Thorn and Kimber Winners in Perth

Players from L-R (Alan Kimber, Chris Thorn, Ross McNulty, John Harty)

Players from L-R (Alan Kimber, Chris Thorn, Ross McNulty, John Harty)

News has come through this morning at ATFA HQ that Perth Subbuteo has succesfully staged their 3rd and 4th waspa tournaments respectively over the last two months.

Growing from an initial player base of just Chris Thorn and John Harty in 2014, the club has now expanded to four players with Ross McNulty and Alan Kimber joining the fray. We have also been told two more players are expected in the new year bringing the total up to 6.

Chris's awesome table

Chris’s awesome table

In the meantime, the club has followed suit with fellow Australian clubs and has purchased their own club shirts (red and blue as seen in above photo).

Now to the tournaments; in September it was Chris Thorn who came out on top undefeated in his 6 games:

September 2015
Name                                                    Name                                    Name                                                    Name
Alan                       1v1                         Ross                                       Chris                      3v0                         Ross
John                      0v1                         Chris                                      John                      0v2                         Alan
Alan                       0v2                         Chris                                      Chris                      2v1                         Alan
Ross                       0v0                         Chris                                      Chris                      2v1                         John
Ross                       0v2                         Alan                                       John                      1v0                         Ross
Alan                       2v0                         John                                      Ross                       2v0                         John
Table                                     P             W           D             L              F              A             Pts
Chris THORN                      6              5              1              0              10           2              16
Alan KIMBER                      6              3              1              2                8            5              10
Ross McNULTY                  6              1              2              3                3            7                5
John HARTY                       6              1              0              5                2            9                3
And in October Alan Kimber took his first waspa title, well done Alan!
October 2015
Name                                                    Name                                    Name                                                    Name
Alan                       3v2                         Ross                                       Alan                       0v1                         John
John                      0v4                         Chris                                      Chris                      0v1                         Ross
Ross                       1v0                         John                                      John                      1v1                         Alan
Alan                       0v0                         Chris                                      Chris                      0v1                         Alan
Ross                       0v0                         Chris                                      John                      0v0                         Ross
Ross                       0v3                         Alan                                       Chris                      0v0                         John
Table                                     P             W           D             L              F              A             Pts
Alan KIMBER                      6              3              2              1              8              4              11
Ross McNULTY                  6              2              2              2              4              6                8
Chris THORN                      6              1              3              2              4              2                6
John HARTY                       6              1              3              2              2              6                6

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