ATFA Committee 2022 Nominations

Nominations for the ATFA Committee for 2022 have now closed. The nominations received were:

President – Adrian Connolly

Treasurer – Eliot Kennedy

Secretary – Steve Wright

Ordinary Committee Member – Adrian Elmer

Ordinary Committee Member – Hugh Best

Ordinary Committee Member – Luke Radziminski

Ordinary Committee Member – Geoff Sirmai

Ordinary Committee Member – Giuseppe Tardiota

No elections are required to determine the three roles of office bearers for which there were nominations (President, Treasurer and Secretary), as they are unopposed.  Thank you to Adrian, Steve and Eliot for accepting nominations to continue in these important roles.  The role of Vice President will be a casual vacancy.   Under the constitution, the committee may appoint a member of the association to fill the vacancy once the new committee is in place at the AGM.

Under the constitution there can be at least 3 ordinary committee members, and the total number of committee members is to be 7.  As we have had 8 nominations, we will need to hold an election to determine the 4 remaining committee members from the 5 ordinary committee member nominations.  As previously advertised, voting will occur: 12:01am AEDT Monday November 1 – 11:59pm AEDT Sunday, November 14, 2021.  Details will follow soon.

The incoming committee will take effect from the official appointment at the AGM from 4pm AEDT Sunday November 21, 2021.  This will again be held virtually via a Messenger video call.  Please contact our President Adrian Connolly via a private message, or post below if you’d like to attend – we will then add you to the group for the AGM video call.  From the 4 elected ordinary committee members, once the new committee is in place at the AGM, the committee may appoint an ordinary member as Vice President; the Treasurer or Secretary may hold two roles; or the position may remain a casual vacancy. This will be discussed at the AGM.

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