Want To Contribute To ATFA News?

The Australian Table Football Association is always keen to update its content and keep up with the dynamic world of table football in our country. While the nature of this website has evolved over the years, there is still a place here for reports on local tournaments and events, as well as news from our major events. In the pre-COVID world, these reports helped build excited links between players around the country and were a big encouragement for players to travel.

While specialised club social media pages have taken the place of many of these kinds of reports, the ATFA Committee still feels that there is a significant role for these reports at this centralised location.

With this in mind, we would like to encourage players around the country to send their news – tournament reports, ads for upcoming events, player profiles, video diaries, anything relevant – in for publication on the ‘ATFA NEWS’ section of the website. If you have a report you would like to add, send details through to ‘news@subbuteoaustralia.com‘ and our Communications Officer, Adrian Elmer, will work with you to get it on the website.

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