UPDATE: 2023 Australian Grand Prix of Table Football

With registrations now closed, we can confirm that 26 players will be competing in the 2023 Australian Grand Prix of Table Football.

Individual Open

This will commence at 09:30 SHARP.  Be at the venue for opening at 9am.  Panenka Café is open for breakfast from 6am.  Players registered are as follows:

  1. Vikas Chandiramani
  2. Beth Eveleigh
  3. Anthony Madiona
  4. Geoff Sirmai
  5. Giuseppe Tardiota
  6. Richard Wilson
  7. Adrian Connolly
  8. Paul Mercer
  9. Steve Dettre
  10. Fabrizio Coco
  11. Carl Young
  12. Eliot Kennedy
  13. Robert Green
  14. Christos Garagounis
  15. Bryan Arnold
  16. Arjuna Hanafi
  17. Richard Edeson
  18. Peter Thomas
  19. Kostas Barbaris
  20. Nick Brill
  21. Luke Radziminski
  22. Kevin Grant
  23. Nathan Urbaniak
  24. Tony Credentino
  25. Daniel Lombard
  26. Jonty Brener

In line with FISTF recommendations, the format will be 6 groups of 3, and 2 groups of 4 players.

One player will be seeded into each group, as per the most current FISTF rankings.  The remainder will be a random draw conducted on Friday 3rd February at the Panenka Café exclusive event that commences at 6pm.

Top two from each group progress to the Round of 16.

There will be a lunch break.  Participants cannot leave the venue during this time to ensure we re-commence on schedule to meet the strict closing time of the commercial facility.

The final is expected to commence soon after 4pm.  We must vacate the venue before 6pm (preferably 5:30pm).

A Consolation Trophy WASPA event will be held for those eliminated in the group stage.  This will be 10 players.  4 will play in a barrage to progress to the ¼ finals of this event.

Open Club Teams

There will be one group of 4 teams completing a round-robin event.  In line with FISTF recommendations, standings from the group determine the winner and placings.  The plan is for the event to conclude by 4pm.

Again, there will be a lunch break in Sunday’s program.

Traveller’s Cup

For those players without Club Teams entered in Sunday’s FISTF event there will be a WASPA – the inaugural ATFA Traveller’s Cup.  The plan is to have the final games complete before 3pm to allow some participants to travel to the airport for early flights home.  There are 9 players participating in this event:

  • Vikas Chandiramani
  • Anthony Madiona
  • Geoff Sirmai
  • Richard Wilson
  • Adrian Connolly
  • Arjuna Hanafi
  • Richard Ederson
  • Nick Brill
  • Kevin Grant

The format will be announced at the Dinner & Draw Friday 3rd February.

Presentations and Conclusion of proceedings

All presentations will occur at the conclusion of the tournament, expected to be at approximately 4pm Sunday 5th Feb.

We must vacate the venue by 5pm on Sunday.  Your assistance with packing up will be greatly appreciated to ensure we leave a good impression with the operators of this amazing venue so that we may have the opportunity to be there again or Ultra Football’s Sydney store.

Adrian Connolly

ATFA President.

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