McNulty wins Perth Open (April-May)

A very competitive tournament was held with new member Hugh Best making his competitive debut.
After a few initial heavy defeats, he began to improve and caused problems thereafter, notching his first goal against McNulty in a 5-1 defeat in the group stages.
He went on to claim his first points in 2 draws against John Harty to open his account.
Alan Kimber’s fine formed continued in the group with him topping it and he had noticeable results in a 4-2 defeat of Chris Thorn, and followed up the return leg 2-1. John became the first player to knock over Kimber in the result that stood out for him in a 2-1 win. Chris had mixed results but fiercely competed as he so often does and his 2-0 win against John was vintage stuff.
McNulty remained unbeaten heading into the finals with his stand out results being a 1-0 win against Chris and a 2-0 win against John.

John Harty led Hugh Best 2-0 at halftime in their elimination game after crafting 2 fine finishes, but Best came thunderiung back at 2-2 in fine style and the game headed into extra time. After no further goals, in a tense shoot-out (old format) John prevailed 3-1 to advance to the semis.

In the first semi, McNulty sank Chris after a very tight, even game came down to a handball by Chris that led to a penalty and the only goal of the game midway throuygh the second half.
In the second semi, John went 1-0 up in a fantastic game with a superb goal and then grabbed a vital second to pile the pressure on Kimber who got a goal back but it wasn’t enough as John secured his first final.

In the 3rd-4th play off, Chris scored the only goal of the game in the second half with a powerful finish. Kimber created chances but Thorn held on to win.

In the final, McNulty claimed the win courtesy of a second half strike that secured a 1-0 win over Harty. The goal was steeped in controversy, but was given.

2016 May – Perth WASPA

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