Carl Young wins the MTFC March WASPA

Congratulations to Carl Young for winning the Melbourne TFC March waspa event. A great day with 10 players competing.

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Final Standings (Bases used in brackets)

1. Carl Young (ExtremeBases)

2. Steve Dettre (Toccer)

3. Dillon Izon (Sniper 2.0)

4. Benji Batten (Sniper 1.0)

5. Paul Mercer (Zuego profibase)

6. Luke Radziminski (Tchaa Snake)

7. Benny Ng (Sniper 2.0)

8. David Simpson (Flickmaster Serie A)

9. Noah Loven (Rex-C Bibase)

10. Nigel Edwards (Zuego Profibase)

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