St Patrick’s Day WASPA Event

The Northern Falcons staged a short tournament, to dust off the cobwebs before the upcoming Melbourne and Berry events.
A three round Swiss saw the action come thick and fast.
Daniele and Steve continued their ding-dong battles, with a 2-2 draw, while Eliot and Fabrizio also finished level 1-1, with Eliot again peppering the crossbar.
Biggest shock of the night was Dominic’s 3-1 win over Steve, using his Snipers to great effect. Their close in shooting and chipping were a feature!
In the last round, Eliot needed one more goal against Daniele to take the title, but couldn’t manage it.
Fabrizio claimed the win, a bottle of Guiness, and could celebrate the news that his residency in Australia has been extended another four years! Great news for him and Subbuteo in Australia.
Well done to all.

St Patrick's Day WASPA participants

St Patrick’s Day WASPA participants



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