Sydney TFC June WASPA Tournament

After a bit of busy times and the very sadly news about our mate Harley Ullrich, here there is a detailed report with all results from the Sydney TFC June Waspa event.

IMG_3524On June 5th, Sydney TFC held their third WASPA tournament at Good Games in Burwood. \There weren’t many players but it was a lot of fun! The tournament was attended by Tony Credentino, Fabrizio Coco, Daniele Lombardi, Kostas Barbaris from Sydney TFC and Adrian Connolly from Melbourne Western Flickers.

All the payers had played just a big group with the 2 top ones playing the final ad the end. Congratulations to Fabrizio Coco who claimed his 3rd Waspa tournament beating in final Daniele Lombardi 1-0.

Congratulations to all the players who made this waspa tournament possible!

See you at the next Waspa on the July 11th lads!

All results as  following:

Tony Credentino – Fabrizio Coco 0-2

Daniele Lombardi – Kostas Barbaris 3-0

Kostas Barbaris – Adrian Connolly 1-4

Tony Credentino – Daniele Lombardi 0-3

Tony Credentino – Kostas Barbaris 1-0

Adrian Connolly – Fabrizio Coco 0-1

Fabrizio Coco – Daniele Lombardi 2-1

Tony Credentino – Adrian Connolly 0-1

Daniele Lombardi – Adrian Connolly 1-0

Fabrizio Coco – Kostas Barbaris 5-0


Fabrizio Coco – Daniele Lombardi 1-0


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