Latest FISTF and CASTFA rankings

There was little movement in the Asian rankings this month, with a few position changes due to previous points dropping out.

Antonio Carabillo (Dragons/HKG) maintained his #1 Ranking in Asia for the 8th straight month, while Den Mulia (Lions/SGP) might be looking over his shoulder as Vikas (Jurong/SGP) continues his move up the Veterans ranking.

Oliver Ollnow (Falcons/AUS) maintained his #1 rank in the U19, while Benjamin Ng (Flickers/AUS) resumed his #2 position.

There were no movements in the Women’s ranking, while in the Teams, the Northern Falcons jumped back to #1 in Asia.

One note: there is a growing number of players who have fallen off the rankings. We all need to make an effort to get these players back, registered and playing!!!






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