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Lim claims top spot in last Asian ranking for 2019

Singapore’s Bernard Lim claimed the top spot in Asia in the last ranking for the Open category in 2019.

Antonio Carabillo refereeing Benny Ng v Bernard Lim during the Asian Cup 2019.

Antonio Carabillo refereeing Benny Ng v Bernard Lim during the Asian Cup 2019.

It was the fist time the Singapore Lions player has ever led the CASTFA rankings.

He overtook Antonio Carabillo (HKG/Dragons), who led Asia for 8 months during 2019.

The Northern Falcons TFC kept their top slot in the teams category, while there were few changes elsewhere in the rankings.

We can expect some big moves after the Australian Grand Prix in February.


rankings processed by Paul Mercer

Announcement: World Cup Qualifier Event

ATFA is pleased to announce that the World Cup Qualifying event to determine the representatives for the Open and Veterans categories in individual and teams events will be held on March 7 in Sydney at the Willoughby Park Bowling Club.

As previously communicated, the highest FISTF ranked player who nominated to represent Australia will be selected.  This event will determine all other available individual places for the World Cup, and the members of the Australian team.

Details for registrations will be announced soon.

Details of the 2020 World Cup Selection process are found here:

Fab and Torben claim Falcons Christmas Doubles Cup

Lots of laughter, some outrageous goals, shots and genuine comradeship were features of the Northern Falcons Christmas Doubles Cup.
Sydney’s love affair with the doubles format stretches back to the early 70s when Don and Gary Hosie created the idea at the North Sydney Boys High School in their Subbuteo competitions.

Action from North Sydney Boys High 1978 Doubles

Action from North Sydney Boys High 1978 Doubles

Over the years, there have been some slight revisions to the rules, but in essence the format remains the same: two players control one team, with one player controlling the defence, the other the attack, and roles reversing at halftime.

1988 Doubles Action

1988 Doubles Action

It can sometimes be frustrating as the actual number of flicks is reduced, but it also allows for spectacular moves, with shots on the run from free-play, as well as set pieces.
The latest tournament had it all.
With 15 players, we have 7 pairs and Simon Cole volunteered to be the ‘lone wolf’ in the early round.

Christmas Cup Doubles competitors

Christmas Cup Doubles competitors

There were four ‘father/son’ pairs, which tested family ties, as “advice” was either ignored or rejected in classic “father-son fashion”!
As always, it took players some time to come to grips with the format, and goals were at a premium.
In group 1, Fab and Torben were held by Tony and Paolo, while Geoff and Eliot (whose friendship stretches all the way back to those early years of Subbo at NSBHS) scored the first goal of the night against Kostas and his son Dimitris.
Geoff and Eliot headed to the semis after their 1-0 win against the Credentinos, while Fab and Torben hit their straps, beating the Barbaris’ 2-0, then the NSBHS old boys 2-0.

Torben, Kostas, DImitris and Fab

Torben, Kostas, DImitris and Fab

Eliot and Geoff - long time friendship

Eliot and Geoff – long time friendship

In Group 2, Simon Cole, returning to play a
fter many months of sabbatical, showed he had not lost his touch, with some great moves and an excellent ‘cut’ shot to beat Steve and Louis. Jonty and Neil were held by Adrian and Stefanos, before Simon scored another 1-0 win against the Breners. The Dettres sweated on the result of Adrian and Stefanos against Simon, before scoring to beat the Breners and qualify for the semis.

Louis, Steve and Simon

Louis, Steve and Simon

In the semis, Simon was paired with Adrian Grunbach, and they performed well against a sterling effort from Eliot and Geoff, winning 1-0. In the other match, Fab and Torben were looking like a well oiled machine, taking a 2-0 lead into halftime, where they held on.

In the final, Fab and Torben came out on top, winning 1-0 to cap a great night.
Many thanks to the Falcons players for bringing food for the night, and to everyone for playing in such a great spirit, with laughter ringing out all night.

I’d like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year.

Results: Christmas Cup

Beach-side flicking fun and fellowship

The M Club, Maroubra Beach was the venue for the latest Hipfingerz Sydney East TFC invitation tournament – this time co-hosted with its emerging neighbour Botany TFC.
A bumper turn-out was the first noticeable feature of the night with 18 players – including 5 juniors – in attendance for what turned out to be a fun and competitive night!
There were 6 representatives of Sydney TFC, 5 from Botany, 4 Northern Falcons and three Hipfingerz.
Viking Pizza was ordered for all and cheery, patient barmaid/duty manager Maggie kept the troops refreshed.
Kiki and Dimitris Barbaris first played off in the junior rookies ‘curtain-raiser’, with Kiki narrowly besting her younger brother 1-0 (courtesy of an unlucky own-goal).

Kiki faces off against brother Dimitris

Kiki faces off against brother Dimitris

In a keenly contested youth round-robin, where each game was decided 1-0, Jonty Brener claimed the honours, ahead of Gabriel Lombard and Daniel Sirmai.
In the open division, Group 1 proved a tight affair with three draws and three narrow wins providing just 3 goals.
John Palamara and Paolo Credentino shared top spot with identical goal-difference, unable to be separated except by the drawing of lots. Gabriel Lombard was unlucky to finish only a point behind and Jeremy Simpson was 4th.

Jeremy Simpson faces Paolo Credentino

Jeremy Simpson faces Paolo Credentino

Group 2 – the group of death – saw Fabrizio Coco unsurprisingly take top spot, but not before having to squeak a 1-0 victory over Steve Dettre.
Steve ultimately finished 2nd on goal-difference though, just pipping Jonty, while newcomer Stefanos Milatos continued his impressive improvement in playing three very modest losses, including just 0-2 to Fab.

Stefanos and Jonty in action

Stefanos and Jonty in action

Group 3 – the group of life – saw Eliot Kennedy win through relatively untroubled, with the highlight a dramatic late winner in a 2-1 defeat of Raffaele Lombard. Both accounted for Neil Brener and jovial co-host Kostas Barbaris who finished 3rd and 4th respectively.

Kostas and Neil

Kostas and Neil

In the final group three 0-0 draws proved fortuitous for Geoff Sirmai whose narrow loss to Tony Credentino saw him sneak into 2nd place on goal difference behind the Italian master. Vincenzo Coco and Daniel Sirmai were the unlucky ones in equal 2nd place to miss out on the knock out phase.
Daniel and Enzo
So to the quarterfinals where Raffaele accounted for John, Tony defeated Steve (2-0 each) and Eliot won 4-0 against a fast-improving young Paolo. The only drama was in the 4th quarterfinal where match full of saves and near misses at both ends saw Fabrizio defeat a dogged Geoff on shots after the match finished locked at 0-0.
Tony in action
The semi-final pairings brought three Sydney TFC leaders to the fore with the Northern Falcon’s last remaining representative Eliot was edged out 2-1 by Fab and Raffa defeated Tony 3-1.
A predictably exciting final went 1-0 to Fabrizio over Raffaele – fortunately before the cock began to crow… and a happy crowd enjoyed the cup and medal presentations – which included a popular Best and Fairest medal for Vincenzo!

Many thanks to all for attending – and special thanks to Steve for all his help and for running the competition app on the night. Full results attached here. Have a great holiday season, and see you again beach-side soon!

(story by Geoff Sirmai)

Hipfingerz WASPA Results

Latest FISTF and CASTFA rankings

There was little movement in the Asian rankings this month, with a few position changes due to previous points dropping out.

Antonio Carabillo (Dragons/HKG) maintained his #1 Ranking in Asia for the 8th straight month, while Den Mulia (Lions/SGP) might be looking over his shoulder as Vikas (Jurong/SGP) continues his move up the Veterans ranking.

Oliver Ollnow (Falcons/AUS) maintained his #1 rank in the U19, while Benjamin Ng (Flickers/AUS) resumed his #2 position.

There were no movements in the Women’s ranking, while in the Teams, the Northern Falcons jumped back to #1 in Asia.

One note: there is a growing number of players who have fallen off the rankings. We all need to make an effort to get these players back, registered and playing!!!






ANNOUNCEMENT: World Cup Selection criteria


In the interest of transparency and fairness, ATFA is pleased to announce the process for selection of participants to represent Australia at the 2020 FISTF World Cup in Rome, Italy.

The criteria used will be as follows:

1. Highest FISTF ranked player in each category for which there is a player nominated will be selected in that category by ATFA. FISTF rankings used as at end of February 2020 (released by FISTF early March) which will therefore include results from 2020 AGP held that month.

2. If a player is ranked highest in multiple categories, they shall choose which category they wish to compete in for individual and teams events.  The next highest ranked player for the category which that player does not choose will then be selected as the highest ranked player.

3. For junior categories and women’s: For the remaining individual places that are allocated to ATFA by FISTF, and selection in team category, selection will be completed in order of FISTF ranking as at end of February 2020.

4. For Open and Veterans categories:  Remaining individual event places allocated to ATFA by FISTF, and selection in teams, will be completed via a World Cup qualifying event to be held early March 2020.  Details will be confirmed shortly, with the event being planned for Sydney as the preferred location due primarily to the overwhelming majority of players who recently expressed their interest in World Cup participation coming from NSW.

5. Any remaining places available following the World Cup qualifying event will be filled through selection by the ATFA Committee at it’s discretion.  (e.g. places in teams if insufficient players chose to travel to the World Cup from the qualifying event after missing out on selection for the individual competition).

Note: All World Cup participants must meet their own costs associated with participation including travel and accomodation; and must wear the applicable Australian Table Football Association kit purchased at their cost.

Vale Chris Scoles

The Australian table football community lost one of its own this month, when Brisbane Subbuteo Club’s Chris Scoles succumbed to cancer.
Brisbane’s Gareth Whalley updated us on Chris’ passing.
He was diagnosed in May, but he still battled on and took part in their August tournament.
“He was on about coming to September if we could get a reclining sunlounger for him to rest in during breaks, but he couldn’t come as he’d taken a turn for the worst,” said Gareth.
“‘My last contact with him was about a week and half ago,” Gareth said.
Chris passed away on Saturday, October 5.
The Australian community passes on its condolences to his wife Claire, kids Diamond, Xavier and Eden, and his stepkids Max and Lucy.
Chris was buried on Monday.
Vale Chris.
Keep on flicking.