Cedric Garnier claims top spot in Asian Open rankings

Cedric Garnier of Tokyo TFC took top spot on the Asian rankings for the first time since July 2018 on the back of the Yokohama Satellite.

He leapfogged both Anas Rahamat (SGP, Jurong Central) and Antonio Carabillo (HKG Dragons).
The biggest mover was Rob Green (AUS, Northern Falcons) who leapt 15 places in the Asian rankings, into the top 10 for the first time. He also moved 103 places in the world ranking.
Among others who rose in Asia, were Fabrizio Coco (AUS, Sydney FC) who jumped 4 places, Steve Dettre (AUS, Northern Falcons) 6 places, Adrian Connolly (AUS, Western Flickers), Tony Credentino (AUS, Sydney TFC) 10, Adrian Elmer (AUS, Western Sydney) 8.
In the teams category, Juron edged ahead of their country rivals SG Lions to be ranked 1, while Sydney TFC rose to third in the rankings.
There was no activity and no changes in the Veteran category, U15 and U12.
In the U19 Top spot was retained by Benjamin Ng (AUS, Westrn Flickers), ahead of Isaac Lim (SGP, Lions), while Jonty Brener jumped two places into third in the ranking, ahead of clubmate Oli Olnow.
Falcons Torben Pfister moved up six places, as did Nicholas Carabillo (HKG Dragons), while Daniel Sirmai moved up five places to 15th.
Biggest mover was Liam Browne (AUS, Western Flickers), who leapt 10 places to 23rd.
In the women’s ranking Beth Eveleigh too top spot for the first time since January 2018, ahead of Kimi Wada (JPN, Yamato), while Charlotete Wright moved up one place to 4th, Æowyn Elmer rose two places to 6th and Juliette Brown jumped five places to 7th.







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