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Australian National Team Qualification Tournament

australian table football association subbuteo national team wc trials poster 600px
2020 sees the FISTF World Cup of Table Football take place in Italy in September. Players who are thinking of traveling to Italy for the event are invited to compete in a qualification tournament next month. Please use the entry form below if you would like to compete in the tournament to qualify to represent ATFA at the World Cup. We will also be holding a WASPA tournament on the same day at the same venue – it would be great to have as many players coming along to create atmosphere! So please also enter on the form below if you’d like to play in that WASPA tournament (this will help the Northern Falcons TFC know how many pitches to set up for the day).

Saturday, March 7, 2020
Willoughby Park Bowling Club – 13 Robert St, Willoughby East, NSW
Registrations on the day will be open from 9:00AM.
Flick-off is at 10:00AM sharp.

A tournament held to determine places for Australian table footballers who wish to represent the country at the 2020 World Cup in the Open Individual Event and the Veterans’ Individual Event. There will also be a WASPA tournament held simultaneously, for those not wishing to compete at the World Cup but who’d like to be part of the atmosphere on the day of the qualifying tournament.

Entry to the World Cup qualifying tournament(s) on the day is $20 per player.
Entry into the WASPA tournament is $5 per player
Entry fees payable on the day.

All games will be played on Extremeworks astropitches.

A BBQ lunch will also be available on the day.

Sydney Spring League Wrap Up

Match Day 10

main poster with figures

Players in each of the three divisions went into the final match day with the table permutations swirling around their brains. The title for each division was still up for grabs with jostling for the minor placings also still in the balance. And so 12 players headed to Good Games in Chatswood for the grand climax.

Unfortunately, Division Two turned into a non-event. Before the evening. Mat Barrie, with two games to play, was the only one who could overtake Steve Diasinos, should he win both fixtures, but he could also finish last if he lost them, such was the tightness of the division. But, alas, a last minute trip to Melbourne for work had him stranded out of the state. The matches were rescheduled for the following week but, again, this proved impossible due to life getting in the way so, with a heavy heart, Mat had to declare the fixtures forfeit. This meant that Steve did get his title, while Harley and Tony each glided past Mat on the table. A slight anti-climax to what, regardless, was an incredibly tight division, with 4 of its 8 completed games ending in draws. Many congratulations to Steve Diasinos.

In the Third Division, Hermann Kruse was in pole position. Only Costa Kamarados could catch him, but would need some favours from others to help him get there. Hermann was on song, though, slotting 4 past Paul Stockbridge before getting the job done in a tight 1-0 tussle with Simon Cole. Ultimately, this was all academic, though, as Costa was held to two draws by the same opponents, meaning Hermann took the title convincingly. Many congratulations to Hermann Kruse!

The First Division still had 3 players in the running. Daniele got off to the perfect start with a tight 1-0 victory over his nemesis, Fabrizio. This also gave Eliot the glimmer of hope he needed. This was dampened, somewhat, when Daniele, having the Subbuteo night of his life, slipped 2 goals past Eliot in their clash, with Eliot only able to find the back of the net once. With one round remaining, all three were still in with a chance for the title. Club league champions, Fabrizio and Eliot, faced each other, while Daniele had the, theoretically, simpler task of facing Adrian. In keeping with the evening’s them of tight, tense tussles, Eliot got the better of Fabrizio by 2 goals to 1. On the other table, Daniele got to a 2 goal lead against Adrian and seemed to be cruising to the title. Adrian, however, pulled a goal back midway through the second half and piled some pressure on for the remainder. But the nervous Daniele held out – 3 wins from 3 games, an unbeaten record in the division and victories against his two nearest rivals meaning he claimed the title emphatically in the end. Many congratulations to Daniele Lombardi.

And so a very successful Spring League, the biggest yet, drew to a close. With brand new players competing, experienced players fighting tight battles, and a middle tier that is growing in skill collectively and beginning to push the top players, the league had everything that could be hoped for. Many thanks to all the players, to those who opened their homes as venues, and to our two great friends in Good Games, Chatswood and The Games Cube, Parramatta, all of who made this the best league series in the 21st century era of the Australian Table Football Association.



Sydney Spring League 2016 Update

Match Day Four

Top of the table clash at Northern Falcons between Eliot and Steve

Top of the table clash at Northern Falcons between Eliot and Steve

Tony Credentino had a minor marathon at the Falcons’ end of town as he played consecutive games against Eliot Kennedy, Harley Ullrich and Hermann Kruse. It was an inauspicious start, as Eliot put 5 past him in the opening game. Of course, Tony is not the first to succumb to such a scoreline against Eliot and he certainly won’t be the last! By his next game, though, he was warmed up and scored a hard fought 2-0 victory over Harley. Harley later commented on Tony’s brick wall defines – the foundation of his victory. The final match was a more open affair as Tony and Hermann traded goals to finish up sharing the spoils at 2-2.

Out in the Western Suburbs, Steve Diasinos made his first appearance, playing out two 1-1 draws. The first saw he and David Sultana, with their similar playing styles, cancel each other out, while his clash against Mat Barrie renewed a long rivalry with neither being able to grab the bragging rights. Jordan Kolaczyk continued his learning curve, going down to David and Mat respectively, but picking up many pointers along the way. Later in the week, Adrian dropped in at New Trafford to play a catch-up against Mat, taking a 2-0 win in a game that was much tighter than the score would indicate.



Match Day Five

Northern Falcons finally gave out hope of replacing two players who had had to pull out after the first match day, so their reduced numbers meant that no matches were played on match day five. Back at the Subbuteo Parramatta Clubhouse, Paul Stockbridge was up against it, losing his 3 consecutive matches, but with all his opponents noting his improvement over the course of the league, particularly in his tactical understanding. Steve Diasinos had no answers against Paul Magee though had to admit that even he enjoyed the match, in spite of the 3-0 scoreline. He turned the result around in his second game, against Adrian Elmer, however. Numerous attempts on goal did nothing but underline the poor quality of Adrian’s shooting as he blazed away without result. Meanwhile, Steve was clinical, slotting a goal in each half for the win.

Match Day Six

Wishing to catch the Socceroos match against Japan live on TV, the Falcons convened a little early, playing just a few of their remaining games. The top of the table clash saw Eliot Kennedy race to a 3-0 lead by the break. Not one to roll over, however, Steve scored with 7 minutes to go, then put another one away to make for some nervous moments for Eliot, who managed to hold on for a 3-2 win. Eliot then dispatched Simon Cole 3-0 before heading off to the pub. Meanwhile, Johnny Ball and Tony Credentino battled out an open, but fruitless, 0-0 draw.

Steve, Fabrizio, Dave and Paul at The Games Cube in Parramatta

Steve, Fabrizio, Dave and Paul at The Games Cube in Parramatta

What was originally planned as the end of league grand finale for Subbuteo Parramatta turned into only a handful of matches, due to late muscle tears and parental illnesses taking the attention of a few players. With the big event, therefore, pushed back a week, 5 players were still free to play a few fixtures. Fabrizio got off to a flyer against Adrian and had a 4-0 lead by the break, with Adrian reminding Fabrizio of the 5-0 mercy rule. The second half was a different affair, however, with Adrian taking advantage of the downhill slope to finish with the (ever so slightly) more respectable scoreline of 4-1. Dave and Paul Magee battled out a very entertaining 0-0 draw, neither player able to take a stranglehold of the close match. Meanwhile, Fabrizio opened his account against Steve in the first 30 seconds and looked to be heading to another big win. Steve was made of sterner stuff, though and, defending stoutly, ‘keeping majestically and offering quite a bit on the counter, he pegged Fabrizio back, the score staying the same until the break. Early in the second half, after all the hard work getting back into the game, Steve allowed Fabrizio in for a relatively soft goal to ease the pressure. The game remained tight, though, with neither player troubling the scoreboard further. Finally, Dave and Adrian exchanged blows in the final match. Another even battle could have gone either way. Adrian had the game’s only clear cut shot on goal, spraying his shot across the goal. Both defences were excellent, though, meaning that neither could make the break through, the 0-0 result a fair indication of proceedings.


With both clubs now having just one week of their leagues left, final standings are on the line. Steve will need two big wins and hope that Johnny can do him a favour against Eliot in the Falcons’ league, while Fabrizio has all but secured the title at Parramatta. The minor placings are still very much up for grabs, with 6 players still in the running for the other two top 3 spots, which would qualify them for the 1st Division as the two clubs join together the following week. A series of games between the newer players at the foot of the table will also go a long way to deciding who has made the best progress in their first league.

Tables as of 12.10.2016


2016 Spring League

main poster with figures

For the last two years, the Subbuteo Parramatta club has run the Spring League for all interested players. Following its exponential growth last season, this season the Spring League is to be expanded further to cater to all the Sydney based clubs. Included will be Subbuteo Parramatta, Northern Falcons TFC, Deportivo de La Katoomba and Hipfingerz.

Players from across Sydney are invited to register to join the league. The first stage will take place within each club, with each player playing every other player within their own club. At the conclusion of this stage, the top tier of players from each club league will go into the 1st Division with the top players from the other clubs. Meanwhile, intermediate and lower placed players will also play against players of similar quality from the other clubs in the 2nd, 3rd, etc (as needed) Divisions. So all players, regardless of experience or ability, will be able to compete on a level pegging with others from around the city.

The competition will begin in late August/early September (pending numbers in each club). Games will be played weekly at various venues local to each club. Players will need to be available for most weeks, but not every week, so the draw can be scheduled to allow for absences if you know you are going to be away for a week here or there. The competition will end in late November.

At this stage, Deportivo de La Katoomba (Penrith/Blue Mountains) will be joining Subbuteo Parramatta for the first stage but, if there is enough interest, there is the possibility of organising a separate league to make it more local for players in the Penrith/Blue Mountains area. Both Subbuteo Parramatta/Deportivo and Northern Falcons TFC will be running their leagues on Tuesday evenings, while the specific day of the week for Hipfingerz will be confirmed in the near future.

If you would like to play in the Spring League, register below. Entry is open to all players of all ages and abilities and entry into the competition itself is free. Some clubs may need to charge a small fee for venue hire. Players are able to play in whichever league they choose (based on location or club allegiance) but will then represent that club in any other competitions they choose to enter for the remainder of the 2016/17 season. When registering, please choose your preferred club.

Entries close at midnight on Sunday, August 14, 2016.

Where Are We Playing?

Mat: There’s a message on my phone from Steve saying, “Can you give me a call?”
rings Steve, talks for a few seconds
Mat: Hey, Adrian – Steve wants to talk to you.
hands phone to Adrian
Adrian: Where are you guys? You said you’d be here in 5 minutes – 20 minutes ago. We need to get started!
Steve: Yeah, you don’t want to know where we are. But we’re gonna be a bit late. We’ll be there in half an hour.
Adrian: What?!! OK – will you be going anywhere near your house on your way here? We need an extra set of goals. Long story.
Steve: Ummm… well… I… Look… it’s all Gordy’s fault. We’re actually at Good Games in Chatswood. When I picked Gordy up and asked him for directions, he convinced me the comp was on here, not at Parramatta.
Adrian: Wait – doesn’t Gordy live in North Parramatta?
Steve: Yeah – we probably could have walked from his place, but we drove to Chatswood instead. It’s all Gordy’s fault!

Those who had been privy to all the trash talk within the Subbuteo Parramatta training sessions and online conversations in the few weeks leading up to the first inter-club tournament of the ATFA era knew that this chain of events would now be enough ammunition for taunts for a good three and a half years – at least. Subbuteo Parramatta members have been known to walk away from the game completely rather than face another bout of sledging, so the big question that arose out of today’s tournament – more significant than the results, more pressing than the foundations of inter-club rivalry that were laid – was: Will Steve Diasinos and Gordy Dudley be able to stand the future onslaught? Only time will tell.

Adam, Mat and the little table that couldn't.

Adam, Mat and the little table that couldn’t.

The day had begun inauspiciously – wanting to use 4 identical pitches, Adam Reynolds volunteered his, attached to its table. The main problem was the incompatibility of the solid-as-a-rock table and the front door, found at the top of 3 flights of stairs, of The Games Cube. After he and Mat Barrie had hauled the beast up, 20 minutes of forcing, thinking, twisting, turning and swearing weren’t enough to find a way to get it inside the venue. There was nothing for it but to turn around and drag it all the way back down. A hasty alternative board was slung together, but needed some non-screwed in goals. Adam and Mat took off to Toongabbie to get some, Fabrizio Coco cooled his heels sitting on Strathfield station having missed his train, Steve and Gordy made the long car trip to their home ground, and a hastily rescheduled tournament
We can't all be No. 1 - so either Mat or Eliot is wrong! All the players from the afternoon.

We can’t all be No. 1 – so either Mat or Eliot is wrong! All the players from the afternoon.

began. Let’s not lay the blame for ALL of the day’s woes on the Subbuteo Parramatta boneheads, though. A complete lack of interest from the once proud and mighty Northern Falcons meant that they had to rope in a few outside extras and still failed to fill their two team quota!

While initial omens were worrying, once play got underway, the day was simply brilliant. Parramatta A started against Falcons B, with the Parramatta players teaching relative newcomers Neil and Jonty Brener and, playing his first ever game, Todd Giles, how to make their way around a subbuteo pitch in good natured matches. While the results all went as expected to give Parramatta the first win of the day, foundations were laid for the future progress of the new players.

By the time of the second game, all the errant Parramatta players were on board so that they could face the might of Falcons A. Adam snuck a late goal past Eliot to go to the half time break at a very respectable 2-1 down, before succumbing to the Kennedy onslaught in the 2nd. Falcons’ guest marquee man, Paul Magee, had a calm and measured win over Mat. The other two games were crackers, with Gordy and Louis Dettre playing out a see-sawing 2-2 draw. Meanwhile, Steve, having been relegated to Parramatta B for his earlier misdemeanours, was drawn against his arch-nemesis, Steve (Dettre). Another great game saw Big Steve take the lead early in the second half, only to be pegged back by Mini Steve with a few minutes to go. With 2 wins to the Falcons, they took all 3 points.

2v2 on each table. Action from the doubles game.

2v2 on each table. Action from the doubles game.

Next up was the day’s most fun game – the doubles. Pairs were drawn randomly from within each club, then opponents drawn via the usual teams process. Gordy and Daniele Lombardi put one past the Brener father-son duo with Adam and Mat subbing in in the second half and repeating the feat, while Raffaele Lombardi and Mini Steve took out a narrow victory over Todd and Louis (with Paul as sub). Two matches won gave Parramatta the victory in the overall game but Big Steve and Eliot finding the back of the net and keeping Fabrizio and Adrian Elmer at bay saw them record a hard-fought, and well enjoyed, match victory.

Next up were the reverse singles, beginning with Parramatta B against Falcons B. All 3 Falcons had improved noticeably over the course of the day and accounted for themselves well. Parramatta took two close wins to go with a draw across the 3 matches, to take the points in the game, giving the club an unassailable lead before the A team clash.

Despite the result having been rendered academic, there were some intense rivalries that were being renewed, so there was no love lost between the A teams. The showdown saw both clubs follow orthodoxy in the match ups, with the top seeds playing each other, 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4. Adrian battled Louis and scored a goal each half to take a 2-0 victory. Daniele did likewise in his match-up against Paul with an unanswered goal in each half. However, to even up the scores, Raffaele went down to Big Steve in a tight tussle and Eliot let out his largest celebratory yell of the day when he finally breached Fabrizio’s defences, having failed to do so in a few previous encounters. With 2 results each, the game was drawn, leaving the final points tally at Subbuteo Parramatta 10 : Northern Falcons TFC 4.

The victorious Subbuteo Parramatta teams, resplendent in their new club jerseys.

The victorious Subbuteo Parramatta teams, resplendent in their new club jerseys.

Of significant note was the fact that, following the end of play, and in the ensuing posting of photos and thanks all ‘round on Facebook etc, little mention was made of the actual result! The great day’s play, the doubles fun, the nature of playing in teams instead of as individuals and the all ‘round camaraderie were what was discussed. A great success and, hopefully, the first of many inter-club tournaments to come. Many thanks also to The Games Cube in Parramatta, our ever supportive and accommodating hosts for the afternoon.

For photos of the tournament, click here.
For full results, click here.

Sydney Premier League

logo based on a design by Jake O'Connor @ bringbacksubbuteo.tumblr.com

logo based on a design by Jake O’Connor @ bringbacksubbuteo.tumblr.com

The current Sydney based Subbuteo clubs are pleased to be able to announce that they will be holding an inaugural ’Sydney Premier League’ during the 2015/16 season. The SPL will consist of 8 tournaments across the season.

Each tournament will be individually organised and function as a stand-alone competition, sanctioned by WASPA with results going towards WASPA ranking points. Therefore, a player may play in just 1 or 2 SPL tournaments during the season and still be fully rewarded for their results in these, as they always have.

However, the 8 tournaments will all combine, as well, to create the Sydney Premier League. To qualify for the SPL, a player must compete in a minimum of 4 of the SPL tournaments. At season’s end, a player’s results from their best 5 tournaments will be totaled. The winner of the Sydney Premier League will be the player with highest points aggregate from their best 5 tournament results. Players who only play the 4 minimum tournaments will also have their overall results tallied but will, obviously, have the handicap of having one less tournament’s worth of results to count on. Points for each tournament will be awarded in exactly the same manner as WASPA’s points allocations (https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B4_PpphlADgVeTEwd1piSVlGdkE/edit – pages 11-14)

As each tournament is a stand-alone event, there will be different formats from tournament to tournament. Depending on numbers, tournaments may run as a mini-league, or groups/finals, or using the swiss system, as appropriate. There will be different pitch and equipment conditions from tournament to tournament (e.g. the Subbuteo Parramatta September Cup is played with only original Subbuteo materials, the Northern Falcons TFC’s AGFA cup is played with fast and furious 15 minute games) so players will need to be versatile to do well in the SPL.

All players from all clubs, as well as players not affiliated with any club, are eligible to compete in any of the individual tournaments, as well as the Sydney Premier League, not just those based in Sydney. Significant prizes (to be announced in the lead up) will be on offer, including for youth sections. Newer and less experienced players will also be eligible for prizes in a range of categories.

At this stage, the tournaments will be organised by the following clubs…

August 2015 – Northern Falcons TFC
September 2015 – Subbuteo Parramatta
October 2015 – Deportivo de La Katoomba
November 2015 – Northern Falcons TFC

January 2016 – Subbuteo Parramatta
February 2016 – Subbuteo Parramatta
March 2016 – Deportivo de La Katoomba
April 2016 – Northern Falcons TFC

Specific tournament dates will be announced a minimum of 6 weeks prior to the actual tournament

More details to come in the following months.

St Patrick’s Day Cup – Northern Falcons TFC


Competition night. We will start with new players able to test out the different range of figures available. A WASPA event will then follow to prepare for the FISTF Satellite in Berry. Wear something green to celebrates St Patrick’s Day!

Good Games – 1/16 Anderson Street, Chatswood
Tuesday, March 17, 2015, 6:30PM

(click on the image for a larger copy)

Northern Falcons TFC Doubles Cup – cancelled

nftfc doubles cup ad

Rules for Doubles.
1. Two players control one team of figures on the pitch
2. The figures for the team must be of the same make and model and same base colour etc.
3. Before the start of the match, a coin is tossed by one player of each team. If the result is heads, then that player is the ‘attacking player’ for the first half. If it is tails, then that player is the ‘defensive player’ for the first half. Roles are switched at halftime.
4. The defensive player controls and can flick any figure that is located in the back half of the field. The defensive player also controls the goalkeeper. Continue reading