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Victory for the Ng’s at the FISTF Satellite of Melbourne

By Luke Radziminski


A rare satellite event was organised in Melbourne where the club championship has evolved into the State Championship to cater for the growing clubs in Melbourne. The tournament was open for others to enter from interstate. We hosted Giuseppe Tardiota from Brisbane Table Football Club and Hermann Kruse with son, Oliver, from Sydney (Northern Falcons).

14 seniors and 7 juniors took part in their respective categories.


The open category consisted a dominant number of Western Flickers with a mixed bag level in skills, with some new and still learning the game. However, 2 Western Flickers have managed to reach the semi-finals after Benny Ng had to recover from a 1 goal deficit to Giuseppe with an equaliser to push through into extra time where it remained a stalemate with end-to-end action. Benny went through on penalties. Benji Batten had outclassed Simon Briffa and Adam Deverell picked up an extraordinary rare win over Luke Radziminski (2-0) through counterattacking and brilliant finishing. Hermann Kruse had also powered through the quarter finals after defeating Kevin 3-0

In the semi-final Benji dominated Adam with a convincing 6-0 win, in the other game Benny Ng struggled against Hermann, picking up an early 1-0 lead and after missing a few shots to bury the game, Hermann created a few scares going into clear shooting positions but could not get his shots on target, hitting the bar twice. Ultimately Benny was able to hold out in a tense second half, winning 1-0.

The grand final between Benny and Benji was equivalent to an arm wrestle as there were minimal shots than expected and excellent blocking from both players made creating shots ever so frustrating. Benny scored in the first half but throughout the game Benji was unable to find an opportunity to peg one back. Benny is now crowned as the Champion of Victoria.


Extra games were made sure for those who did not qualify in the group stages as they were placed into a WASPA tournament in the Plate Series. Adrian Connolly became the eventual winner with Western Flickers making a clean sweep of all three awards.


In the U19 Category, 7 players took part. Benjamin Ng progressed to the final after defeating Aidan Deverell in the Semi-final while Northern Falcons’ Oliver Ollnow booked his ticket with a win over Billy Wright. Oliver took the lead in the final, however two second half goals from Benjamin saw the Australian grand Prix Junior champion take the title. Alex Briffa won the Junior Plate competition.


ATFA Board General Meeting

In March, the interim Board of the Australian Table Football Association met to consider a few points needed for the administration of the game in Australia. While most of this information will already be fairly common knowledge amongst Australian players, the minutes are published below so that anyone can have a look. It is envisaged that the next Board meeting will occur around the end of the current financial year. This will coincide with the inauguration of ATFA memberships and the full election of the ATFA Board by ATFA members.

to read the board meeting minutes (pdf format), click here.

Mcnulty takes out Perth title


A Europa league style tournament was held up in the hills of Perth on April 8th. 6 players took part on what would be by far the closest tournament we have hosted in our 2yr plus existence. After we all played each other twice in the league the table finished like this to determine who would play who in the final knock out games.


P  W  D  L  F  A Pts

1:Alan Kimber                       10 8 1  1 30  5  25
2:Ross Mcnulty                     10 6 3  1 18  6  21
3:Hugh Best                          10 2 5  3  5   8  11
4:John Harty                          10 2 4 4  6 13  10
5:Chris Thorn                        10 2 4 4  9 19  10
6:Ron Byrne                          10 0 3 7  6 23    3


Game 1:

1 Hugh Best*
0 Ron Byrne

Hugh Best took on Ron Byrne in a game that had lots of twists and theres no doubt these two boys are improving rapidly, the game started with Best on the front foot as he pressured Bryne with some nice controlled passing with his new Pink Tcha Palermo team. Byrne began to begin attacks and he was also sporting a new set as he had brought Best’s Celtic team of Tcha’s that morning. In a see saw game of cat and mouse but ultimately in the 2nd half Best pieced together a fine batch of passes which culminated in a fine strike just inside the right hand side of the attacking area. Byrne rallied but could not break down the Australian native who closed the game out and reach his first Semi Final at Subbuteo Perth, Well done Hugh and terrific effort by Ron.

Game 2:

1 John Harty
1 Chris Thorn* (Thorn wins 2-1 on pens)

Again the 2 original founders faced off in what would become a real contest of poise and nerve, Thorn started off well and and sprayed the ball around nicely without getting the ball in the area as Harty held a sound defensive line, Harty was pretty much breaking down the flanks as thats normally very much a trait of Thorn’s but midway through the 1st half it was Harty that struck with well worked 1, 2, 3, 4 touch between two players to work the ball into the danger Area, he struck a menacing effort that deflected off the hapless keeper. Into the 2nd half Thorn just soldiered on as per usual and kept playing his game of patience and a goal will come and low and behold he got the break through midway through with a low shot that went in off the woodwork. So thats how it stayed and the game went into extra time, again the sides could not separated and Thorn held his nerve to advance to the Semi Finals with a 2-1 win in shoot out.

Semi Final 1:

1 Chris Thorn
2 Alan Kimber* (wins in extra time)

Another game between these two rivals began in cagey style with both players reluctant to throw caution but in typical style Kimber scored one of his trade mark chips shots from nowhere and suddenly the game took off, Thorn kept patient and continued to probe away at Kimber’s defence but it held off until halftime. Into the second half it was Thorn who struck back in emphatic style with a well worked goal of quality as the ball nestled into th onion bag with Kimber helpless to prevent it, Kimber countered and went close on a few occasions but this game headed into extra time and midway through the first half Kimber broke on the right and delivered an inch perfect pass into the shooting area which was finished off with a smart chip that stunned Thorn, again Thorn tried in vein but could not get the equalizer he craved, another cracker of a match with little between the two players.

2 Ross Mcnulty* (Wins 2-1 pens)
2 Hugh Best

Another titanic game for the rapidly improving Best who is getting closer and closer with every passing month to beating Mcnulty. The game began with a very organised looking Best and he quickly got into his stride and within 4mins was 1 up after catching out Mcnulty with a fantastically well organised break out from his midfield, using 2 players he patiently bypassed Mcnulty’s defence which was all at sea and dispatched an unstoppable shot that had Mcnulty immediately shaking his hand and applauding the goal. Not long after the restart Best was at it again, this time another well worked move wound up with him in dreamland after another fine strike leaving Mcnulty with a mountain to climb. With 7mins of the half remaining Mcnulty began to up the anti with attack after attack and with a minute to go he put a low shot into the bottom corner to give himself hope of a comeback against the rampant Australian. In the second half Mcnulty went looking for that vital equalizer but found the Best rear guard and his keeper in fine form, Best himself had a few ventures out of his defence in a game that was fast becoming quite stretched. With 4mins to go Mcnulty netted an equalizer as the pressure finally told and another low shot with power beat Best’s Drago keeper to send the second Semi Final into extra time. Again it was very much tit for tat in extra time with both both players cautious not to pour forward and we headed into another penalty shootout, Mcnulty just about did enough and put 2 pens away to Best’s 1 and another final was secured. Hugh can be proud of his efforts as Ross really did dodge a bullet on this one and almost felt guilty at going through such was the closeness of the match up.

3rd & 4th Play Off:

0 Chris thorn* (wins 2-1 on pens)
0 Hugh Best

Another tight game with nothing to call between the two, plenty of chances came and went but ultimately after 30mins neither side could deliver the winner and it headed into extra time. Again nobody wanted to commit and it was very much a case of defences on top and for 4th time in these finals a penalty shoot out beckoned. Best summoned up all his passionate efforts as he closed his eyes and looked up to the sky and Thorn just had his usual ice cool appearance looking on but cometh the moment cometh the ice man and it was Thorn who put away 2 of his goals and although Best came very close, it was the Veteran player who once played Subbuteo creator Peter Adolf in Southern England in the 1950’s that ultimately claimed bragging rights to finish 3rd.


1 Ross Mcnulty*
0 Alan Kimber

Another final between arguably Perths two top players began yet again and as per usual it was another tight game with very few cast iron clear cut chances, after 5mins Kimber had Mcnulty in panic mode as he missed a defensive flick that allowed a shot in the shooting area and a gap had appeared for a shot from one of his players in central defence, one quick flick and the ball squirmed wide with Mcnulty breathing a huge sigh of relief. Mcnulty countered back and as the 1st half drew to a close he went close with a well worked move that ended in a shot just flying narrowly over the bar. The second half pretty much mirrored the 1st in a very open affair and after some neat interplay Mcnulty took the the lead after catching Kimbers defence pushing up a little to far and a shot arrowed into the top left corner to stun him. Straight after the restart Mcnulty decided to park the bus and just break with minimal players and Kimber began to pick a few holes and twice had another 2 shots from long distance but sadly one looped over the bar and another was saved by Mcnulty. A few breaks from Mcnulty went close as Kimber made 2 great saves and the favour was returned as Mcnulty then himself had to make 2 smart saves to keep his lead and subsequently he did as Kimber admitted on his last long distance shot 2 mins from time ‘ its just not gonna happen ‘. And thats how the game ended with Mcnulty jubilant but also absolutely shattered after a draining day of pure Subbuteo.

Final Standings:

1st:Ross Mcnulty
2nd:Alan kimber
3rd:Chris Thorn
4th:Hugh Best
5th:Ron Byrne
6th:John Harty

Again there was little to choose and the whole tournament was full of extremely close games and a special mention must go to Hugh Best & Ron Byrne who have improved so dramatically in the last month or two, really looking forward to many more tournaments like this in the future, its this closeness in competition that makes it so special and ultimately is what every club strives for. Thanks again lads and see you all on the 21st May for our next meeting.

Report by Ross Mcnulty.

Subbuteo Parramatta Junior WASPA Tournament – Autumn 2017

group photoSchool holidays can only mean one thing, the return of Subbuteo Parramatta’s Junior Subbuteo Tournament. This autumn, the club took the opportunity to try out a new venue – the newly opened Good Games store in Bella Vista. Suffice to say all who attended were impressed by the space, the lighting and the hospitality provided, so much so that the club has now decided to use the shop as their new permanent clubhouse.

Seven players lined up for the tournament and, for the first time in Australian history (maybe even the world, anyone got access to all the records?!), the females outnumbered the males in an open tournament. With a couple of those involved in their first ever junior tournament, the future looks bright.

Players were divided into two groups. WASPA rankings were used to seed two players into each group, the others placed randomly to fill them up. Oliver was the dark horse – not having played as many tournaments as others, his ranking didn’t place him as a seeded player, but his intense practise over the last 6 months meant that he was poised to give the seeded players a shake. The group games were all very even, with 2 goals being the greatest margin in any fixture. At the conclusion of the group matches, the places all went according to seeds, except for Group Two, which turned out to be something of a group of death. Oliver made good on his dark horse status, taking his place at the expense of Imojjen, who lost both her fixtures in incredibly close 1-0 results to Oliver and Jonty. Meanwhile, Jonty and Oliver, with identical results and a head-to-head draw, had to go to a shootout to decide first and second place in the group. Oliver came out on top in a tight tussle.

In the repechage, Imojjen beat the day’s youngest competitor, Catherine, by a single goal to set up a final game against her good friend, Maddy. The two then played out a scoreless draw, the fatigue of a few hours’ straight Subbuteo play taking its toll.

The semi-finals saw Daniel line up against Jonty and Oliver faced Æowyn. None of the players could be separated. Oliver and Æowyn both put the ball in the back of the net during their game – Oliver while the referee had stopped play and Æowyn 5 seconds after the half-time whistle – but couldn’t break the deadlock during normal play. Likewise, Daniel and Jonty played out a scoreless draw and so both semis went to shots. Oliver took a straightforward 2-0 shots victory over Æowyn, but Jonty and Daniel needed 10 shots each before they could be separated!

oliver battles jonty in the grand final

oliver battles jonty in the grand final

Fatigue definitely set in for Æowyn in the 3rd/4th play-off, with Daniel running away with a 3-0 victory. Meanwhile, Jonty and Oliver renewed their group game rivalry and, again, couldn’t be separated. A goal to each left them with their second shootout of the day. This time, however, Jonty turned the tables, taking the match, and the title, with a shot to spare.

An excellent afternoon of Subbuteo with fairplay and friendliness a feature throughout. A big thanks to the parents who brought their children along and hung around to referee and give coaching tips. A big thanks to the Palamaras and the Sirmais who trekked from the opposite side of the city and many many thanks to our wonderful host venue, Bella Vista Good Games. The juniors will be back next holidays!

for full results, click here
for more photos click here

26th Waspa Brisbane League Cup


Woody Point (Redcliffe) Club house.

Six Brisbane flickers turned up on a rather more pleasant morning to last month’s scorcher. Derek and Shane returned after a long absence Derek with a beaming smile after seeing his beloved Brighton secure promotion into the Premier League for the first time.

In the first round Wil fought back after slipping 2 nil behind in the first half to 2-1 against his Dad. Gus became worried but hung in and eventually scored late on to secure a win, the best goal though was scored by the younger Gillespie. Rik welcomed back Derek with a same score line, 3-1.

Round 2 had last months finalists Rik and Gus go toe to toe. Rik got off to a good start and enjoyed the better of the first half and was approaching the half time whistle 2 up, but Gus broke through and got one back just before the 15 minutes were up. Encouraged Gus came out determined in the second half but as much as he tried Rik’s solid defence denied a comeback, the game finishing 2-1 to Rik. In the other game, Wil fought well but came off second best to Giuseppe losing a credible 3-0.

Round 3 witnessed Wil & Derek get their first point of the day, drawing 1-1. In the other game, Giuseppe won a hard fought game 3-1 with Gus, Giuseppe getting b
ack to top form.

Round 4 finished with the big guns winning, Giuseppe beating Derek 3-0 and Rik beating Wil 3-1.

Round 5 enabled the Newcastle v Brighton match up, with Gus’s Newcastle coming out on top 4-0. The other match-up was a full dress rehearsal of the final, as the top two players faced up. A very tight and thrilling encounter ended 3-3, so giving no clues to who might just win the final.


The Final as expected was extremely tight. Giuseppe really was hitting his straps but Rik’s solid defence kept him out. At the other end it was similar, and it was no surprise when half time came around and the scores were level 0-0. The breakthrough almost came against the run of play, with Giuseppe having the majority of attacks, but Rick tucked the first goal under Giuseppe’s keeper. The lead however was only maintained for about 3 minutes, when Giuseppe on the break scored a cracker in the bottom corner 1-1. Again no surprise when the final whistle went, it was stalemate 1-1, ten minutes of further action was required. Four minutes into extra time Rik again tucked a nice shot under Giuseppe’s keeper. Giuseppe fought back without relent, however it would be Rik who scored the all-important next goal, with just two minutes left. Giuseppe had a mountain to climb being 3-1 down, and that was the way it finished. Another great final between these two, and the speed and skill on show was a pleasure to watch.

So another great day at Woody Point, the home of the Brisbane Subbuteo Club. Good to see Shane, Derek and the cooler weather back. A big thanks to Giuseppe for hosting, and to all the players who contribute to make it such an enjoyable competition.


World and Asian Rankings

The latest world and Asian rankings show some movement by Singapore and Japan players, while the Aussies were dormant during most of February and March.
Nonetheless,Peter Thomas retains his top spot in Asia, as past results reduce in value and players lose standing. A few Aussies suffered this fate, including Will Johncock and Adam Reynolds, and our Indonesian brothers.
There were quite a few new Singapore and Japan players.
Biggest mover on the rankings was Singapore’s Anas Rahamat (Jurong) whon rocketed into third place in Asia, while Japan’s Kenzo Koi (Yokohama) jumped into 4th place.
Antonio Carabillo (KHG Drangons) moved into the Top 10.
With a number of events across April and June, there should be some interesting times before the end of the season.
FISTF Rankings Mar 2017 – ASIA

Subbuteo Parramatta Junior WASPA Tournament

Subbuteo Parramatta is proud to host a Junior WASPA Tournament during the upcoming NSW school holidays. We’ll be using the wonderful space at our new headquarters – Good Games Bella Vista. All school aged players are welcome, girls and boys. New players are especially welcome – we can loan you equipment and teach you how the game is played. Entry is completely free. So come along for some school holiday fun.

april 2017 junior tournament 600px

25th Brisbane League Cup


Sunday the 26th of March,

 Woody Pointe club house.

A very, very warm day in SE Qld saw just six brave the heat for some flickin fun.  A straight forward league would be played with the top two playing a grand final.

As always seems to be the case, last months finalists had to face each other in the first round, Rik had found Gus’s weakness, and with devastating effect. Three dodgy shots trickled in as the expected thunder shot was being saved (the keeper frantically palming away the expected shot whilst actually watching the ball trickle over the line). Rik did manage a real cracker amongst the his four, and Gus got a couple of good goals back but the damage was done. So Rik started the day as he meant to go on, with a comfortable 3 points.  Wil and Andrew played out a goalfest, with Andrew winning 8-5.

The second round had all the local rivalries in one go. Wil beating his brother James 3-1 with a couple of pitch invasions to be dealt with. The Sunshine Coast rivalry between Andrew and Gus saw the latter win 3-0. The Brisbane derby saw Rik take all three points from Giuseppe with a close 2-1 win.

The big game of round 3 was a very close and hard fought battle which ended all square, with Andrew and Giuseppe scoring 2 a piece.

Round 4’s big game witnessed Gus go into a staggering 3-0 lead against Giuseppe, which Gus maintained till half time. Giuseppe has a great record of comebacks against Gus, and 3-0 didn’t seem enough to the Newcastle man. Sure enough, not long into the second half Giuseppe broke and efficiently pulled one back. Gus though dug in, and refused to let the lead slip away. In the end Giuseppe could just not get the goals and the game finished 3-1 to a very relieved Gus, this securing at least 2nd spot.

Round 5 had the Andrew v Rik game, Andrew would really like to beat Rik, and this time he came no where near. Rik routing the Rovers fan 5-0.

So Rik topped the table with a 100% 15 points. Gus runner up with 12 points. Andrew 4th to Giuseppe by goal difference.

The Final, for the 3rd month in a row was played out between Rik and Gus.

Gus had given his goalkeeper a good work out after the round one game and felt almost confident going into the final. Rik seemed to be cruising and was playing very well, and had to be the firm favourite.

After 3 minutes Rik had the lead, which was doubled after 6. Two nil down Gus found an inner strength and fought all the way, hitting the metalwork twice and certainly having the majority of attacks, but Rik’s stoic defending saw him win back to back trophies. Another good final, and a worthy winner.

Another great day, some great goals and a fair bit of good banter, not to mention Giuseppe’s awesome lunch and hospitality.





FISTF Satellite of Melbourne 2017

Melbourne TFC will be hosting a FISTF Satellite event on Saturday April 29. All players are welcome from across Australia for what will be a fantastic event. 1 day, individual competition played to full FISTF format. Players who want to come on Friday can have friendlies against local players on the Friday night.

Venue is:

15th Brighton Scout Hall: 6 Wolsley St, Bentleigh VIC 3204

The cost of the event is $15 per player with Juniors free. ALL event entry fees must be paid in advance by bank transfer.

Melbourne Table Football Club Inc.

B.S.B: 013 355

A/C No. 2914 879 38

Please sign up using the googleform below, and direct any questions to Benji Batten: