The AGM for ATFA was held on Sunday 21st November 2021.  Please find attached meeting minutes and final financial position report for the 20/21 financial year.  These will also be shared directly to our members.  Thank you to Paul Mercer for his support of Eliot Kennedy in finalising our financial report.

We are pleased to confirm that the incoming ATFA committee is as follows:

President: Adrian Connolly

Secretary: Steve Wright

Treasurer: Eliot Kennedy

Ordinary Committee Members: Adrian Elmer, Giuseppe Tardiota, Hugh Best and Luke Radziminski

The Vice President role is presently a casual vacancy.  The Committee may choose to appoint a member to this role, but this may only be filled by one of the committee members as there is a maximum of 7 committee members as per the ATFA Constitution.    The President cannot also fill the role of VP.

The committee, as it’s first action, agreed at the AGM that fees will again be waived for 2022 due to the financial position of ATFA and COVID restrictions impacting certainty of events.  The membership status of each contact will be further communicated directly to members and those players who have been members in the past or indicated an interest.

ATFA AGM 2021 Minutes Final-ATFA-Financial-Statement-2020-21

Final ATFA Financial Statement 2020-21

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