The quarterfinals were played before a growing crowd at the Willoughby Park club, as patrons and visitors became absorbed in the action.
Herman despatched Jonty 2-0, while Raff was in devastating form to beat Neil 5-0, and Eliot overcame Tony 2-0, before it took a dramatic shootout for Oli to beat Steve 4-3.
The semis were equally tight, with both finishing 1-0, before the dramatic final.

A final thanks to Zoe and the Ullrich family for attending the whole afternoon and especially for running the BBQ.

IMG_1044 IMG_1045 IMG_104660698550_10157341474314747_2610324150044065792_o

Zoe was also called on to present the Northern Falcons League Trophy, made from the beloved West Ham team of Harley. The trophy, now known as the Harley Ullrich Memorial Trophy, was presented to Eliot Kennedy, winner of the 2017 title. The current campaign is still under way.

60382253_10157341445479747_6972171925158100992_o 60433178_10157341476804747_7563117570631401472_n


Full results:
AGFA XX May 2019