2023 Australian Grand Prix of Subbuteo Table Football

Key takeaways:

  • Friday night dinner is included for registered players – drinks are not included but available for purchase (water provided).
  • Please arrive on time on Saturday and Sunday! We have strict finish times as the tournament is being held at a commercial venue that must be staffed.
  • Do not leave the venue during the tournament. Food and beverages are available for purchase on site throughout the weekend.
  • It is going to be AMAZING!!!
  • If you want to know more… please read on!

Thank you to those who have registered for what we hope will be the biggest and most exciting event in Australian Table Football this year!  For those that have not been to the venue (or its sister store in Sydney) it is simply amazing!  Ultra Football Melbourne hosted the launch of this seasons’ A Leagues men’s and women’s competitions.  They are very active on social media (worth a follow!).  Be warned, you could do some damage to your credit card with all the great merchandise available including some more obscure kits and speciality merchandise.

Ultra Football may have their film crew there at times over the weekend.  Our resident (award winning!) photographer Luke Radziminski will be behind the camera lens when not competing.  Streaming coordinated by Steve and Louis Dettre is also planned for the event, with the intention to set up a feature table for filming.  Please alert the organisers prior to the event if you do not wish to be filmed or photographed.

We hope to have some special guests drop in to see the Subbuteo Table Football action over the weekend that you may recognise from the A League or former playing days in the NSL.  Melbourne Victory are scheduled to have some of their teams in store on Saturday as part of a regular club day to measure for clothing.  Feel free to interact with them or the general public interest in what is occurring and to explain what we are doing!  Posters will be available that include a QR code to connect with us on facebook should they be interested.

Out the front of the venue is the football themed Panenka Café.  This café will host the Friday Dinner draw.  It is open for breakfast and lunch from 6am to 4pm each day.  The food and coffee are fantastic.  They will be opening exclusively for our function on the Friday evening.

If you do need to withdraw from any aspect of the event plus advise at your earliest convenience to minimise impacts on the organisation of the schedule and costs for the event.

FRIDAY 3rd February

We will be setting up all the boards in the Ultra Football venue in the afternoon, thanks to the Legend that is Kevin Grant for transporting ALL the boards!  We would love you to make it to help set up if you are available to do so.  Once we have set up, players will be able to use the board… but only after we have finished setting up please!

Ultra Football will close at 5pm.  We will then be able to move into the Panenka Café once they have set up.  There is a deck out front we can use if there is a short delay.

The Dinner Draw event will officially open at 6pm.  If we do get access prior to that time please do not expect to be served until 6pm.  This may occur but staffing will be minimal as it is open especially and exclusively for our small event which officially commences at 6pm.

Dinner is a set menu, canape style event.  All food is Halal friendly and will cater for all the dietary needs listed on registration forms.  Dinner is included for all registered players, plus for those who have included their partner in their registration fee as an optional addition.

Drinks are NOT included in the price.  Drinks must be purchased at your own expense during the event.  There are a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks available.  Water will be provided.

Menu for the dinner:

Package of 3 small bites and 2 large bites (we are advised this is a LOT of food!)

  • Potato croquettes
  • Buffalo chicken tenders
  • Corn and tomato empanadas
  • Southern fried chicken sliders
  • Smoked mushroom tacos

If you have any concerns about items meeting your dietary needs, please contact the organisers before the event or ask the staff on the evening for information on the ingredients.

Beverages available for purchase at your own expense include:

  • Beer (Furphy’s or Great Northern)
  • Wines (Sav Blanc and Prosecco)
  • Assorted Soft Drinks
  • Coffee and Tea.
  • A water station will be set up.
  • Other beverages may be available on request.

Smoking is allowed outside the venue on the deck on Friday evening (and during the weekend).


1pm (*TBC)        Commence set up at Ultra Football

5pm                       Ultra Football closing to public.  Panenka Café’ open for us to set up

6pm                       Panenka café venue officially opens to our event

6:30pm                 Food service commences

6:45pm                 Welcome address and overview of the weekend’s festivities

Draw for the Individual Open Event

7:30pm                 Second food service

7:45pm – 8pm    Conclusion of Draw – Consolation Trophy, Teams Event, Traveller’s Cup


The individual open event will be held throughout Saturday.  PLEASE ARRIVE AT 9AM FOR A 9:30AM SHARP START.  If you are NOT READY AT 9:30AM you may need to forfeit your first match.  We have a strict schedule to be out of this commercially operating soccer super store by a set time due to their staffing.  It is a tight schedule.  The number of players means will be playing or refereeing throughout at least the group stage, and at least one game beyond your elimination from the FISTF event.

For those eliminated in the group stages, there will be a Consolation Trophy.  The format of which will be announced Friday evening and the draw will be conducted to enable the schedule to flow smoothly on the Saturday.  As players are eliminated from the FISTF event they will need to referee the following round games.

Please do not leave the venue with the exception of smoking out the front during the defined lunch break to ensure we stick to the tight schedule.

Lunch will be available at the Panenka Café.  We will provide details Friday night on the food and ordering over the weekend.  We have two large tables reserved for us lunch in the café on the weekend.   Check them out online https://panenkafoodstore.com.au/

No dinner is planned for this evening, and the café will only be open until 4pm.  For those wishing to eat together we may arrange something on the day.  There are a number of good quality options on Victoria St Collingwood which is famous in Melbourne for food, particularly a range of quality affordable Asian restaurants as well as groovy options.  There are also a number of breweries and quality pubs now operating in the area for those liking quality beer with their food!


We will need to commence at 9:30am SHARP on Sunday morning too.  As per Sunday there will be a lunch break and tables reserved for us.  There will be two events:

FISTF Open Club Team

Four teams have entered.  One team will be scheduled to referee whilst two others play, and one will have a break for each round of games.  Please stick strictly to the schedule and do not leave the venue if you are not playing as the schedule is tight due to the time required to complete the club teams event.

Traveller’s Cup

Those players without club teams will be able to compete in a WASPA event.  This will also commence at 9:30am.  Details of the event will be announced Friday evening, with the event expected to be completed before 3pm to allow some players to leave the venue for flights home.

The venue is scheduled to close to the public at 5pm.  We intend to have final presentation as soon as Sunday events are complete, which may be 4pm due to the schedule expected for the teams event.  We would appreciate all those available to assist with packing up the venue in the lead up to the conclusion of the event to enable us to leave the venue on time.


Limited toilets are available in the Panenka Café, but are also available to us in the main arena within Ultra Football.


Getting to the venue

Public Transport

The nearest train station is Collingwood Station (on the Mernda line), just a few stations from the CBD and a short 5min walk from the venue.

Trams also run through Collingwood via Victoria St. on Tram route 12.  Note that whilst trams are free to all users in the CBD, Collingwood is outside the free tram zone.


The venue is a short drive from the CBD.  It may cost $15 from the centre of the city near Flinders St Station and take <15mins, less time and money if you are staying closer to the venue.  Uber/Didi/Ola is likely the quickest, easiest and possibly cheapest option if you are staying in or near the CBD.  Didi is typically cheaper than Uber.  Ola is available but not often used by most locals.  Taxi can be used by calling 13CABS or via their App.


As noted above, the venue is conveniently located close to the city.  Free street parking is available nearby, but note the parking restrictions closest to the venue will prevent you from parking directly out front all day without risking a hefty fine.  A short distance down Victoria Crescent, or Nicholson St you can find parking that is still a short walk and free for the period you will need during the event.  Parks down Victoria Crescent past Konqa (the kit manufacturer of many Australian Subbuteo club kits) are free for 4 hours Monday to Friday until 5pm and free for unlimited timing after that on a Friday and throughout the weekend.  Check the signs before leaving your vehicle.  Parking fines are large in Melbourne and parking attendants are frequently seen in the area!

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