Status quo remains in Asian rankings

The final jockeying for ranking in Asia ahead of the Asian Cup has finished, with no change in the top 8, and Benny Ng (SGP/Western Flickers), edging ahead of Fabrizio Coco (AUS/Sydney TFC) into 9th place.
Antonio Carabillo (HKG/Dragons) retains his top spot in the ranking, ahead of Anas Rahamat (SGP/Jurong), with Cedric Garnier (JPN/Tokyo) in third place.
With Cedric not slated to attend in Singapore, the top 10 for seedings is likely to be:
1. Antonio Carabillo (Hong Kong/SC Dragons Hong Kong)
2. Anas Rahamat (Singapore/Jurong Central SC)
3. Bernard Lim (Singapore/Singapore Lions SC)
4. Michael Choong (Singapore/Jurong Central SC)
5. Robert Green (Australia/Northern Falcons TFC)
6. Den Mulia Yusni (Singapore/Singapore Lions SC)
7. Benny Ng (Singapore/Western Flickers TFC)
8. Fabrizio Coco (Australia/Sydney TFC)
9. Tan Kok Wee (Singapore/Singapore Lions SC)
10. Rudy Hesty Roslan (Singapore/Jurong Central SC)

Antonio Carabillo

Antonio Carabillo

There was no change in the Team rankings, with Singapore Lions retaining their top spot ahead of Jurong going into the Asian Cup.

There was no change in the Veterans ranking as well, but this gives no guide for the Singapore event which will be an 8-player invitation only event.

In the U19 category, there will be a strong contingent of players heading to the Lion City, led by Asian #1 Isaac Lim (SGP/Lions), as well as new #2 Benjamin Ng (AUS/Western Flickers), Oliver Ollnow (AUS/Northern Falcons) and Torben Pfister (AUS/Northern Falcons).

In the Asian Women’s rankings, Beth Eveleigh reclaimed her #1 ranking as Kimi Wada dropped to second.

We can expect some big changes in the rankings after Singapore: hold on to your hats, it’s going to be a wild ride!

All the latest rankings:


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